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A furious Neil Parish laid into Kevin Foster, the immigration minister, for ignoring a recommendation to make it easier to bring in EU butchers and other workers – leading to a huge shortage.
Around 100 days after Brexit, most companies are experiencing Brexit effects that are more negative than they expected at the beginning of the year.
Designers and architects in the UK are suffering in the wake of Brexit, with companies abandoning exports and setting up offices in the EU to avoid losing clients.
The London-based wall-mounted bike storage manufacturer attracted 50% of its business from the EU pre-Brexit and has been left with a £100,000 hole in revenues. /
Whitstable's world famous oyster export industry is under threat, following a post-Brexit ban on the export of live shellfish direct from British waters.
"We're stuffed" - Brixham fish merchant Ian Perkes says he's unable to export his fish to France now the new post-Brexit rules and regulation have come into force.
“We’re in fits of despair.” Alistair Sinclair, of the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation, says his industry is struggling after the Brexit transition period came to an end and Boris Johnson needs to act.
The boss of Morgan McLernon, a subsidiary of Culina Group and which has specialised in chilled and frozen food distribution for more than 40 years, has pinned much of the blame on the Brexit fall-out.
Less than a month after leaving the EU, trade is flowing so badly that small firms are moving operations abroad to survive.
Lilliput Services in Belfast is one of the unsung companies without which the UK's hotel industry could not exist.
Freight company director blames new requirement for EU transport firms to provide VAT and tariff guarantees.
UK firms and customers are struggling with a wave of new paperwork and costs on goods sent to the European Union, and even Northern Ireland, as the economic fallout of Brexit continues to grow.
Each year, donations from the Channel Islands make their way across Europe to help some of the most vulnerable. / But Jersey charities say that Brexit has created an "absolute nightmare" of extra costs and added paperwork.
The financial toll of Brexit is clear for exporters like cookware maker Neil Currie: He is buried in new paperwork, has lost orders and the cost of exporting frying pans to France has doubled.
Scottish fishing representative made renewed plea for a 'grace period' and for EU customs posts in Scotland to reduce bureaucratic delays being faced by exporters.
A significant amount of the UK’s meat production may become non-compliant for export to the EU if proposed changes are implemented, the sheep sector has warned.
The extra costs of doing trade with Europe have already wiped out the entire 2020 profits of Frog Bikes in Pontypool
From her busy shop on Pollokshaws Road, owner Rachna Dheer has grown a loyal customer base eager to sample the continent's finest produce. / But she fears her business may be "eradicated" when post-Brexit import fees are introduced this month.
Blur frontman says quitting the bloc has been a “disaster” for young musicians.
Brexit red tape has left the Cheshire Cheese Company unable to sell to the EU and Northern Ireland and "it seems that it can't be resolved."
A farmer has told ITV News Central 500 tonnes of beetroot has been left to rot because his usual European customers are looking elsewhere.
This is the moment a caller told LBC that Brexit represents "self-sabotage".
The Government has no chance of tackling its problems when PM Boris Johnson refuses to acknowledge that leaving the EU is making matters worse, says James O'Brien.
Bologna Children’s Book Fair got off to a “vibrant” start yesterday, with publishers feeling positive and reporting full schedules for their rights teams, despite Brexit complications and the absence of some international publishers.
There is a stark disconnect between promises of prosperity and the grim post-Brexit reality for the UK fishing industry, according to fishing boat owner Mark Addison. "There's been issues with queues, passports, paperwork, groupage in lorries.... which is a big problem with fresh produce like fish." says Mr Addison, speaking from Peterhead in Scotland, Europe's largest whitefish market.
A leaked presentation, obtained by Sky News, warns of the impact of 'no-deal' on UK passengers travelling to and from Europe.
The Government say massive delays at Dover this week are nothing to do with Brexit, while banning staff from giving interviews. / One customs agent took us inside to speak to drivers who had been waiting up to 24 hours. / Every single one of them blamed Brexit.
But Boris Johnson has promised the UK 'won’t immediately send children up chimneys or pour raw sewage all over its beaches'.
After years of cancellations thanks to COVID, this summer sees the return of music festivals to the UK - but after leaving the EU, those involved with British events are facing challenges and calling for support.
After years of cancellations thanks to COVID, this summer sees the return of music festivals to the UK - but after leaving the EU, those involved with British events are facing challenges and calling for support.
However, in some ways, Brexit has only just begun.
A popular, award-winning pub in Cheshire has been forced to close over the winter due to a 'perfect storm' of issues including the Covid lockdowns and Brexit.
The number of UK artists booked for European festivals this summer is down 45% compared to 2017-19, according to the group Best for Britain - which previously campaigned against Brexit.
BORDER checks brought in after Brexit will cost UK businesses £330 million a year, the UK Government has admitted. The figure – which a Tory minister claimed was actually a “saving” of £520m on the original plans – was disclosed in a letter to Labour MP and Labour Movement for Europe chair Stella Creasy.
Alastair Campbell hit out at the West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine MP over his views on the shortages.
Portsmouth International Port will only get £17.1 out of £32m, meaning an essential live animal border control point cannot be built.
MUSICIANS and artists need visa-free access to EU countries to enable them to tour once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted, Scotland’s Culture Secretary has argued.
A CHESTER law firm has seen a “huge” rise in immigration enquiries, as companies look to employ foreign workers to address the post-Brexit skills shortage.
James O'Brien said "I do feel for you" to a fishermen's union chief who confirmed his industry is "worse off" due to Brexit.
Former Siemens CEO - “I hoped we would go for a sensible version of Brexit. It’s forcing businesses to comply with two sets of regulations. It’s a double cost. What we’re learning is that our so-called sovereignty is turning out to be rather expensive.”
Businesses in the West Midlands say they are experiencing big delays in exporting to Europe or having goods returned to the UK due to problems with paperwork and VAT payments.
This exporter tells James O'Brien that "filling in commodity codes" and "getting test certificates" for his products because of Brexit has caused "staggering and obscene" costs and delays for his business.
Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis has admitted Brexit has caused "big disruption" in N Ireland.
Truck drivers tell of long delays for checks at the Eurotunnel as trade barrier goes up between UK and EU.
A Welsh business is at risk of losing £400,000 because of "preposterous bureaucracy" brought about by Brexit.
Deal or no deal, British companies will have to confront a wall of bureaucracy that threatens chaos at the border if they want to sell into the world’s biggest trading bloc when life after Brexit begins on January 1.
The UK left the EU on January 31, 2020, but more than two years on, businesses in Wales are still trying to adjust to the challenges and issues it's brought.
Liz Truss has told six MPs she will not answer their questions in Parliament next week because they want to ask about the problems facing British exporters trading with Europe. I’ve led a cross-party group to tell Liz that sticking her head in the sand is just not good enough.
A Sheffield optician says he would have gone bust due to Brexit - except for a lucky piece of timing.
Over a week on from the end of the Brexit transition period some hauliers say they have faced long delays.
Brexit red tape has meant this caller's disabled daughter cannot receive her wheelchair leaving her in 'constant agony'.
Tony Hale has five containers of pork sitting at Rotterdam port that is now "rotten".
A Welsh shellfish wholesaler says she is worried for her future after nearly £50,000 of lobsters, prawns and crabs were delayed for more than 30 hours on a lorry to Spain.
Before Brexit, the owner of Cheshire Cheese Co was planning to invest £1 million and dozens of jobs in a Northern town. Because of Boris’ Brexit deal, he’ll be investing in France instead. So much for a ‘Brexit boom’.
Travel expert Simon Calder told Andrew Castle the continued delays at Dover port are a result of Brexit.
One of Cork's most celebrated food producers - Frank Hederman of smoked fish fame - has spoken of his 'sadness' at having to fill what could be his last orders for UK customers due to Brexit changes.
Concern has been expressed about a potential risk to the supply of pharmaceutical drugs to Northern Ireland following Brexit.
A group of MPs have warned of the "risk of serious disruption and delay" at Channel crossings when the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December.
"SIGNIFICANT problems" are unfolding on the Irish Sea trade border over exports from the rest of the UK as firms struggle to meet new rules, MPs have been told.
The easyJet CEO tells LBC that the number of EU nationals working for the airline has dropped by 37.5% due to Brexit, causing some travel delays.
Turkey Farmer Paul Kelly tells James O'Brien how post-Brexit labour shortages are sending his market "back to Europe" as Christmas approaches.
When we voted to leave the EU we signed up to such queues and delays at the border, says The Independent's Simon Calder.
This week we laid off most of the rest of our staff. TL/DR: It's down to Brexit. Not Covid. Not the war in Ukraine. We've got the figures. We know our business. Brexit did this.
