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"For others in the future, that will depend on the negotiations under way" on Britain's future relation with the EU, he said.
Charities in several countries in Europe have been handed government funding to help vulnerable residents apply for post-Brexit residency.
The UN is preparing for a project to help vulnerable British people in France through the issues thrown up by Brexit.
A British councillor who was among hundreds disappointed at being unable to stand for re-election due to Brexit has had some good news.
A total of 6,250 people from the UK became German nationals in 2018, a rise of 950 per cent on pre-referendum numbers.
Boris Johnson’s father Stanley is applying for a French passport to allow him to work and move freely throughout Europe after Brexit.
Boris Johnson's father is in the process of applying for a French passport to maintain his ties with Europe after Brexit.
As some towns double down on their European links while others fight to remove them, Holly Eva Ryan reflects on what twinning really means.
Lack of information has left thousands of expats confused about status, study shows.
ALASTAIR CAMPBELL on Albania's bid to join the European Union at a time when the UK rushes to leave.
French President Emmanuel Macron has written a letter to Britons on the occasion of Brexit seeking to give reassurance that France will still be home to the many British people in France.
A new website for applications for special new 'Brexit deal' residency cards for Britons in France will open in early July 2020 says the French government.
Guernsey introduced fishing permits for foreign vessels on 31 January.
A fishing dispute between Guernsey and France occurred because the UK failed to inform of Brexit-related changes in time, a senior politician claimed.
The sale of British Steel to Chinese firm Jingye could be scuppered by French intervention.
Exchange of key security information at risk after Dutch concerns over data protection.
This small sector has been promised benefits that will not materialise.
French oil giant Total SA is relocating a key part of its finance operation from London to Paris less than a month before Britain leaves the European Union.
Research finds more insecurity for poorer Britons, women and those in poor health.
The Government has secured more than half a billion euro in grants from the European Commission to connect Ireland's electricity network to France.
Three quarters of French nationals living in the UK have not signed up despite several Brexit extensions elapsing.
None of the EU27 have expressed support, but not all have actually shared their opinions on the new proposals.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has few friends in the Breton village of Gouarec, where over a quarter of its population is British. Many are anxious about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, which leaves their access to healthcare and pension entitlement in question.