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There are more than 80 such zones across the Union.
The EU has accused UK leadership hopeful Boris Johnson of fake news over his complaint that "Brussels bureaucrats" made life hard for smoked herring sellers. It emerged that the rules were made by the UK, and not the EU.
Boris Johnson’s claim that British kipper producers are being hit by EU food safety rules was branded "fake news" by Brussels, after it emerged the regulations had been imposed by the UK government.
His [Boris Johnson's] speech delivered at a Europa warehouse in Dartford, Kent repeated several Leave campaign myths. InFacts looks at seven of them.
As the Telegraph’s Brussels correspondent between 1989 and 1994, he invented a self-serving journalistic genre that set a poisonous tone for British EU reporting.
Boris Johnson challenged in parliamentary committee on his claims that the EU bans children from blowing up balloons and bans recycling of tea bags.