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A popular, award-winning pub in Cheshire has been forced to close over the winter due to a 'perfect storm' of issues including the Covid lockdowns and Brexit.
New government data shows rapidly falling trade with countries on the continent, reveals Sam Bright. / The UK has seen a reduction in exports to our top European trading partners equivalent to £515 million a-week, new Government data reveals.
‘What the government once called teething problems have now become a chronic condition’
It follows challenges over rising costs, staffing issues and supply chain shortages, plus recent added uncertainties following the emergence of the Omicron virus variant.
The boss of the UK’s largest bank has warned banks and their clients will have to swallow higher costs if Brexit fragments the European financial market.
Ken Thompson, who runs Bussens & Parkin in Mildenhall in Suffolk, said a lack of stock has left him with no choice but to put his kitchen and bathrooms business into insolvency.
A kitchen and bathroom shop with a builders' merchant founded in 1912 is to close as a result of Covid lockdowns and Brexit supply issues.
The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) predicts that, although the UK economy will almost fully bounce back from the pandemic, it's economy and eventually the jobs market will suffer for decades due to Brexit.
Sheffield companies are facing a ‘perfect storm of costs’ as they battle to keep the shelves stocked at Christmas.
A Sheffield supplements firm has spent £500,000 on a new base in the Netherlands to ensure it remains profitable ‘despite the challenges of Brexit’.
The government has to give up on playing games and start to make deals with the EU.
Trade figures for City services are revised sharply lower — and they can only get worse.
Around half of UK SMEs believe that Brexit has had a negative impact on the UK’s society as a whole awhile 64 per cent believe that it has negatively influenced the UK economy.
New polling suggests a large number of Brits blame Brexit for impending Christmas supply chain chaos.
Brexit and the pandemic has been blamed for the soaring cost of a new pedestrian bridge in Glasgow.
Restoration work on St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall has been hit by a hold-up in the delivery of specialist glassware from the continent.
"Brexit remains an important event for the market and has created risks for the sector, principally around the supply and cost of products and workforce shortages."
Hauliers have shifted both exports and imports to sea routes to reach EU markets directly, and avoid lengthy delays at UK ports.
SCOTTISH fishing businesses have bemoaned the “unnecessary hassle” of bureaucratic changes to exporting goods to the continent under Brexit rules.
Some types of wine and spirits may not be available unless ministers take urgent action to fix lorry driver shortage and shipping delays, say alcohol suppliers.
DOUGLAS Chapman has called on the UK Government to address the fall-out from Brexit to UK pilots who are now prevented from securing work in the aviation sector.
Finally – a Visa-free aspect to Brexit. At least that’s what the deluded Dominic Raab is likely to tell you...
Traditional continental Christmas markets that fill town squares and city centres across the UK will be smaller and less European this year.
Government told that lack of capacity to test products will hit supplies and disrupt building projects.
Sebastian Przetakowski, who has worked in the industry in the UK for almost two decades, said he is currently fully booked up until next year and has to turn down work because he can no longer find bricklayers and carpenters.