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More and more Brits are leaving the Brexit chaos behind -- and seeking their fortunes in France. But their home nation’s exit from the European Union means they now face a plethora of bureaucratic hurdles.
When I'm in France, the reactions I get from French people range from complete indifference to Brexit, through to slight feelings of sadness and pity at the UK’s self-imposed economic and social harm. In Italy, the sadness over Brexit is even more marked, and in this video, I’ll be looking at an article in Italian newspaper La Repubblica this week about the latest impact of Brexit.
Collapsed trade talks, new border checks, 14-hour queues at the border and medicine shortages... it's just another day in Brexit land.
Brexit-supporting media outlets are having a tough time trying to wrap their heads around visa restrictions in France which are forcing some Brits to sell up and leave the country.
New study highlights increasing importance of French market for Irish exporters. / The Republic’s bilateral trade with France has mushroomed to a record €30 billion per annum in the wake of Brexit, according to a new report.
Priti Patel’s prohibition on ‘insecure identity cards’ partly reversed by James Cleverly.
Your weekly update from the Brexit ‘downside bunker’, chronicling the downsides, and occasional upsides, of Brexit.
A British father living in France says he was denied the chance to vote on Brexit, but his family are enduring the consequences of it.
Waiting times could even triple with the UK’s ‘third-country nationals’ no longer in the EU.
The mass participation event, run by Hotchilee, will see its 20th and final edition of its current format in 2024.
Next year’s 20th anniversary edition of London-Paris, the three-day ride that features on many cyclists’ bucket list, will be the last in the current format, with organisers blaming the decision in large part on increased costs and logistical headaches in the wake of Brexit.
Data from the English Housing Survey suggests that the number of English owners of second homes in Europe has fallen again. / “Less British people are looking for houses than before. The main reason is Brexit. It’s so much more difficult for British people to buy something here. They need health insurance and that’s very difficult for them.”
The success of Paris in luring banks from London after Brexit has exceeded expectations and is increasingly reflected in France’s balance of payments, the central bank said.
The shift of banking activities to Paris from London after Brexit is starting to have a measurable impact on France’s trade in financial services, and the dynamic is likely accelerate, according to the country’s central bank.
The UK has seen investment from overseas collapse in the past two years, underscoring its diminishing allure as a global business destination since Brexit, revised United Nations data show.
France’s public sector spending watchdog also raised concerns about new residents and school trips.
Plymouth-to-Europe operator sees drop in French travellers and has huge loans to repay but insists it will not sack workers.
Plymouth-headquartered company's passenger numbers are still lower than pre-Covid and now it is suffering a decline in lorry numbers.
The European Court of Justice is to rule on June 15 on a case looking at the legality of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and its impact on Britons who lost EU citizenship rights.
Barclays PLC is planning to hire 200 new traders in Paris in a fresh blow to the Square Mile in the wake of Brexit.
Barclays Plc expects to increase its headcount in Paris by about two thirds in the next two to three years, as the French capital increasingly becomes the main trading hub in continental Europe for global lenders after Brexit.
British and French housing associations trained residents to start their own business through the Increase Valorisation Sociale but its future is uncertain after the loss of EU funding.
Experts have today partially blamed post-Brexit uncertainty for helping France pip the UK to Europe’s investment hub crown for the second year in a row.
A British man working as a security guard in France has said he risks losing his job because of a Brexit-related admin issue.