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The media reaction to the Tusk-Cameron document is lazy – mendacious even. The prime minister has wrung real concessions from Brussels.
Taoiseach says Corbyn’s renegotiation plan would not be a problem.
Guardian analysis shows less than 5% of the original deal has been renegotiated. What has been removed from May’s deal and what has replaced it?
Sources from both sides confirm that no further negotiations are scheduled.
The UK has indicated it could "clarify" its new Brexit offer after the EU called for "fundamental changes".
Boris Johnson's senior aides have ordered Conservative MPs to call the European Union "crazy" if it rejects the Brexit proposals tabled by the UK on Wednesday, an internal memo leaked to BuzzFeed News reveals.
Boris Johnson is demanding complete secrecy from the European Union as the Government dispatches its “take it or leave” Brexit blueprint to Brussels.
Brussels fears prime minister has ‘lost control’ of events and warns that hopes of an agreement are now ‘very low’.
In a Westminster-clad puff of smoke, any residual "maybes" about a new Brexit deal being agreed by mid-October have evaporated in Brussels.
The European Commission said the UK suggestions 'fall short of satisfying all the objectives of the backstop'
Downing Street tells Brussels negotiators documents must not be shared with 27 states.
There is a 'wide gap' between solutions UK government is proposing and what the EU will be able to support, says Coveney.
Top EU leaders have given Boris Johnson an ultimatum to come up with a new Brexit plan by the end of September, or face up to a no-deal.
Johnson says he has a deal that might fly but he won't show it to anyone yet, because it's too soon isn't it? [turns head, stares at camera]. / Is the EU losing patience? Xavier Bettel looks as if he has. ... Plus we have a half-hearted go at a making verbal Jon Worth flowchart on the fly - what are the scenarios from here on out? And - we can dream - what happens the morning after revocation?
The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has told Boris Johnson to stop “pretending” he is negotiating a Brexit deal, amid concerns that the prime minister is not trying to reach an agreement.
PM’s negotiators intent on waiting until last minute before sharing plan with Brussels.
Prime minister also refuses, seven times, to say how he will defy the law to avoid a Halloween crash-out – declining to rule out taking parliament to court.
'It is the UK's responsibility to come forward with legally operational solutions' but 'such proposals have not yet been made' Brussels warns.
PM’s upbeat account dismissed as Jean-Claude Juncker warns time is running out.
Luxembourg talks are not expected to deliver a breakthrough as the clock ticks down to 31 October.