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Campaigners for a Final Say referendum have released a list of 25 key general election seats where tactical voting could block a Conservative majority and pave the way for Brexit to be put back in the hands of the people.
If Remainers unite we can kick Boris Johnson out of Downing Street and stop Brexit from happening.
The 12 December election is on a knife edge and tactical voting could stop Boris Johnson keeping the keys to Number 10.
Actor says voters should ‘do everything we can’ to stop a Conservative government.
Tory joins Chuka Umunna and Sam Gyimah in plea to back Lib Dems to stop Brexit
Anti-Brexit campaigners unveil fresh analysis of most crucial marginals where tactical voting matters most.
A swath of guides have been launched for the December 12 election as some voters plan to cast their ballot on Brexit.
We look at the ethics of tactical voting in the 2019 general election, and why you should hold your nose and vote for a candidate from a party you might not endorse as a party of government.
Want a simple guide as to how to vote tactically? Try the new Tactical Vote Diagram!
People's Vote, the cross-party campaign group revealed its priority list of recommended candidates in around 100 key target seats.
Most tactical voting sites agree... most of the time. This page lets you compare our recommendations to what the others are saying.
Voting tactically is the best way to make your voice heard and ensure that there is a majority for a People’s Vote. Fill in your postcode below to see our recommendation!
Labour and Lib Dems dominate the recommendations on People's Vote's 'PV100' list.
Dominic Grieve says Brexit must be "defining issue" of snap December general election.
Survey for anti-Brexit campaign predicts tactical vote could dent PM’s projected 44-seat majority.
Our tactical vote tool will launch when a general election is announced. Sign up here to be notified.
People’s vote behind initiative to endorse candidates who back a second vote on EU membership.
By re-distributing just 2 per cent of voters from the weakest to the strongest Remain party in each region, the pro-European side could snatch victory from the jaws of supposedly inevitable ‘defeat’.
Enter your postcode to view results for your region and see how you can take votes from Hard Brexit parties
Voting for one remain party in your region should reduce the number of seats Brexit supporting parties win.
The site is based on latest polling data and is 'not party political', its founders said. / A new website targeted at Remain voters has been launched by data scientists in a bid to help tactical voting against the Brexit Party.
The remain vote may split, but we can still make our votes count and halt the Brexit party in its tracks.
The number of remain parties in the EU elections means there is a clear and present danger that the remain vote will be split, leading to more Brexiteer MEPs being elected. Smart remain voters need to think tactically and focus on the leading remain party in their region.
Hundreds of thousands of us marched. Millions of us signed the petition to revoke Art50. Tens of millions of us will vote Remain in the EU election. / Remain voters will coordinate the Remain vote ourselves. We will pick a party in every area, get behind their campaign and make our vote count.