The EU Goods Sub-Committee has published its report, Beyond Brexit: trade in goods, examining what the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) means for trade in goods.
This was James O'Brien's powerful reaction to UK firms saying they are being advised by the Government to set up in the EU to avoid trade disruption.
Vote Leave promised to “cut red tape” for the fishing industries. Now, one Oyster farmer tells @mikegalsworthy he can no longer export to Spain because of extra bureaucracy caused by Brexit.
'Sadly we need to suspend accepting orders for delivery to Northern Ireland with immediate effect. We know this will be disappointing for our NI customers. We just don’t have the resources to undertake the paperwork required. We are so sorry.'
James Thomas speaks to key industry figures ahead of the breeding season
Since the UK left the EU on January 1, 2024, the country has departed from the bloc and its member states in a number of different ways when it comes to air, rail and sea travel.
It’s almost 100 days since Britain completed its split from the EU -- almost five years after the referendum vote –- and a clearer picture of the consequences of the decision to leave is starting to emerge.
Truckers are trying to avoid the U.K. as Brexit red tape keeps them waiting to get to the continent.
MUSICIANS have hit out at the UK Government over “devastating” post-Brexit red tape for the live music industry.
One thing’s for sure, though: we can kiss goodbye to seeing some of Europe’s most electrifying young talent with these new rules putting an end to U-18 international transfers.
Saturday 20 February was the 50th day since Boris Johnson’s Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) came into effect. Anyone expecting it to settle all questions, or even most of the details, of how we will do business with the EU from now on will be mightily disappointed.
People awaiting decisions having problems applying for jobs and moving house, say campaigners.
MORE than 50 people are on waiting lists for wheelchairs across Cork and Kerry amid calls for greater funding and resourcing to ensure people are not left facing major delays.
With Britain out of the European Union, companies that trade with the continent are contending with expensive disruptions to their businesses and a plunge in exports.
As we pass 60 days of Brexit entering the final month of the first quarter of 2021, let’s take a deeper look at the impact of Brexit on UK businesses and especially e-commerce businesses. Before authoring this article, I had numerous conversations with independent e-commerce business founders. I have based this article on those discussions to bring forward first-hand experiences.
New poll shows 79% think trade deals with Australia and New Zealand are bad. / Just over half (52%) of farmers said Britain should join the EU and 70% of thought we should at least rejoin the single European market, rising to 85% in the case of those working in the ancillary industries.
‘There’s nowhere for the pigs to go and it could trigger the worst case scenario, where they are put down on the farm and taken away.’
“Musicians across the UK are already struggling to survive… now the government’s handling of Brexit could deliver another blow to their earnings," says online booking platform CEO
Almost all car makers in the UK are having a hard time figuring out new trade rules post-Brexit, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said on Thursday, as it announced that UK car production rose for the first time in 18 months.
A decades-old fishing business in a major British shellfish port has said that it has been forced to close due to new paperwork brought about by the UK's exit from the European Union.
Johnsons of Whixley, which sells over 5 million plants per year, said in a press release yesterday that the “bureaucratic burden” of Brexit had reduced revenue, increased cost and slowed its supply chain.
An army of civil servants has been engaged to hide the terrible truth for as long as possible.
One month after Britain made a New Year split from the European Union’s economic embrace, businesses that once traded freely are getting used to frustrating checks, delays and red tape.
A significant proportion of small exporters have stopped trading to the EU as shipping times have increased in 2021.
Within a week, implications of the Brexit are being felt by businesses as food deliveries are delayed for not having the right customs paperwork, logistics companies halt the shipment of goods, and retailers discover their supply chains might be obsolete.
A “perfect storm” of Covid-19 abattoir shutdowns and Brexit trade disruption has resulted in a 14% drop in farm-gate pig prices, claims Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).
A SCOTTISH business has ceased all international trade after its owner said the impact of Brexit led to long waiting times, missed parcels and exorbitant costs.
Data from HMRC shows that the value of Scottish exports has fallen by more than £2.2billion in the past two years.
A cheese company will be able to increase sales in Europe following its acquisition, for an undisclosed sum, by a rival North West business. / Macclesfield-based Cheshire Cheese Company (CCC) had been hit by increased admin costs due to the implementation of Brexit.
Film and TV performers have become Brexit “collateral damage” after the British government failed to reach an agreement with the European Union for creative industry workers to travel visa-free across the continent.
@AdamPosen shows how Brexit has curtailed UK trade, FDI inflows, & immigration growth in a series of charts presented at @UKandEU's The Economics of Brexit conference 2022. #PIIECharts
Additional paperwork and certification have cost the UK meat industry up to £120 million since the end of the transition period, a new report states.
Irish trainer Ado McGuiness says Brexit has caused more problems for Irish horseracing than COVID.
The closure of Aer Lingus’ Belfast base after 15 years shows the harm caused by Brexit to the UK travel industry, a travel writer has said.
Aerosmith‘s Brad Whitford has said he’s not sure the band’s upcoming UK and European tour will go ahead because of visa issues relating to Brexit.
Issues - dismissed by the prime minister as “teething problems” - show little sign of dissipating.
With Brexit done, many industries including construction are anxious about any future disruption at ports.
Small businesses and the agri-food sector have been hardest hit by changes to trade following the implementation of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) nearly a year ago, peers warn.
Thousands of passengers unlawfully denied boarding because the UK government misinterpreted EU borders code.
The airlines asked for help from the government to ease their staff shortage situation, but were turned down.
Brits in several municipalities discover biometric data for new residency cards ‘can only be processed in Lisbon’.
An influential cross-party group of MPs and peers issued a major report today calling on the government to remove the barriers facing UK musicians touring the EU.
Almost 100,000 tree orders bound for Northern Ireland have been cancelled as a result of trade difficulties caused by the Irish Sea border.
The new Paying The Price report comes from the Independent Society of Musicians.
Alpine executive director Marcin Budkowski has revealed that border delays linked to Brexit forced the team to change the way it worked whilst preparing for the new Formula 1 season.
Amazon is preparing to remove some products for sale to NI customers as a result of the Irish Sea border.
For many sellers on Amazon, Brexit is causing significant problems. Last week my company decided to attempt our first shipment into one of Amazon’s European fulfilment centres since Britain left the European Union on 1 January 2021.
ONLINE giant Amazon is to stop accepting Visa credit cards issued in the UK as transaction fees have skyrocketed post-Brexit.
An Amble seafood firm has voiced its Brexit frustrations after a clerical error cost it thousands of pounds. / A consignment from Coquet Island Shellfish Company was rejected by French authorities because a form signed 43 times by a UK official did not include a printed name.
At the last general election, all of you stood on a platform of “getting Brexit done”. / Voters were told in your party’s manifesto that this would “unleash the potential of our whole country” and “transform the UK for the better”.
The drop in activity recorded in new CSO figures, including a 65 per cent hit to imports, is substantial and sobering
WHAT was a simple one-step process of exporting meat to France in December is now a resource-draining 23-step marathon.
Cemaes Community Interest Company (CIC) secured permission in 2018 to convert Capel Bethlehem into a holiday let, cinema and restaurant. / But now the site has gone on the market with estate agent Dafydd Hardy for £400,000. The CIC said grant funding of the scale required has been very difficult to source post Brexit and the pandemic.
A live animal border control post needed due to Brexit will not be built at Portsmouth International Port.
Ann Summers discontinued its direct selling business in Ireland last year because “higher operating costs” associated with Brexit made it “uneconomical”, according to recently filed company documents.
The world’s largest seller of electric and hybrid cars will not consider building its first European car factory in the UK because of the impact of Brexit.
The approach by the UK Government to Brexit trade policy and negotiations protocol is causing “potentially irreparable damage” to Wales’ ports, researchers have said.
The architecture profession is battling ‘huge’ staff shortages caused by Brexit and the pandemic, the RIBA’s Future Trends survey has found.
A new survey commissioned by OGL Group reveals that Covid, Brexit and the continued reliance on manual processes are the greatest factors affecting profitability for architecture, engineering and building sector wholesale businesses in 2022.
About 300 jobs have been put at risk after a manufacturing firm announced plans to move production from the UK to Europe. / SKF has revealed plans to shut its plant in Luton and relocate manufacturing to its facility in Poznan in Poland.
The government is being urged to negotiate a visa waiver for performers with the EU and provide an emergency creative fund. / More than 300 creative organisations have signed a letter to demand that Boris Johnson delivers on his promise to "fix the Brexit crisis" for their industry.
The Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Opera House and Ed Sheeran's manager have signed a letter urging Boris Johnson to avert a "crisis which is threatening our industry" since Brexit.
The government has to give up on playing games and start to make deals with the EU.
