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My latest update estimates Brexit reduced Britain's GDP by 5.5 per cent by the second quarter of 2022. My model avoids the cherry-picking of data, and performs better than its critics’ methods.
A French official has warned that some ferries between the Channel Islands and France could stop running from next year unless post-Brexit rules requiring French passengers to have a passport are relaxed.
We spoke to the director of Geoffrey’s in Antibes about how the store started and the problems after Brexit. / Geoffrey’s of London, thought to have been the largest independently owned UK food shop in France, has closed, a casualty of Brexit.
Despair over NHS waiting lists is driving people who could never afford private care in UK to countries like Lithuania. / "Before Brexit, English people came to France for healthcare purposes because they were reimbursed by the NHS. Now, they come to France because of the skyrocketing waiting lists in the UK."
Lyonnaise de Banque becomes the first to have their licence revoked after the UK's split with the EU.
The number of people arriving at a UK port from France has more than halved after Brexit, a ferry firm has said.
Some of these are hopefully short-term issues and can be recovered from. Another problem, however, is contributing to the hardship faced by Scottish households and will do so for the long term: Brexit.
THE PORT OF Dunkirk is looking to mount a significant expansion of trade routes with its Irish counterparts, as the French company sees Ireland as an “underestimated” market even post-Brexit.
The issue arises when teenagers turn 18. One mother said; 'It's getting beyond a joke'.
Years after Britain quit the European Union, its businesses are still suffering from lower sales as red tape makes it harder to export to the 27-nation bloc.
An index compiled by Bloomberg showed combined market capitalisation of primary listings in Paris overtook London in US dollar terms.
LONDON has lost its crown as Europe’s largest stock market to Paris, with France closing a trillion-dollar market gap since the 2016 Brexit vote.
CONDOR is rolling out a major marketing campaign to boost the number of European visitors to the islands after the market was decimated by Brexit.
'Wimbledonisation' helped the City of London become Europe’s financial capital. But leaving the EU has been much less of an advantage.
Nathalie Loiseau says no alternatives have been proposed to Brexit deal. / A senior ally of Emmanuel Macron has told Brexiteers that they must "face reality" over the consequences of leaving the EU.
France opted not to ask under-18s in families living in France since before Brexit to hold residency cards, but this is causing issues at the border and for education and work, a support group says.
ALLOWING French visitors to use identity cards to travel to the Channel Islands could help revitalise the tourism industry post-Brexit, according to the External Relations Minister.
Brittany Ferries has seen a huge fall in the number of people travelling between Plymouth and France with Brexit being blamed.
Just 1.3 per cent of asylum seekers have been sent back by a Home Office unit set up to assess claims following extra “bureaucracy” following Brexit, figures show.
New government figures show post-Brexit slump in UK exports to Germany, France, Italy and Spain – and failure to transition exports to the US and China, says ParcelHero
New Government figures show a massive post-Brexit slump in UK exports to Germany, France, Italy and Spain – and reveal the UK failed to transition to key export markets such as the USA and China. The new International Trade Secretary, Kemi Badenoch, faces an uphill battle, warns ParcelHero.
Promises of a special trading relationship with America have also yet to materialise, the ONS figures show. / New Government figures show a massive post-Brexit slump in UK exports to Germany, France, Italy and Spain – and reveal the UK failed to transition to key export markets such as the USA and China.
THE Island ‘will not see the recovery of its fish stocks’ until licence restrictions – governing how French boats can operate here – are agreed, according to the president of the Jersey Fishermen’s Association.
Imports from the EU fell by £500m in August, highlighting the “teething troubles” of the “post-Brexit universe”. / UK imports from the EU fell by £500m in August to reach £26bn, representing a 2% decline in value according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Exports to the EU also dropped in August, by £300m.
Senior politicians from Guernsey have attended a series of meetings in France to discuss joint working and matters affecting communities on both sides.