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Brexit is having a negative impact on business, according to almost half of UK IT leaders questioned in a Computing Delta study.
Shirelle Quinn and her son Freddy were due to fly to Alicante in Spain.
Since the UK left the world’s largest free trade market, the EU, the industry has had to face the challenges of long queues at cross channel ports and increased paper work. Not being in the EU also means that Scottish Salmon’s main competitor, Norway, has a huge advantage as it is in the EEA – giving it borderless access to the EU market.
Farming union chief says situation ‘nothing short of a travesty’, as crops also hit by drought and record heat.
SCOTLAND's salmon industry is facing "acute" labour shortages due to Brexit despite average salaries of £36,000, business leaders have warned.
Michael Gove has found himself stuck in Brexit-related travel chaos at an airport in Athens.
"We need a new deal for touring from the Government now. It is time to tear down the barriers artists are facing touring the EU. It is time to let the music move!"
As of December 2022, UK companies importing medicines from the EU may need to set up new batch testing facilities. What will this mean for the industry and how did the situation come about?
Scottish farmers say a post-Brexit ban on exporting seed potatoes to the EU is facing them with a ‘huge financial hit’. / The UK Government’s being urged to strike a deal with Brussels to resume trade – which has also restricted business with Northern Ireland.
Unexpected hold-ups in EU destinations have hit baggage delivery services where travellers send luggage ahead to avoid airport queues.
Optimism and opportunity for UK bands in Europe post-Covid continues to be thwarted by the on-going shadow of Brexit touring restrictions. Two years on, and the UK government continues to do nothing. / "Most of the progress has been made by the industry itself, rather than the government, while the government tries to steal the credit for it."
More than half of Irish businesses said they experienced increased regulatory burdens because of Brexit in 2020 -- exceeding the 40% that endured global supply disruptions due to Covid-19.
Regulatory burdens have seen over half of businesses hit by Brexit (54%) across the country, new figures show.
Britons living in Portugal are complaining of being deprived of access to basic rights such as healthcare, employment and social security because they have not been issued with post-Brexit residency cards.
The Catalan kitchen has been part of the Canton food scene for ten years but has struggled with importing ingredients and getting staff.
A meringue manufacturing firm says it no longer exports to the EU due to issues created by Brexit. / A meringue manufacturing firm says it no longer exports to the EU due to issues created by Brexit. Flower and White, which employs 30 staff at its Telford headquarters producing 1m products a day, formerly exported to 12 countries in the EU.
CSO Global Value Chain participation survey details number of firms sourcing inputs from abroad.
The number of UK artists booked for European festivals this summer is down 45% compared to 2017-19, according to the group Best for Britain - which previously campaigned against Brexit.
A Lincolnshire organic farm will build accommodation for foreign labourers after Brexit made finding seasonal workforce increasingly difficult.
Reflecting on the time since the UK’s exit from the EU, businesses surveyed report ongoing challenges and concerns since the departure, including volume of paperwork (45%) and complexity of regulations (50%).
Bristol record store Idle Hands has announced it will shut at its current Stokes Croft address, with a crowdfunder launched to alleviate the costs of being closed, and to go toward helping it set up in a new, more central, location.
SCOTLAND'S salmon industry has called for urgent action to tackle Brexit-related delays at Dover, with concerns over fresh fish being left to “rot in lorries”.
Wessex Lowlines rears high-pedigree Lowline breed cows, which it sells outside the UK.
As small businesses crumble, shelves get emptier and the care-worker shortage intensifies, life outside the EU is having a dire effect on many of us. Why aren’t politicians talking about it?
A Dorset farming business has suspended more than £150,000 of orders and may be forced to abandon any future activity in Europe because of post-Brexit changes at sea ports.