Britain's leading employers are pushing the government to urgently increase funding to retrain workers and allow Europeans back into key sectors as supply chains buckle under the weight of COVID-19 and Brexit.
It wasn't meant to be this way. From border delays to regulation and tariffs we were told would not exist Brexit is wreaking havoc on many businesses.
A fall of 65 per cent in British imports to Ireland in January gives lie to the mere ‘teething problems’ claimed by Brexiteers, with the collapse now in full swing.
The world’s fourth-biggest carmaker by sales has warned of a potential existential threat to large parts of the British car industry unless the government moves to alter the terms of its Brexit trade deal with the European Union.
Wales' automotive industry faces more challenges over future Brexit trade changes, according to experts. / The Welsh Automotive Forum said new checks on imports and rules over where car parts can come from could add to customs disruption when they are introduced.
North Ayrshire MP Patricia Gibson has blamed Brexit after new figures revealed the shortage of European doctors in the NHS.
The company is exposed to supply chain disruption, which has been strained since Brexit, the pandemic and the war in the Ukraine, particularly hitting the cost and supply of raw materials like metal and plastic.
The music merchandise specialist says the move will help alleviate the significant trade issues created by Brexit.
ANGLERS planning a fishing trip to a European country may be prohibited from taking their own bait under new EU-UK trade agreement guidelines.
Northern Ireland tree buyers are cancelling orders for thousands of trees because of a post-Brexit ban on plants being moved from Great Britain.
The Brexit benefits keep piling up! Leading financial experts are now placing the blame for rising food prices on you-know-what...
The ECB has met with banks in recent weeks, who have now been told which staff need to move over the next few years to meet new Brexit rules.
Banks counting the cost of Brexit have moved or plan to move more than £900 billion in assets to the European Union – the equivalent of ten per cent of the entire UK banking system.
My mother in Italy was told her account was to be closed after 40 years. Now she can’t retrieve the balance.
Barclays Plc expects to increase its headcount in Paris by about two thirds in the next two to three years, as the French capital increasingly becomes the main trading hub in continental Europe for global lenders after Brexit.
In frank interview, EU chief negotiator tells Britain that any lowering of regulatory standards will be punished.
Tourism and hospitality activity in the Ribble Valley and work to stabilise the constantly-changing visitor economy following Brexit and the pandemic is being discussed by borough councillors this week.
Sick of customs delays and extra bureaucracy since Britain left the European Union, Farrat, a small manufacturer on the edge of Manchester, is ramping up investment to compensate - in Germany.
A BBC Question Time audience member shut down a Tory minister who tried to dismiss the sustained impact of Brexit as “something that happened six years ago”. / "Brexit is a disaster for our economy."
Results from the first major business survey for 2021 by the British Chambers of Commerce on Brexit found that half (49%) of exporters are facing difficulties in adapting to the changes in the trade of goods following the ratification of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) on 1 January 2021.
Patrick Murfet says he tried to import bees via Northern Ireland but was told they would be destroyed.
Brexit-backing Wetherspoon has become the latest business to be hit by supply chain issues as the pub giant faces shortages of popular beer brands.
The BBC has spoken to three companies that trade heavily with the UK, to find out what changes consumers can expect after Brexit.
Belgian customs authority advises export before 29 March or pause operations to avoid chaos.
After six years and nearly £500,000, fears have been aired over the future of the Shotley pier restoration.
Like many other companies, however, XY Automation found itself having to deal with a roadblock of its own: Brexit.
Around 2,300 tax compliance staff – nearly a tenth of that workforce – were redeployed in 2021-22.
Over 1,000 staff were redeployed to deal with the fall-out from leaving the EU. Now, the financial consequences are coming to light.
In Conversation With... Harriet Hastings, the founder of the British biscuit brand Biscuiteers tells MT about the hidden impact of Brexit, launching in a recession and the benefits of brick-and-mortar.
A County Durham restaurant has been forced to close its doors after five years – with the owners highlighting the inconsistency of running a business through Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.
One of the owners of a family-run dairy farm in Blackburn is calling for action as challenges caused by housing, Brexit and the cost of living crisis continue to crop up.
he RYA and British Marine have won a crucial extension from the Government on a controversial policy that would heavily penalise boat owners returning to UK shores post-Brexit.
"I think the Brexit thing, it's destroyed any hopes of chances for young musicians that are trying to make it," Gillespie tells the BBC.
THE owner of an au pair business in Bolton has warned that families will struggle to find childcare as Brexit impacts EU nationals completing au pair placements.
THE Bolton-born head of sports chain JD sports has said the impact of Brexit has been "considerably worse" than feared as the sports chain plans to build a warehouse in the EU ­— which could have been built in the UK.
New Government figures show a massive post-Brexit slump in UK exports to Germany, France, Italy and Spain – and reveal the UK failed to transition to key export markets such as the USA and China. The new International Trade Secretary, Kemi Badenoch, faces an uphill battle, warns ParcelHero.
Promises of a special trading relationship with America have also yet to materialise, the ONS figures show. / New Government figures show a massive post-Brexit slump in UK exports to Germany, France, Italy and Spain – and reveal the UK failed to transition to key export markets such as the USA and China.
The number of British musical acts appearing on the lineups of European festivals has dropped by nearly half in the post-Brexit world, per the findings of new research.
A BORDERS artist has revealed how Brexit is affecting his business.
Ian Paisley accuses prime minister of insulting people’s intelligence after he describes post-Brexit disruption as “teething problems”.
With just 10 days until the end of a tumultuous year, Johnson is mired in colliding crises, some of which are entirely of his own creation.
The EU has warned it may be "too late" to clinch a Brexit deal with Britain, adding that a "creative solution" was needed to avoid trade chaos.
Senior Government sources warned a key part of the Brexit agreement - which Boris Johnson signed with Brussels - relating to Northern Ireland is 'dead in the water'.
OFFICIAL figures showing UK exports fell by more than £1 billion in August once again highlight the “devastating impact” of the Tory government’s Brexit deal, the SNP have said.
Rising energy bills, higher prices and a critical shortage of workers leading to food and fuel supply constraints are threatening to stall Britain's recovery from the pandemic.
The PM made fish a central focus of Brexit talks and promised to "take back control" of UK waters – but it's not going to plan.
Eight-year-old Murray Gray, from Edinburgh, must fund £1,300 in cannabis oil shipments from Holland every month to battle life threatening epilepsy seizures
The oil giant has warned the Government it will struggle to keep supplies topped up and called on ministers to change jobs rules for drivers.
It’s not easy to wipe the trademark grin off Richard Branson’s face, but one way is to ask the British billionaire about the challenges facing his home country.
UK now has a more limited relationship than when it was inside the EU... These difficulties have manifested themselves in various forms of red tape and difficulties around SPS rules.
BrewDog CEO James Watt has warned that Brexit “has been tragic for UK business”, including his own.
A Kent brewery that the government proclaimed as an export champion after Brexit, is racing to find a buyer weeks after it revealed it had only one EU customer left.
Brexit has forced businesses to endure higher costs, more paperwork and border delays, a fresh report has found.
North MP Jamie Stone has accused the UK government of living in a "fantasy land" over Brexit and its impact on trade with Europe.
The Royal British Legion will no longer sell poppies in the European Union due to red tape following Brexit, according to reports.
Brexit uncertainty has forced a European airline to cancel flights to the UK, leaving British holidaymakers stranded.
Brexit added £210 to the average household food bill in the two years to the end of 2021, new research suggests.
Brexit has been an “economic disaster” for trade and investment ties between the United Kingdom and Germany, leading to a fall in German direct investment and seeing the UK decline in importance as a trading partner, German economists said.
'It is literally everything at the moment – Covid-19, feed prices, pig prices, Brexit – it has all happened at the same time'
Brexit, and then the Covid-19 pandemic have all contributed to a shortage of bus drivers and difficulties in fulfilling timetables in Gloucstershire, the boss of Stagecoach West has said.
Port congestion and skeleton staffing cause shortage of freight containers while consumer demand rebounds.
"During 2021, the availability and cost of materials - due both to Brexit and the ongoing Covid situation - do appear to indicate higher costs than in estimates made 12 to 18 months ago."
Stock has been hit over the last few years by global supply chain issues, material shortages, the EU exit and the coronavirus pandemic.
Restoration work on St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall has been hit by a hold-up in the delivery of specialist glassware from the continent.
The reopening of the landmark – which chiefs hope will be a "world class visitor attraction" – has been pushed back until 2025.
Four years after the UK quit the EU, the first border controls on imports from the continent have been introduced, with more to follow.
