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France has put the UK on alert that it could start legal proceedings if there is no further movement on post-Brexit fishing licences.
British expats are known for sticking together when they move abroad, but new rules have provided a challenge – and an opportunity to integrate.
Over the last weekend, the Port of Dover has handled almost 142,000 travellers, many of whom have been forced to wait for hours to cross the borders into France.
A French regional leader has blamed Brexit for delays at Dover and Folkestone and suggested the UK should join the Schengen zone.
Liz Truss has hit out at the French authorities for the border chaos, but the government rejected an offer to double the number of passport booths in 2020.
The UK cabinet office has rejected a £33m proposal to double the capacity for French government passport checks at Dover, dooming UK passengers to long delays at the border post-Brexit.
Travellers told to allow three to four hours to pass through security and French border checks at port. / French authorities have hit back at claims by the Port of Dover that French border control staff were to blame for a second day of hours-long delays, saying: “France is not responsible for Brexit.”
Fewer scholars from Italy, Germany, France and Netherlands working in British universities, says report.
The Court of Justice of the European Union has listed the inability of British nationals to vote or stand as a candidate in municipal elections in the EU state they are residing as one of the many Brexit consequences.
The Court of Justice of the European Union has confirmed that UK citizens no longer possess EU citizenship after it was asked to rule on the topic by a British woman living in France.
Emmanuel Macron has told French voters to avoid their own Brexit moment ahead of election day.
Dog and cat owners with holiday homes in France say they have been left “high and dry” by a tightening of Brexit travel rules on French pet passports.
The costs of the UK's exit from the European Union are mounting by the day...
The French bank Crédit Agricole has introduced a €5 charge for withdrawals made with UK-issued credit and debit cards.
The UK financial regulator had already warned that cash machine withdrawals could become more expensive for UK cardholders in Europe after the transition period.
A supplier of car parts to the likes of Range Rover and BMW is reportedly closing its UK plant and setting its sights on Europe.
Greg Hands was asked why Michael Gove made the promise if it is now considered a bad move.
Government’s Brexit push to bring back Winston Churchill’s favourite champagne measure met with indifference.
France has put the UK on alert that it could start legal proceedings if there is no further movement on post-Brexit fishing licences.
Brits with homes in the EU have been told they cannot drive through France to get there because of new Covid travel rules – and, implicitly, Brexit.
Paris is to ask the European Commission to open post-Brexit litigation proceedings against Britain over a long-running dispute on fishing licences for French boats in British waters.
‘We still need a few dozen licenses,’ Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune says.
Majestic Wine is calling time on its business in Calais after Brexit regulations decimated the traditional ‘booze cruise’.
The European Commission had set a Friday midnight deadline for London and Paris to reach an agreement.
An EU deadline for Britain to grant licences to dozens of French fishing boats appeared to expire Friday without a final breakthrough in talks, despite France's threat to seek European legal action.