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Brits travelling to an EU country or Switzerland post-Brexit should have either a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
The incredible shrinking network: Brexit plus refurbishment could see the number of stations served by the cross-Channel train operator cut from 13 to four.
The House of Lords’ European affairs committee has urged the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, Suella Braverman, to tackle post-Brexit travel problems, taking also into account issues with border officials as well as the new European Union visa system.
Ahead of the busy summer season for European departures, ABTA – The Travel Association is reminding members and the wider industry of the new post-Brexit passport rules to share with their customers so they can check that their passport will be valid for their travel dates.
The father of an aristocrat has been left 'fuming' after he was turned away from his Ryanair flight as a result of a little known Brexit clause.
UK lawmakers have urged EU and UK officials to gradually rebuild relations following a period of “tension and mistrust”, putting visa access for musicians and speedy UK access to the Horizon Europe research programme at the top of a list of policy fixes.
Tens of millions pounds from the fund meant to help revive high streets in deprived towns is instead being pumped into the Kent port to tackle Brexit-fuelled delays.
Long delays at passport control among most unpopular fallouts from Brexit and could be solved by using EU e-gates.
Belmond’s Venice Simplon-Orient-Express UK services will be cut next year, while Eurostar’s London–Disneyland Paris route will end in June.
The UK leg of the Orient Express has been scrapped due to Brexit border controls, according to a report.
For nearly a century, the Orient Express symbolised the height of wealth and extravagance in Europe. / Belmond, the company that runs today’s VSOE, has now decided to drop this leg of the route because it has become too difficult to cross the border to Calais, in France, because of Brexit.
The BBC’s Analysis Editor Ros Atkins examines whether post-Brexit border checks were to blame for disruption at the Port of Dover at the weekend and to what extent.
Bookings will be spread out across Easter weekend to prevent repeat of travel chaos.
Jill Rutter argues taking back control of our borders is why British travellers now face hold ups at Dover.
There's deep disquiet in the food trade over forthcoming sanitary checks. When such checks were previously required, some UK companies were forced to stop exporting.
Officials are scrambling to prevent a repeat of the chaos at Dover and keep passengers moving.
‘Obviously we recognise there are new processes in place,’ says Downing Street. / No 10 has admitted that “new processes” brought in after Brexit has contributed to several days of travel chaos at the Port of Dover.
Brexit is to blame for the Dover travel misery blighting Britons’ Easter holiday trips to the Continent, a senior Tory MP said on Monday.
Why won’t the Tories and Labour admit that it has become harder for UK citizens to travel to Europe?
Port of Dover officials have hit back at claims by the home secretary that long queues at the port are not a result of Brexit.
Travel expert Simon Calder told Andrew Castle the continued delays at Dover port are a result of Brexit.
When we voted to leave the EU we signed up to such queues and delays at the border, says The Independent's Simon Calder.
Port of Dover declares critical incident as high levels of traffic caused lengthy delays.