Brexit and inflation have been blamed as two of the key factors behind plans to close a poultry factory on Anglesey. ‌​‌‌​​​‌‍‌​‌​‌​​/ He said the company’s chief executive had cited Brexit and the impact on trading conditions as one of the main causes behind the factory’s potential closure. ‌​‌‌​​​‌‍‌​‌​‌​​​
It found that 90% of respondents believe Brexit will negatively impact the industry once all markets fully reopen.
A local newspaper has blamed a combination of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic for its decision to cease print publication.
Brexit and the pandemic are being blamed by a Horsham restaurant for an ‘unusually high level of staff shortages’ which has resulted in its temporary closure.
Labour shortages and price rises triggered by Brexit and the pandemic could leave the British food and farming industry permanently damaged, MPs have warned.
“The entirely avoidable Brexit crisis has had as much of an impact on UK businesses as the unforeseeable Covid-19 tragedy, and its costs are still rising."
Goods worth nearly £3.5 billion are awaiting completion in Scottish manufacturers’ warehouses as key parts, ingredients and materials are delayed because of supply-chain issues fuelled by the pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Brexit, a survey has found.
Delays had been expected due to Brexit and the team we eager to be hoisting the spectacular dinosaur into place in early April.
Three years after Brexit, we asked designers, design entrepreneurs and representatives of British design organisations how the withdrawal from the European Union has affected the design industry.
A new survey by the British Chamber of Commerce's Insights Unit of 733 businesses (97% SMEs) shows the difficulties facing British firms in using the Trade and Co-operation Agreement (TCA) have not eased.
Rival leave rallies led by Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson arrive at parliament while counter-protest is defended by police.
Regular rail freight services between Dublin Port and the intermodal terminal at Ballina in the north-west of Ireland have been suspended. The extraordinary cause is a backlog of cargo in the port, which operators blame on congestion in the wake of Brexit. The matter has been the subject of debate in the Irish parliament, and widely reported in Irish media.
Following the conclusion of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (post ‘Brexit’), the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) has today urged the relevant national authorities in Europe to eliminate administrative barriers, stating that it is ‘for the benefit of all those involved’.
Shipping wine to the UK is now a "bloody nightmare" and it's only likely to get worse.
Lull in traffic means delays haven’t hit major U.K. ports, yet. / Trucks delayed at pick-up points as customs agents struggle.
British bike exporters Frog and Brompton are counting the costs of an eleventh hour Brexit deal with exports suffering and price increases imminent, according to reports in the press over the past week.
The number of UK businesses exporting to the EU fell by a third in 2021, new figures revealed.
London’s status as the global hub for FX and derivatives trading is under threat for the first time since Brexit.
There will ‘inevitably’ be impacts on prices, says Ben Hutchins at Lye Cross Farm.
Local officials are considering breaking ranks with the UK Government and asking the EU for help, reports David Hencke.
Next year’s 20th anniversary edition of London-Paris, the three-day ride that features on many cyclists’ bucket list, will be the last in the current format, with organisers blaming the decision in large part on increased costs and logistical headaches in the wake of Brexit.
Politicians and industry call for Government to level up EU import rules.
New customs rules also a factor in 41% drop in value of goods moving from UK to the EU.
Hinkley Point C, which is the UK’s first nuclear powerstation to be developed in over twenty years, may not be finished until 2031 and could cost up to £35bn, almost double the initial cost estimate. / According to EDF, the French firm in charge of developing the site, issues on the project had been caused by Brexit, the Pandemic and inflation.
British consumers spent as much as £1.1 billion ($1.4 billion) more on electricity and goods last year after losing access to European Union internal energy markets.
New Brexit checks introduced in January are continuing to restrict trade between the UK and EU, according to new figures from the Office of National Statistics.
Exporters have seen produce spoil or be impounded because of Brexit bureaucracy. / Up to 142,000 tonnes of food could be wasted over the next six months because of Brexit border disruption, ministers have admitted.
Exports of seafood and meat products to the EU have been disrupted since the end of the transition period on January 1st, with businesses of all sizes reporting losing money and trade due to bureaucratic border processes. ... House of Commons EFRA Committee today launch an inquiry into how the Government can support meat and fish exporters.
Norfolk firms are finding that they are being impacted by delays at the border caused by Brexit.
A senior Conservative MP has told PoliticsHome that he will be "seeking urgent clarification from the government" over reports time-sensitive cancer drugs were destroyed due to post-Brexit border delays.
Freight hauliers are rejecting more cargoes due to cross the U.K. border because of post-Brexit customs friction, and that’s likely to become the new normal.
Friction at the U.K. border is rising again following Brexit as shipping companies rejected more cargoes due to cross the English Channel from France.
Essential post-Brexit freight software is unlikely to be ready on time for 1 January, those building it have warned.
A key U.K. government customs system has been overwhelmed within weeks of Brexit and threatens to trigger more disruption as freight traffic rebounds.
British tourists headed for city breaks in Paris or sunny getaways in Spain in September could be hit by new biometric checks set to be required at the border.
Trade with Great Britain has been severely disrupted since the Brexit agreement came into force. Fish traders and clothing sellers are struggling to cope with new customs and health regulations. Companies often bear the burden of the extra costs.
It has been another gloomy week on the sunlit uplands of sovereign Britain, as a senior minister accused the EU of seeking “petty revenge” – and then hinted that the government might ban imports of European mineral water and seed potatoes.
The Government is denying visas to vital EU drivers and refusing to acknowledge the continued challenges facing companies who do business with Europe. As retailers start to stock up for Christmas, they face a severe shortage of products and drivers, claims ParcelHero.
'While it was these two immediate Brexit-related issues that led to its sudden demise, its longer term future was also uncertain under Brexit...'
A new report claims leaving the EU has created a £850m drop in the industry’s exports to Europe.
Small design firms in the UK are moving their production abroad and setting up businesses in the European Union to get around a slump in business following Brexit. / "The UK is no longer a viable distribution hub" / "Best to not have anything even touching the UK" / "If you speak to any company, they're finding ways to remain in the EU"
Britons must look at themselves calmly and honestly, recognizing the tough times that lie ahead and the changes needed to get the country back on track. Unfortunately, the country's political leaders remain unwilling to treat voters like grown-ups.
It’s not the additional costs themselves, but more about the time and hassle for extra admin.
CONFUSING and bureaucratic post-Brexit rules are affecting local tourist businesses as foreign exhibitors steer clear of Beaulieu motoring events, Lord Montagu has warned.
‘Brexit is materially restricting our growth now,’ manufacturer Farrat says. / Manchester — Sick of customs delays and extra bureaucracy since Britain left the EU, Farrat, a small manufacturer on the edge of Manchester, is ramping up investment to compensate — in Germany.
Several hundred tonnes of beetroot have been left to rot on Will Woodhall's farm in central England due to Brexit.
The new post-Brexit trading environment is making life difficult for UK firms trying to export to SMEs in the EU – with little government guidance on how to cut through the bureaucratese.
Brexit has dealt a blow to Andrew Duff’s business. His burgeoning sales of high end Scottish beef to Europe are on hold because his business is too small to navigate the post-Brexit customs border for now.
rish government figures come days after M&S says it is scrapping 800 lines due to ‘excessive paperwork’
BREXIT has made the task of rewilding Scotland more difficult, the chief executive of a leading conservation charity has said.
New rules under Brexit are causing meat processors and exporters to face an increase in export costs of up to 40 per cent, an Oireachtas committee has heard.
Businesses are holding out hope for calmer times to come as Brexit has continued to cause disruption in supply chains.
New post-Brexit trade restrictions have pushed up the cost of parts and raw materials for two thirds of small British manufacturers surveyed last month, and a majority reported some level of disruption.
New post-Brexit trade restrictions have pushed up the cost of parts and raw materials for two thirds of small British manufacturers surveyed last month, and a majority reported some level of disruption.
Issues around Brexit are causing significant disruption for England’s SME manufacturers, according to a new barometer published today.
Brexit issues are causing England’s small to medium-sized (SME) manufacturers significant disruption as they look to recover from the economic effects of COVID-19.
Research by the Centre for Business Prosperity at Aston University has shown that UK exports to the EU fell by an average of 22.9% in the first 15 months after the introduction of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, highlighting the continuing challenges that UK firms are facing.
A South Yorkshire exporter is unable to export to the EU amid the chaos stemming from the Brexit deal – threatening 30 per cent of business and a £1m sales boost.
Gibraltar has been caught between a rock and a hard place since the UK quit the EU.
Full customs controls on imports from the EU to Britain will finally begin on New Year's Day after being delayed three times - and business groups can't guarantee it'll all go smoothly.
New Brexit checks will cause vast delays to tourists entering the EU unless a new agreement is brought in, the head of the Port of Dover has claimed.
