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The prime minister could be in for a battle with eurosceptic Tories, a report suggests.
Rishi Sunak has been warned that some of his ministers may resign over his post-Brexit deal with the EU if it jeopardises Northern Ireland’s place in the union.
For a small band of libertarians, Liz Truss’ resignation is the final act in an 11-year project to remake Britain.
Conservative Party ‘drained of all substance and competence’.
A Welsh politics professor has said that “Brexit has devoured its own children” after the Conservative party lost four Prime Ministers since the vote in 2016.
The resignation of Brexit negotiator David Frost shows just how hard it will be to keep the Conservative Party united.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed the foreign minister to lead talks with Europe on Sunday after the resignation of the Brexit minister sent shockwaves through the already troubled London administration.
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will replace Lord Frost as the UK's lead negotiator with the EU in post-Brexit talks.
Liz Truss only became foreign secretary as part of Boris Johnson's major cabinet reshuffle in September, taking over from Dominic Raab. She had been international trade secretary before that, with post-Brexit deals the focus of her brief.
The resignation of the UK's top Brexit negotiator could be the "beginning of a very rapid end" for Boris Johnson, a political journalist has told LBC.
‘The country needs leadership not a lame duck PM’ says Labour.
Lord Frost quit in a letter to the prime minister last week, and will leave immediately rather than in January as was originally planned.
Brexit minister Lord Frost has resigned from the Cabinet, the Mail on Sunday has reported.
Friends and colleagues say top civil servant in intolerable position after advice ignored.
Alexandra Hall Hall says UK ‘damagingly’ downplayed impact on NI peace process.
Northern Ireland’s First Minister Arlene Foster laid out her plan to quit, sparking further upheaval at a time when London and Dublin are seeking to calm tensions in the region.
The First Minister of Northern Ireland has faced mounting opposition from within her own party.
Two-thirds of party chairmen said they had lost confidence in her leadership.
Foster will step down as DUP leader on 28 May.
Foster says she will stand aside as DUP leader on 28 May and as first minister a month later
Lady Sugg hands in resignation after overseas aid cut by a third.
One of Boris Johnson’s most senior law officers has quit in protest at the government’s plans to break international law over Brexit.
Amal Clooney has quit as a UK Special Envoy over the Government's plans to break international law with the Internal Market Bill.
Ministers reportedly trying to persuade advocate general for Scotland to reverse decision.
‘If I see the rule of law being broken in a way I find unacceptable then of course I will go. We are not at that stage’