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Plan could mean British visitors to the overseas territory losing some of their 90-day allowance for travel in Europe.
British visitors to Gibraltar could face Schengen Area checks on touchdown, according to the minister conducting post-Brexit negotiations with the European Commission.
A new passport check system is coming into force later this year.
POST-BREXIT cross-border travel arrangements will be a “major barrier” to growth in the tourism sector, senior council officials have warned.
Julia and Ian Gilmore, who live in Italy, say the process detailed online was complicated and lacked guidelines.
The Mayor of London and UK rail operators have told ministers that service delays or cuts due to inadequate preparation could harm UK businesses and tourism.
Issues around new Eurostar post-Brexit passport checks must be resolved "as a matter of urgency" ahead of potential "chaos", London's mayor says. / There are plans to bring in biometric border controls at St Pancras International in London in October.
The mayor warned that new biometric border controls threaten to create ‘huge queues’ at St Pancras station.
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called on ministers to prevent post-Brexit border checks causing Eurostar disruption.
The leader of Kent County Council told MPs that new post-Brexit biometric border checks could see queues of more than 14 hours - more than the current worse case scenario.
The Entry/Exit System is set to start in October but many operational details remain unclear, as fears grow of major delays at Dover and Eurotunnel.
Since the UK left the EU on January 1, 2024, the country has departed from the bloc and its member states in a number of different ways when it comes to air, rail and sea travel.
Facilities at St Pancras too ‘inadequate’ to process new checks without ‘hour-long queues’ at peak times, says operator HS1.
New post-Brexit border controls could result in Eurostar being forced to limit passenger numbers travelling from London St Pancras every day, it has been reported.
Consumers here are still concerned about the impact of Brexit on online shopping, a report from the NI Consumer Council has found. / It’s part of research by the watchdog carried over the last three years to monitor the impact of Brexit on NI consumers.
Mark Rofe went to extreme lengths to be with his girlfriend Alex Limanowka in Barcelona.
A hotel employers' association in Spain has slammed 'chaos' at passport control in Tenerife South Airport following Brexit. Some arrivals have claimed that 'queues are miles long' for UK passport control, while EU passport holders 'sail through'.
Brits going on holiday to Tenerife are being warned of "chaos" at the south airport partly caused by Brexit.
Diana Kanter, 71 and from Surrey, told i she wanted a new passport after Brexit to beat queues at the airport – and to feel European again.
It's all about when your passport was issued. / A Westcountry mum and her son were left heartbroken after being told they couldn't board their plane because of a Brexit passport rule
Travel expert appeared on ITV show Lorraine to reveal border officials could snatch cheese or ham sandwiches at airports.
Waiting times could even triple with the UK’s ‘third-country nationals’ no longer in the EU.
Manchester resident, 68, says she was lied to by politicians and would vote Remain if she got a second chance.
Travel writer Heidi Fuller-Love tried to prepare for Brexit, but ended up trapped on a Greek island.
From queues in Dover to rising food prices, Brexit has been blamed for a number of things impacting families. But it has given us Rishi Sunak's 'Brexit pub guarantee' - here we look at the good, the bad and the ugly consequences.