Trade figures for City services are revised sharply lower — and they can only get worse.
The UK’s exit from the European Union is damaging business and the difficult trading landscape post-Brexit cannot continue, argues Dan Gyves, managing director at Esska Shoes.
The EU and UK are launching a joint push to get more British researchers to sign up to the £80bn Horizon science programme amid concerns about a drop-off in applications amid post-Brexit uncertainty.
Police officers from 33 forces have been deployed to help Kent Police manage Brexit contingency plans, it has emerged.
The UK aviation industry’s skills shortage continues to be exacerbated by a failure to reach an agreement on the movement of labor across borders following the country’s departure from the European Union (EU). Marc Bailey ... told the group’s conference today ... that UK companies have restricted access to pilots and maintenance professionals from other European countries.
Brexit has severely disrupted trade between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK), with total UK imports from the EU falling by almost a quarter (24.8%) and exports to the EU falling by 13.1%, according to a report for the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee.
Brexit has cost the UK economy billions of pounds in lost trade and tax revenues, according to research shared with ITV News by the Centre for European Reform. / It estimates the economy is 5% smaller than it would have been if the UK had stayed in the EU.
Imports from the EU fell by £500m in August, highlighting the “teething troubles” of the “post-Brexit universe”. / UK imports from the EU fell by £500m in August to reach £26bn, representing a 2% decline in value according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Exports to the EU also dropped in August, by £300m.
The SNP claimed a "triple whammy" of Brexit, the pandemic and US tariffs had hit Scotland's most valuable export hard.
Wholesalers recently warned that the cost of basics such as cooking oil and vegetables had mushroomed.
Lincoln-based insulation manufacturer and supplier, SuperFOIL Insulation, says it has lost a quarter of a million pounds revenue as a result of Brexit.
Was the United Kingdom’s move to exit the European Union (EU) via BREXIT a bad move for biomedical research? According to a prominent academic investigator from the Imperial College of London, the move cost 2.5 million Euros ($2.52m USD) in research grants.
Frog Bikes reported losses of over £500,000 in 2022. / British children’s bike manufacturer Frog Bikes has said mounting Brexit costs drove it into the red last year.
Supply-chain pain caused by the UK’s split from the European Union still lingers for British manufacturers and retailers trying trade with the rest of Europe and beyond.
International delivery company ParcelHero is cautioning that businesses could face further disruption as the European Union (EU) prepares to sue the UK over its unilateral decision last week to extend the grace period covering new checks on parcels and food shipments to Northern Ireland.
The 4% hit to economic output envisaged by the UK’s fiscal watchdog could cost £84.5bn, Labour and Commons library research suggests.
UK meat exporters could permanently lose half their trade due to Brexit, according to the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA).
UK meat exporters could permanently lose half their trade due to Brexit, according to the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA).
Disruption to trade is not ‘teething problem’, parliamentary committee hears.
Unmarked and unheralded, February 1 brought a career-altering moment for many British basketballers.
Brexit created "frictions" in trade that impacted the UK economy, Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride has said.
Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (AERA) Committee chairperson, Declan McAleer MLA, used the recent Stormont debate on the budget to highlight his belief that Brexit has driven a ‘wrecking ball’ through agriculture and rural affairs in Northern Ireland.
Reports say that because of Brexit, at least ten banks and financial institutions have decided to close accounts held by Brits living abroad and the BBC has said that thousands of British expats living in the EU have been informed.
Economist Duncan Weldon and the New Statesman’s polling expert explore how Brexit and austerity have damaged the UK economy and set the stage for Liz Truss’s “mismanagement.”
Bus routes and services are experiencing disruption across the country, particularly in the North East. This is a knock on effect from the HGV crisis as bus drivers are being ‘poached’ by haulage bosses for hugely increased wages.
Figures from the Irish statistics service reveal the scale of challenges as traders grappled with new customs requirements, covid-19 restrictions and pre-Brexit stockpiling.
TRADE between Finland and the United Kingdom decreased significantly as a consequence of the end of the one-year transition period for Brexit in December, indicate preliminary statistics released by Finnish Customs.
Brexit made some businesses “suddenly uncompetitive” as costs and red tape increased, says the CEO of the British Independent Retail Association
BREXIT is causing “damage across the board” to UK science, including missing out on more than £1 billion in funding, campaigners have warned.
More than three quarters of British companies have reported that the trade agreement between the European Union and Britain has made it difficult for them to increase sales and grow their business, a British Chambers of Commerce survey showed. / "Brexit has been the biggest ever imposition of bureaucracy on business."
Lords committee urges Brexit minister to finally listen to ‘compelling’ evidence of careers at risk.
Bands unable to prove their "international reputation" may struggle to acquire a US visa.
UK businesses have said the Brexit trade deal has pushed up costs, increased paperwork and delays, and put the UK at a competitive disadvantage, research from the British Chambers of Commerce has found.
Brexit is continuing to spell “disaster” for bookshops in Ireland while European booksellers are now facing delays and relying on UK shipping agents, a London Book Fair seminar has heard.
Government analysis has revealed up to 142,000 tonnes of food, feed and drink may be lost in the next six months.
Mojo tells subscribers that, while the magazine is ready, ‘the CDs which are produced in the EU are not yet in the UK’.
Some British firms have scaled back their operations on the continent after struggling with customs requirements.
Health Minister Robin Swann has voiced concern about the supply line of medicines to Northern Ireland as a result of a looming Brexit regulatory barrier.
Entries in the famous Davis Downside Dossier hit the one thousand mark this week – and still counting.
Brexit-related trade barriers have driven a 6% increase in U.K. food prices, adding to a squeeze on consumer spending power, according to a new report.
The food and beverage sector has been particularly affected by the changes, according to the ESRI.
With the transitional licensing window for EASA-validated personnel working in the UK expiring at year-end, the clock is running down to secure new post-Brexit approvals.
New trade figures out today show another small increase in Britain’s trade with the EU in March after a big drop after the UK left the single market in January. But trade still remains well below pre-pandemic levels, even as trade with other nations has recovered much more strongly after the initial shock of the pandemic to be only 4% lower in March 2021 than two years previously.
British supermarkets that have stores in Europe are facing supply problems because of post-Brexit rules on exports to the EU. It's affecting fresh produce at 20 Marks and Spencer stores in France, Morrison's in Gibraltar, and a chain of UK supermarkets in Belgium is on the verge of closure with no deliveries since December.
The UK's new trading relationship with the European Union (EU) might be less than two weeks old but some businesses - and their European customers - are already struggling to adjust to the new trading landscape.
Even the keenest Brexiteer must feel that the process has been tortuously long. / That has been, in large part, because successive British governments have refused to accept the trade-off between untrammelled sovereignty and friction-free access to the EU’s single market, a refusal that shapes today’s increasingly testy relationship.
Business leaders in Cumbria are calling on the Government to act to save its tourism industry which has been hit by a lack of foreign workers.
Businesses in Cumbria are calling on the Government to provide a support package for the aviation sector and other exporters suffering due to the economic downturn brought on by Brexit and the COVID-19 global pandemic.
As of December 2022, UK companies importing medicines from the EU may need to set up new batch testing facilities. What will this mean for the industry and how did the situation come about?
It will be years before the full impact of Brexit on Britain's financial sector is fully known as more activity could leave London for the bloc or other centres like New York, Bank of England Deputy Governor Jon Cunliffe said on Monday.
The British Soft Drinks Association has said manufacturers have "only a few days" of carbon dioxide left in reserve to produce beverages and can't import supplies from the European Union due to Brexit.
Scottish small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) fear the impact of Brexit on their businesses more than firms in the UK as a whole, according to a new report.
Brexit has “brought problems” for the Falkland Islands’ fishing industry, a Labour former defence minister has warned.
Scottish fishermen who took their trucks on a protest convoy to London this week have said they did not back Brexit - but are now paying the price.
Five years on from the Brexit referendum new research by jobsite Indeed has found UK employees in the lowest paid jobs have been most negatively affected by the decision to leave the EU.
New research by the London School of Economics (LSE) has revealed that British households have incurred a £7 billion ($8 billion) cost since Brexit due to trade barriers affecting food imports from the EU.
Thousands will wake up on Thursday as illegal aliens as a post-Brexit limit on time spent in the EU kicks in.
UK clothing and lifestyle brand Joules is terminating some of its wholesale agreements with stockists in the European Union. Drapers explores who else is following suit, and what the implications are.
“It’s a disaster. They’re just stopping any exports from mainland UK over to Northern Ireland. We can’t get any trees over from any of the nurseries that would usually deal with."
