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The European Union said on Friday that Britain had made no move to seek a compromise on post-Brexit trade with Northern Ireland and cautioned London against triggering emergency unilateral provisions in the Brexit deal.
“Do you not find it a little embarrassing that you're renegotiating it across such a wide area so soon after it was signed by the government and approved by this Parliament?” - "Not really".
The EU's Brexit negotiator has told a seminar in Dublin that there will be no renegotiation of the Northern Ireland Protocol and that the EU will not accept any solution that will cut the region off from the benefits of the single market.
Northern Ireland could see "instability, uncertainty and unpredictability" if there is an attempt to renegotiate the post-Brexit agreement, the European Commission's vice president has warned.
JAMES BALL examines the areas where Britain is now feeling the painful consequences of its departure from the EU.
The UK government has announced further delays to some Irish Sea border checks. / The checks are a requirement of the Northern Ireland Protocol, a deal reached by the UK and EU in 2019.
Just seven months after singing its praises, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is attempting to rewrite the Brexit deal he signed with the European Union.
'Patience is wearing thin' with the UK on the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol, the European Commission's vice-president, Maroš Šefčovič, has warned, adding the EU could retaliate by suspending some cooperation and imposing tariffs.
In January 2020, as Britain was about to exit the EU, a post appeared on the London School of Economics (LSE) blog musing about the mechanism and conditions that might apply if Britain ever wanted to re-join.
Food and Drink Federation pleads with Boris Johnson to ‘urgently’ restarts talks to resolve the crisis.
Labour leader Keir Starmer has been encouraged to support making changes to the Brexit deal agreed with the EU to develop a closer working relationship with member states.
A survey has found a large majority of small businesses want the UK to cooperate with the European Union as the government faces calls renegotiate terms of the its post-Brexit trade relationship with the bloc.
Top European Union and British officials failed to get a breakthrough at talks on Northern Ireland trade rules and said Friday that contact would continue over the coming weeks
A group of Tories have called for Boris Johnson to reopen Brexit negotiations amid concerns his deal has left the UK 'less safe and less secure'.
BRITAIN will face at least half a century negotiations with the European Union to try and iron out issues with the Brexit deal, a political expert warned.
The former head of the government legal service resigned when No 10 threatened to break an international treaty. With the difficult reality of Brexit now upon us, I asked whether we risk a repeat offence.
The media reaction to the Tusk-Cameron document is lazy – mendacious even. The prime minister has wrung real concessions from Brussels.
Taoiseach says Corbyn’s renegotiation plan would not be a problem.
Guardian analysis shows less than 5% of the original deal has been renegotiated. What has been removed from May’s deal and what has replaced it?
Sources from both sides confirm that no further negotiations are scheduled.
The UK has indicated it could "clarify" its new Brexit offer after the EU called for "fundamental changes".
Boris Johnson's senior aides have ordered Conservative MPs to call the European Union "crazy" if it rejects the Brexit proposals tabled by the UK on Wednesday, an internal memo leaked to BuzzFeed News reveals.