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New Brexit checks will cause vast delays to tourists entering the EU unless a new agreement is brought in, the head of the Port of Dover has claimed.
Work to relocate a motorway barrier built to reduce post-Brexit traffic disruption in Kent will cause delays for up to a year.
The Operation Brock system installed to manage expected traffic chaos in Kent after Brexit will now itself cause a year of disruption as the barrier is moved from the edge to the middle of the motorway.
Holidaymakers heading to Europe will now face extra costs and paperwork following UK's exit from the EU.
Two of the UK’s four biggest networks – EE and Vodafone – are reintroducing roaming charges for customers travelling to Europe from this month, with Three also set to reintroduce them in May 2022.
The new rules look to hit the pockets of Brit holidaymakers as well as causing more hassle.
A woman has told of her frustration after being removed from a flight to Spain and having her New Year’s Eve “ruined” over a little-known change to post-Brexit passport rules.
The rules on travelling with your pet to countries in the European Union changed a year ago, following the UK's departure from the EU.
Brits with homes in the EU have been told they cannot drive through France to get there because of new Covid travel rules – and, implicitly, Brexit.
Although the government promised to negotiate their recognition with individual European nations, a year later there is still uncertainty over the most popular holiday destinations.
British disability blue badges are no longer being recognised in major holiday destinations across Europe thanks to Brexit, the government has admitted.
Another Brexit-related driving change is on the way in 2022, with an extra licence required to bring a van or large car trailer from the UK into an EU country. Here's how the new rule works and who it will affect.
Brits will have to start paying €7 per person and pre-register their details in order to enter the European Union from next year.
British travellers heading to Schengen EU countries will have to start paying a €7 visa fee by the end of 2022, the European Commission has confirmed.
Brits are now banned from taking meat and dairy products with them on holiday to EU countries and this includes even chocolates and some sweets that have animal-derived products.
The collision of the pandemic and leaving the European Union (EU) has tipped an £18bn loss in travel services trade, according to the latest figures.
Government urged to consider youth mobility visa.
The Independent has repeatedly reminded airlines about the European rules. The UK government continues to misrepresent them, advising travellers “on the day you travel you [must] have at least six months left on your passport”.
Those missing exit stamp could be denied entry on their next trip.
A British tourist was denied entry to Spain when she could not show a particular passport stamp that is now required post-Brexit.
Seeing headlines about passports expiring after Brexit? Here are the rules as stated by the European Union, not the UK government. / Since Brexit, the rules on passport validity for British visitors to the European Union have tightened. But the UK government tells travellers the regulations are worse than they actually are.
Long airport queues, well-stocked shelves and the unshakable feeling that this is a union ready to move on.
Traveling in a global pandemic can be challenging, but add the complications of strict travel rules resulting from Britain's split from the EU and things become really confusing and expensive.
Brits taking their cars out of the country can no longer use their ‘GB’ car stickers, as their validity ended on 28 September. Instead, they will have to get a new ‘UK’ version.
Entry requirements to EU countries are set to change for Brits.