North Yorkshire-based commercial nursery, Johnsons Of Whixley, says it has had to stop supplying plants to Northern Ireland after new Brexit restrictions came into play in January.
Red tape means Neil Alcock’s Seiont Nurseries in Caernarfon has a four-day marathon via France, Holland and England – at £280 a trolley instead of £100
Ban on plants being moved across Irish Sea is major setback for tree-planting programmes in region.
Management at Wilker Auto Conversion Ltd in Clara has confirmed to its workforce that a three-week temporary shutdown of production will begin on February 12 as a result of Brexit-related issues with its supply chain.
Businesses have still not adapted to the impact of Brexit and the government must “strengthen relations with the EU” to relieve the strain on firms, the UK’s top business body has told the government.
‘We lost about 10% of our revenue, which was clients leaving the UK for Europe’
Production of a sculpture for the O’Connell plinth outside Dublin’s City Hall has been delayed due to Brexit-related difficulties sourcing the correct glue.
NHS trust exploring possibility of workers staying overnight if no deal leads to chaos on roads.
Brexit has done "terrible damage" to opera and curtailed the careers of British singers, who are being forced to turn down roles in Europe, creatives have claimed.
Brexit border checks on goods have forced up prices as food firms have to hire thousands more staff to wade through the new red tape, researchers found.
Brexit has delivered a £11.5 billion blow to the UK’s trade in goods since the 2016 referendum, a leading think tank said today.
Brexit is now the Conservative Party’s sacred cow. Not so much policy as religious faith. The merest hint of criticism is regarded as apostasy by a party dangerously in thrall to an agenda that threatens to shatter the United Kingdom and leave England stuck in a permanent economic slow lane, isolated from its neighbours and friendless in an uncertain world.
In an exclusive interview with the Record, Dr Arianna Andreangeli tells how the NHS has further deteriorated since Brexit. / Scotland is facing a crisis in its National Health Service due to Covid and Tory austerity - but Brexit has caused further deadly delays in our hospitals.
Leaving the EU has “massively handicapped UK companies that do business in Europe", James Watt has said.
Separating out shared supply chains and integrated business models requires the most delicate surgery.
Britain is at risk of becoming a shrinking force in the land of film and TV due to the devastating double whammy of the global pandemic and Brexit.
Food businesses sending products to the EU have had to fork out an extra £170m in export costs because of Brexit red tape, with the changes described as being “catastrophic” for some exporters. / Data shows costs have contributed to value of meat exports falling by 17% since 2019.
Brexit has delivered a blow of nearly £16 billion to the UK’s trade in goods since the 2016 referendum, leading experts said today.
Capacity at London St Pancras is down by one-third because of extra passport checks – meaning fewer seats and higher fares.
LSE finds one-third decline in trading relationships under Boris Johnson’s deal – which has hit small firms hardest. / Brexit red tape means the UK has “stopped selling” many products to smaller EU countries, according to alarming new evidence of the impact on trade.
Report finds almost two thirds of businesses have suffered from new EU import and export rules, while one in five companies have found it tougher to trade with Northern Ireland.
Prime Minister Robert Abela has revealed that the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU has left Malta without its main legal vehicle to supply medical products to its residents, a leaked letter sent to the President of the European Council has revealed.
The ‘thousands of jobs’ affected by Brexit have added to travel chaos at UK airports, the boss of Ryanair has said.
Around half of UK SMEs believe that Brexit has had a negative impact on the UK’s society as a whole awhile 64 per cent believe that it has negatively influenced the UK economy.
Brexit has made supply chain "bottlenecks" worse in the UK, according to the independent financial watchdog that provides the government with data.
Britain's exit from the EU has so far made trade more expensive because of delays and red tape, and there could be border disruption ... the UK Public Accounts Committee said today. / Britain became the last G7 developed nation to see its goods exports surpass their 2018 average level since the onset of the Covid-19, underlining its poor trade performance.
Brexit has increased costs for 51% of UK manufacturers, with 35% saying they have lost revenue and one in five that they have lost potential business due to Brexit, according to a new survey by the manufacturers’ organisation, Make UK.
Brexit shut off the “relief valve” of immigration from the European Union, worsening workforce shortages in health and social care in the UK, a report from the Nuffield Trust think tank has concluded. / Brexit’s effect has been felt particularly in specialties such as cardiothoracic surgery and anaesthesia, and in dentistry and the care sector.
Office for Budget Responsibility contradicts government line. / Mr Johnson [Institute for Fiscal Studies] also said the OBR's estimated reduction in trade, productivity, and living standards from Brexit was "bigger than the expected long-run effect of the pandemic".
Derek Twigg, of the Falkland Islands APPG, said there had ‘been a lot of concern’ over the impact of Brexit on Falkland Islands fishing exports.
However, there is another threat to music in Britain, and it’s not the virus. It is the government. One music campaigner put it to me: “The British government has given the creative industries of the United Kingdom a No Deal Brexit. It is simply killing us.”
Only a small number of businesspeople who voted Brexit now consider Brexit an “economic price worth paying”, a new survey suggests.
New health certification requirements for food and drink exports to Britain have the potential to seriously disrupt trade across the Irish Sea.
Beauty exports from the UK to the European Union have fallen by more than $1 billion (£850 million) since the Brexit vote, a report has found.
Brexit has hit "almost every exporter in manufacturing and engineering" in Scotland, it has been claimed.
UK companies have seen their new orders decline at the fastest pace for nearly two years this month, with manufacturing recording the steepest fall in export sales since May 2020 as firms experienced Brexit-related constraints, a survey shows.
The impact of Brexit on freelancers and the UK’s creative industries has been laid bare. / In a damning new report, the government is starkly reminded that it put in place “no clear provisions…dedicated to self-employed” people from abroad, in the 2020 Brexit deal.
A leading customs expert who predicted the truck driver shortage and issues causes by the sea border in the Irish Sea believe delayed bureaucratic customs laws will lead to meats, fruit and vegetables from the EU being too costly to import.
The full impact of Brexit on both businesses and consumers will not be felt until next year with shortages set to worsen in sectors ranging from food to building materials, a leading customs expert has claimed, writes David Parsley.
Close to 59 per cent fashion brands have said that Brexit has impacted their business since the end of the transition, as per a recent report. About 25 per cent of the brands surveyed said they have considered relocating all or part of their businesses and 91 per cent of them want a visa that allows creative access to EU countries cheaply and quickly.
Juliet Guthrie in Germany and Patricia Law in Italy reveal how sending gifts and staying connected with family members is more challenging than ever before
Extra charges, disappearing suppliers and slow delivery times are killing off the side hustle
The supply of drugs, including of antibiotics, is being squeezed.
Architects need to make their voices heard about the impact of Brexit – it is threatening London’s position as the global hub for international architectural services, says Patrick Richard.
Brexit is costing the UK economy £100 billion a year ($124 billion), with the effects spanning everything from business investment to the ability of companies to hire workers.
In this video, our Council member, financial expert Graham Bishop, reviews the prospects for the City of London after Brexit. / He argues that the British government’s “Edinburgh reforms”, designed to help the City, are little more than pro-Brexit propaganda. They will usually make little difference and in some cases risk repeating the mistakes which led to the financial crisis of 2007-2009.
Despite repeated assurances that the government understood the need for frictionless travel after Brexit, hugely increased bureaucracy and costs look set to devastate the present – and the future – of musicians and music-making in the UK
Our historic mistake and lack of government action are creating costs that rivals don’t have to bear.
Increased costs and administrative hurdles are stifling the movement of horses and livestock in what were once thriving industries.
Cult sustainable labels like Fruity Booty are up against insane levels of paperwork and shipping delays.
"The post-Brexit trade agreement is a catastrophe for the British fashion industry and it could kill 'Made in Britain.'"
NICOLA Sturgeon has said Brexit is making recruitment of oncologists and radiologists "more challenging" as she was pressed on NHS waiting times by Douglas Ros at FMQs.
EU withdrawal fuelling higher import costs and costing British workers nearly £500 a year, says Resolution Foundation.
Significant housing and staffing problems in the tourism sector across the strath are the result of 10 years of hostile environment policy, MP Drew Hendry insists. / He has been meeting with local operators to discuss their plight, and has spoken this week about the difficulties tourism companies now face after Brexit.
Why won’t the Tories and Labour admit that it has become harder for UK citizens to travel to Europe?
It was last September, in the midst of the pandemic, that my tenacious, confident disabled daughter Emily had an urgent scoliosis operation on her back.
We could have been forgiven for thinking Brexit was done when the UK left the EU at the very end of 2020. However, for retailers the real challenge of Brexit is likely to be felt in early 2022 when border controls are finally introduced for the UK.
