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EU and UK businesses will face ‘inevitable’ extra costs while the post-Brexit trade deal remains in place, European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič warned on Monday (12 June), playing down the prospect of a major overhaul of the agreement.
Maroš Šefčovič says he does not want to put existing deal ‘in the shredder’. / The EU’s Brexit chief has ruled out renegotiating Britain’s trade deal until 2026, dashing hopes it could be improved and prevent businesses fleeing the UK.
Car maker, Stellantis, has warned that Brexit trade renegotiations may be needed for its Luton plant to survive.
Keir Starmer’s tedious, hardline rhetoric on Brexit actually reveals our path back to Europe.
Ministers were warned of the dangers of the EU trade deadline two years ago. Now, up to 200,000 jobs and £11bn worth of UK car exports could be in jeopardy.
There will be no renegotiation of the Windsor Framework agreed between the UK Government and the EU, British foreign secretary James Cleverly has told peers.
Officials have been accused of been "asleep at the wheel" as looming new rules covering electric vehicles approach.
Carmaking giant urges UK government to renegotiate rules to avoid expensive tariffs.
Stellantis says it can no longer meet trade rules on sourcing of parts in Britain or EU after rise in raw material costs
Sir Keir Starmer has told Sky News the UK needs a "better" Brexit deal and has said a government under his leadership would renegotiate with the EU.
French car giant says it cannot follow parts sourcing rules, introduced through Brexit, which add hefty tariffs. / Stellantis has urged the UK government to renegotiate part of its Brexit deal with the EU so it can avoid vehicle factory closures, which would result in the loss of thousands of jobs.
British car factories could be forced to close if the UK does not renegotiate the current Brexit deal, according to one of the largest automakers in the country.
One of the world's biggest carmakers has warned it may have to close UK factories if the government does not renegotiate the Brexit deal.
Stellantis has called for the UK government to renegotiate certain parts of its Brexit deal to ensure the UK remains competitive when it comes to car making.
Stellantis has committed to making electric vehicles in the UK but it is no longer able to meet Brexit trade rules on where parts are sourced.
The world’s fourth-biggest carmaker by sales has warned of a potential existential threat to large parts of the British car industry unless the government moves to alter the terms of its Brexit trade deal with the European Union.
Northern Ireland Minister Steve Baker is seeking to renegotiate part of the Brexit trade agreement to fix problems caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol.
Guy Hands says Conservatives are putting country ‘on a path to be sick man of Europe’.
The European Union said on Friday that Britain had made no move to seek a compromise on post-Brexit trade with Northern Ireland and cautioned London against triggering emergency unilateral provisions in the Brexit deal.
“Do you not find it a little embarrassing that you're renegotiating it across such a wide area so soon after it was signed by the government and approved by this Parliament?” - "Not really".
The EU's Brexit negotiator has told a seminar in Dublin that there will be no renegotiation of the Northern Ireland Protocol and that the EU will not accept any solution that will cut the region off from the benefits of the single market.
Northern Ireland could see "instability, uncertainty and unpredictability" if there is an attempt to renegotiate the post-Brexit agreement, the European Commission's vice president has warned.
JAMES BALL examines the areas where Britain is now feeling the painful consequences of its departure from the EU.
The UK government has announced further delays to some Irish Sea border checks. / The checks are a requirement of the Northern Ireland Protocol, a deal reached by the UK and EU in 2019.
Just seven months after singing its praises, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is attempting to rewrite the Brexit deal he signed with the European Union.