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Mark Rofe went to extreme lengths to be with his girlfriend Alex Limanowka in Barcelona.
A hotel employers' association in Spain has slammed 'chaos' at passport control in Tenerife South Airport following Brexit. Some arrivals have claimed that 'queues are miles long' for UK passport control, while EU passport holders 'sail through'.
Brits going on holiday to Tenerife are being warned of "chaos" at the south airport partly caused by Brexit.
Diana Kanter, 71 and from Surrey, told i she wanted a new passport after Brexit to beat queues at the airport – and to feel European again.
It's all about when your passport was issued. / A Westcountry mum and her son were left heartbroken after being told they couldn't board their plane because of a Brexit passport rule
Travel expert appeared on ITV show Lorraine to reveal border officials could snatch cheese or ham sandwiches at airports.
Waiting times could even triple with the UK’s ‘third-country nationals’ no longer in the EU.
Manchester resident, 68, says she was lied to by politicians and would vote Remain if she got a second chance.
Travel writer Heidi Fuller-Love tried to prepare for Brexit, but ended up trapped on a Greek island.
From queues in Dover to rising food prices, Brexit has been blamed for a number of things impacting families. But it has given us Rishi Sunak's 'Brexit pub guarantee' - here we look at the good, the bad and the ugly consequences.
A little-known post-Brexit passport rule change is leaving Brits unable to attend family weddings and holidaymakers out of pocket to the tune of hundreds - and sometimes thousands - of pounds.
‘I would have lost a £5,000 holiday if I had taken this advice,’ says mother of nine-year-old wrongly told her passport had run out.
Brits have pledged never to go through the port of Dover again after long queues at customs made the journey intolerable.
British tourists to European Union will need to get specific approval to travel for their holidays from next year. / New rules for the bloc mean foreigners will need more than just a passport to get into the continent. Tourists will need to apply to "Etias" from 2024 - a new system that authorises travel for countries that are visa-exempt, which includes the UK.
The travel permit is designed to keep track of visitors who don’t need a visa to enter the Schengen Zone but also do not have freedom of movement around Europe - soon to include Brits.
Many holidaymakers – and some European hospitals – don’t understand the rules on these vital health insurance cards. / New Which? research found 89% of people didn’t know that the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) covers fewer countries than the old, pre-Brexit European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
The Kent port issued the alert ahead of many schools in England and Wales breaking up for summer on Friday. / Holidaymakers sailing from the Port of Dover are being warned to expect two-and-a-half hour delays this week.
France’s public sector spending watchdog also raised concerns about new residents and school trips.
Due to the fact that border authorities in the United Kingdom do not accept ID cards issued in European Union countries, a large number of school children are choosing other English-speaking countries such as Ireland and Malta, with EU school travel to the UK at 61 per cent of pre-Brexit levels.
A holidaymaker claims she could not fly with TUI because her passport was due to expire in nine months time. Despite checking in online and filling in her passport details without any red flags, Dene Jeffery was given the devastating news she could not take the flight due to her passport's expiry in November 2023.
Only 3,700 people from the UK are being employed in the EU to do jobs such as chalet hosts, holiday reps and tour guides, new figures show.
Only 3,700 people from the UK are being employed in the EU to do jobs such as chalet hosts, holiday reps and tour guides, new figures show.
There are new entry requirements for Brits travelling to Spain since Brexit.
Brits travelling to an EU country or Switzerland post-Brexit should have either a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
The incredible shrinking network: Brexit plus refurbishment could see the number of stations served by the cross-Channel train operator cut from 13 to four.