Amid the petrol crisis and labour shortages, hardline MPs continue to celebrate the damage Britain has inflicted on itself.
Empty shelves and disrupted supply chains will continue unless the food and drink sector get the support it needs to trade under new Brexit rules, the boss of a cheese firm has claimed.
Shrewsbury-based natural food company Purition says it has currently been forced to stop trading with Europe because of Brexit issues.
The UK economy rediscovered a reverse gear in January as renewed coronavirus lockdowns knocked output while trade suffered a Brexit hit, according to official figures.
“The evidence we present here shows the real loss of Brexit, the overall competitiveness of the UK as a global trader," researchers say.
It is more than a month since the UK's new trading relationship with the European Union (EU) came into being but the transition has been far from easy for some businesses. From being told to set up operations in Europe, having goods stuck in port and facing increased costs to clear the border, three North East firms reveal the reality of adapting to the new rules.
Since the transition period ended, shops supplying British groceries say they have struggled with extra paperwork and import difficulties.
Officials have said it would be a “terrible shame” to see a tourism initiative between Ireland and Wales close due to funding issues over Brexit.
Britain’s finance industry is appealing for greater access to the European Union single market, amid fears that politics could leave large parts of the City of London shut out of Europe for good.
The U.K.’s departure from the European Union pushed more than 440 financial firms to move at least some of their operations, staff, assets or legal entities from Britain to the bloc.
Exporters to the EU face 7,000-truck-long queues in Kent and two-day delays to trade after the Brexit transition period ends, the government has warned.
Brexit resulted in a sharp fall of Belgian exports and imports in January, the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) reported on Monday.
Brexit has increased drug prices and worsened staff shortages in the U.K., increasing the impact of other serious issues facing the country’s health care system, a report has found.
THE SEISMIC CHANGES to the relationship with our nearest neighbours and the impact of Brexit have only added fuel to the fire of severe challenges facing health and social care in the UK today, making people less healthy and widening health inequalities.
Brexit is making the current record outbreak of avian influenza (AI) far more difficult to deal with according to the British Poultry Council (BPC).
BREXIT has brought no benefits and instead may cause “terminal damage” to the UK’s music industry, the principal of a leading school has said.
The Brexit bills are starting to fall due for Boris Johnson just as the U.K. prime minister seeks to cast himself as a global statesman leading the Group of Seven’s fight to defeat Covid-19.
Jill Rutter argues taking back control of our borders is why British travellers now face hold ups at Dover.
Dentists say staff have returned to their home countries in Europe after Brexit, and there are delays in bringing in new dentists from overseas.
Lord David Frost will declare 'the long bad dream of EU membership is over' amid punch-ups on petrol forecourts, empty supermarket shelves and warnings thousands of pigs will be dumped in skips.
Lord Frost’s comments will come as the UK continues to feel the effects of a fuel crisis and staffing issues linked to the departure from the EU.
Exports to Ireland saw the biggest proportionate fall out of the UK's top exporting parters following the end of the Brexit transition period in January.
The UK's Brexit negotiator has admitted the government underestimated the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland.
UK musicians must now secure visa or work permit for each country they want to play in.
The number of UK businesses exporting goods to the EU fell 33 per cent to 18,357 in 2021, from 27,321 in 2020, according to data from HMRC.
Thousands of Brits have been turned away at boarding gates because of a change in rules that can prevent people from travelling if their passport issue date is over ten years old.
‘Obviously we recognise there are new processes in place,’ says Downing Street. / No 10 has admitted that “new processes” brought in after Brexit has contributed to several days of travel chaos at the Port of Dover.
Many U.K. small firms are facing an “existential” threat as they grapple with obstacles Brexit has imposed on trade with the European Union, one of the country’s largest business groups said.
Customs officers, border police, plant and veterinary inspectors, offices, carparks and IT systems are among the 'unheard of' expenses of reestablishing full border controls.
The delay in getting the damaged trams back into service has been in part, according to a source at TfL, because of Brexit. Essential parts that are being sourced from the EU are taking longer to ship to south London because of post-Brexit customs procedures.
Demand for British wine is up domestically but at the same time, Brexit has led to a shortage of seasonal workers, increased costs and red tape. / Across the country, similar problems have disrupted businesses since Britain fully left the European Union in January.
STAFF shortages in the health and care sector are pushing the NHS to breaking point – and they are in part the result of a “reckless” and “cynical” decision by the UK Government to push through a hard Brexit in the midst of a pandemic.
We need permission from France, Germany et al to rejoin an international treaty or risk hamstringing a large part of Britain’s legal services industry.
One local business that is very much at the forefront of the impact of Brexit is BJW Logistics Ltd, a small transport company in Taunton, Somerset. I spoke to Barry, the owner and director of the company.
Two and a half weeks after the “easiest deal in history” was finally agreed, and the impact on the UK’s ability to trade is becoming clearer. It doesn’t look much like the promised sunlit uplands.
A week ago the UK fully left the EU. The moment we all campaigned against, warned about and feared the consequences of became reality – and it’s every bit as bad as forecast.
The UK’s biggest shellfish exporter says it’s opening an EU base to avoid paying up to £1 million a year in Brexit-related red tape.
Unexpected hold-ups in EU destinations have hit baggage delivery services where travellers send luggage ahead to avoid airport queues.
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee told of myriad difficulties with existing arrangements.
Border hold-ups and complex new rules are causing supply shortages in laboratories that jeopardise research, says Wellcome Sanger Institute.
Archie Norman, the chair of Marks and Spencer, revealed the mountain of bureaucracy that is making international trade impossible for small producers, leading many to give up entirely.
The UK’s decision to separate from the European Union continues to reverberate and is overwhelmingly negative, according to the latest review of the country’s pro-AV market in the May print edition of AV Magazine.
More than half of Irish businesses said they experienced increased regulatory burdens because of Brexit in 2020 -- exceeding the 40% that endured global supply disruptions due to Covid-19.
A businessman who says Brexit is destroying his business thanks to red tape has challenged the Prime Minister to try filling in the necessary customs forms.
Stock regularly held up in Dublin Port for three to five days at a time, with some consignments delayed for up to 10 days.
Thousands of pigs have been ‘unnecessarily culled’ because exporting to the EU has become too expensive and difficult since the end of the Brexit transition period, industry leaders have warned.
Some small firms are likely to go under due to the extra cost of exporting to Europe, experts have predicted.
Cross-border tax complexities cost the UK economy £47.6bn in lost revenue last year, an average revenue loss of 16 per cent on total EU exports, according to fresh industry data shared with City A.M. this morning.
The logistics sector, with its daily responsibility for keeping goods, food and medical supplies crisscrossing the UK, was hit by a double whammy in 2020 and the opening two months of 2021.
Great British sausages and mince will now require health certificates for exports to Northern Ireland in the latest example of Brexit red tape.
“This shows how the post-Brexit increase in custom costs to UK consumers is really biting," a senior manager at an accountancy firm has said.
Generic makers have started to withdraw because they cannot afford to meet the costs of new post-Brexit red tape.
Brexit was hailed as an escape from the ‘red tape’ of the EU, however ecommerce businesses are learning that selling into the EU comes with more Brexit red tape than they ever had to deal with before.
MPs were told that some fishing firms are looking at relocating parts of their operation to the European Union.
A leading musician with plans to tour in Europe has spoken of the “nightmare” Brexit is causing the British music industry.
Research released today (19 October 2022) by the ESRI shows reductions in UK to EU goods trade by 16% and trade from the EU to UK by 20% relative to the scenario in which Brexit had not occurred.
Jersey's "reputation is being tarnished" due to Brexit-related trade delays, the owner of an oyster company has said.
Those sunlit uplands, eh? Another Brexit blow has been delivered to UK exports, and the cheese industry now faces upheaval.
Arsenal will reportedly focus on the South American market after new Brexit rules made it harder to sign European talent.
The fallout from Brexit has scuppered Lucy Charles-Barclay‘s hopes of racing at IRONMAN 70.3 Kraichgau next Sunday (21 May).
Brexit’s impact on trade is laid bare in new Central Statistics Office (CSO) data, which shows a surge in imports to Ireland of goods from Europe and a sharp fall in goods bought from Britain.
Comes as poll shows a fifth of companies stopped trading with EU during the month
A Dorset farming business has suspended more than £150,000 of orders and may be forced to abandon any future activity in Europe because of post-Brexit changes at sea ports.
Trade barriers erected in Boris Johnson’s deal have cost exporters more than £1.1 billion since the start of the year, the Food and Drink Federation said.
The UK’s export market suffered a total fall of £750 million - a 75.5 per cent decline from the previous January, the FDF said.
Cross-party committee says labour shortages caused primarily by leaving EU will shrink UK food production unless dealt with.
A Scottish shellfish firm has warned it is on the brink of bankruptcy as delays continue at ports following the introduction of post-Brexit red tape.
BREXIT has heaped pressure on Scotland’s nurseries with a third of EU staff leaving the sector since 2018, a new report has found.
The latest Brexit snafu has seen the Amazon Partnered Carrier Programme UPS service hitting problems with customs clearance due to paperwork not being correct. This has led to the temporary suspension of all UK EU shipments until further notice.
Ford has admitted the UK’s departure from the EU has not helped the production of its electric E-Transit Custom. / Hans Schep, general manager Ford Pro Europe, said: “Brexit is not making our life easier.”
SCOTLAND's salmon industry is facing "acute" labour shortages due to Brexit despite average salaries of £36,000, business leaders have warned.
Brexit is making it harder for airports and airlines to recruit staff, adding to shortages that are causing travel chaos, according to a leading recruiter.
From confused carriers to mind-boggling bureaucracy, Lucy Reece Raybould, CEO of British Footwear Association (BFA), tells Drapers how Brexit is still impacting trade for UK businesses.
Fulham have been thwarted by Brexit in their attempts to sign Justin Kluivert as the Roma winger has reportedly been denied a work permit to move to England.
Finally – a Visa-free aspect to Brexit. At least that’s what the deluded Dominic Raab is likely to tell you...
Supply chain disruptions pushed U.K. manufacturing output to its weakest level in nine months as friction moving goods across the border after Brexit persisted.
New Brexit tariffs on electric car parts threaten the future of Vauxhall’s huge factory in Luton, the plant’s director has warned.
Airmic, the UK association for risk and insurance professionals has said that Brexit is threatening the London Markets influence in the global industry.
BREXIT is set to cost the UK between £2 and £4 billion in lost food exports across its first full year out of the European Union.
Just as Britain’s pubs, restaurants and food retailers prepare to emerge from lockdown in the coming months -- generating an expected surge in business -- Brexit threatens to deal the beleaguered sector a fresh setback.
For many suppliers and logistics specialists, it was obvious that Brexit would disrupt the continuity of trade, and its negative effects would affect both the United Kingdom and the countries of the European Union.
‘Pre-pandemic we would have turned down 2-2.5 per cent because of nationality issues. Now it’s 35-40 per cent,’ says Johan Lundgren.
The closure of Wrexham’s Business Hub was due to the impacts of Brexit, First Minister Mark Drakeford has said. ‌​‌​‌​​​‍‌​‌​​‌‌‌‍‌​‌‌​​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌‌​​
Brexit is to blame for the Dover travel misery blighting Britons’ Easter holiday trips to the Continent, a senior Tory MP said on Monday.
Food industry bosses have condemned Brexit as an “unmitigated disaster” and claimed the cost of disruption has caused some firms to shut for good.
An additional £600m in costs hit British importers since Brexit came into force, taxes which were not required when Britain was in EU's single market.
New red tape and charges causing ‘major problems’ to 35 per cent of traders relying on parcel deliveries.
Scottish firms have been “thrown to the wolves” over the post-Brexit trade chaos at cross-channel ports and the situation may worsen, MSPs have been warned.
77% of firms, for which the Brexit deal is applicable, say it is not helping them increase sales or grow their business. / More than half (56%) of firms face difficulties adapting to the new rules for trading goods. / Almost half (45%) face difficulties adapting to the new rules for trading services, and a similar number (44%) report difficulties obtaining visas for staff.
Customs paperwork diverts trucks from UK ‘land bridge’ on to EU-Ireland sea routes.
Scotland’s Constitution Secretary has said trade problems in the wake of the Brexit deal are “far more than teething troubles”, as he urged the UK Government to take a more co-operative approach with the EU.
A recent survey carried out by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) shows a rise in the proportion of firms reporting difficulties with the various changes brought about to UK-European Union (EU) trade compared to when the same questions were last asked in January.
Business leaders say the second anniversary of Brexit today has been marked by continuing difficulties for exporters trying to trade with the EU.
Britain’s bigget seaport says Brexit bureaucracy could bite when mass travel makes a comeback.
European Central Bank research also indicates that a significant number of UK firms have ceased trading with the EU due to increased bureaucracy.
For anyone who thought Brexit was done in 2020, the early signs are that it will, once virus woes settle, become Boris Johnson’s biggest headache. Again.
The sea of opportunity that Brexit was supposed to deliver has certainly dried up for Yorkshire’s fishermen. News that the UK and Norway have failed to reach a fishing deal for this year means boats like the Hull-based Kirkella remain tied up, possibly for good.
The House of Lords European Affairs Committee heard that whilst technology infrastructure and digital tools could help, more clarity and support is needed.
Brexit uncertainty affected a large proportion of UK textile and apparel firms, both upstream and downstream—over 60 per cent of firms in both manufacturers and lead firms’ groups, according to researchers from the London School of Economics (LSE).
Bank of England policy maker Jonathan Haskel said uncertainty over Britain’s exit from the European Union held back business investment in the U.K.
Farmers have called for clarity over what post-Brexit support they will receive to improve the environment. / Essex farmer Tom Bradshaw, who is also deputy president of the National Farmers' Union, said the "uncertainty is crippling businesses".
The Brexit visa crisis, which is preventing British film and TV employees from working in the European Union without filling out reams of costly paperwork, is now starting to cause issues for spring shoots on the continent, according to The Production Guild of Great Britain.
French exports to Britain picked up 4% in February but were still at only 84% of the monthly average of the second half of 2020, as post-Brexit trade rules continued to impact commercial flows, customs data showed on Thursday.
In early 2021, a Brexit deal lacking in provisions for financial services sparked a City-wide scramble to navigate the repercussions of the split. A year later, regulatory experts have bad news — there’s worse to come.
Lawyers have set out some of the challenges that could be faced by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) post-Brexit. / "This situation would be disastrous for the interests of the European competition (in the broad sense) against American and Chinese competitors. The cooperation between the CMA and the EUCR is therefore fundamental."
Real pay set to be £470 lower per worker each year, say top economists. / “We can’t blame Brexit for all of the 5.2 per cent GDP shortfall … but it’s apparent that Brexit is largely to blame,” said John Springford, author of the CEF study.
The British Meat Processors Association has published a Brexit Impact Report which draws on the experiences of meat exporters to date and says problems with new rules at the border are not going away and predicts a permanent reduction in trade.
The boss of one of Britain's big retailers says Brexit has turned out to be "considerably worse" than he feared.
Officials are scrambling to prevent a repeat of the chaos at Dover and keep passengers moving.
Incorrectly filled-out forms, missing data and documents: Even over 5 weeks after the UK left the EU, goods transports via the Channel are still fraught with obstacles – particularly to the detriment of British companies.
Brexit issues are causing small to medium-sized manufacturers in the East Midlands "significant disruption" as they attempt to recover from the economic effects of Covid-19, a new report has found.
Exports of electrical appliances for reuse in Europe have been “decimated” since the UK officially left the European Union due to confusion over new rules, Environcom says.
One of the UK’s leading commercial nurseries has had to stop supplying plants to Northern Ireland after new Brexit restrictions came into force in January.
Brexit threatens to leave a £5.25 billion “black hole” in ecommerce sales as tensions between Brussels and London escalate dramatically.
Three years on since the UK left the European Union (EU), a Midlands business owner has described the move as a "complete disaster". / Nic Laurens, who runs an abrasives supply firm in Shropshire, moved 90% of his company to the Republic of Ireland in order to remain in the EU.
An analysis of the total cost to U.K. businesses if the country fails to gain an adequacy agreement from the European Commission once it leaves the bloc at the end of the year — creating barriers to inbound data flows from the EU — suggests the price in pure compliance terms could be between £1 billion and £1.6 billion.
New Impact Report from the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) reveals the real cost of Brexit to the UK meat industry.
UK's departure from EU now emerging as major business travel compliance headache
Brexit is not done for many British-European families, even two and a half years after the UK left the European Union.
NEARLY two-thirds of Scottish businesses which trade with the European Union have experienced “negative” or “very negative” impacts on this activity since the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31, a key survey reveals.
Tuesday 31 January marked the third anniversary of Brexit and three years of struggle with animal transfers between zoos and aquariums across Britain and the EU, with numbers down from 1,400 transfers per year to just over 200.
Industry insiders blame the shift on the travel-throttling coronavirus and Brexit, which has made transporting cars and tools across the Channel more costly and onerous.
The UK’s official departure from the EU took place on January 1, 2021. The Brexit roll-out, not unexpectedly, has been awash with problems.