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Documents show ministers were urged to make preparations before EU parliament elections.
Boris Johnson falsely claimed during the election that his Brexit deal didn't include new controls.
1. Robbie Gibb asked me this question a while ago. I can’t say what he doesn’t know, but I can break down his article. / 2. I’m going to go through the article line by line to reiterate my original point, starting with the suggestion that our position is “all laid out” in the Conservative Manifesto.
Government now rejecting EU oversight of implementing Northern Ireland agreement.
THE UK elections watchdog is investigating Conservative Party spending over the EU election campaign, it has emerged.
The Scottish National Party is making a last-ditch bid to block the bill taking the UK out of the European Union from becoming law, on the final day of its passage through parliament.
The Conservative Party accepted £200,000 from the wife of a former Russian finance minister under president Putin, just days after refusing to publish a report into Russian interference in UK elections.
The Chancellor has warned there will be no alignment with EU regulations after Brexit - despite a pledge being made in the North East by Boris Johnson that standards would be protected.
Fines seen by some donors as ‘just the cost of doing business’, says electoral watchdog.
The Conservatives will only have a mandate to take Scotland out of the EU if they win the general election in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has claimed.
Britain's moves to leave the European Union may complicate life for our exporters but will not damage New Zealand’s economy, Prof Robert Patman says.
AC GRAYLING established himself as a leading thinker of the Remain campaign. He argues that the cause is not lost and that it is well worth continuing the fight.
A mix of sadness, relief and desire to move on has greeted the UK election results among groups representing EU nationals in the UK and British residents in the EU.
Johnson’s deal splits the UK into two: Northern Ireland will follow EU rules without a say on them, effectively becoming an EU colony. And as for Great Britain.... well, he hasn’t nailed anything down.
Campaigners for a Final Say referendum have released a list of 25 key general election seats where tactical voting could block a Conservative majority and pave the way for Brexit to be put back in the hands of the people.
The general election will be the point of no return for the UK in the current phase of its decline, and the US is heading in the same direction.
Sir John Major will tonight call on millions of young people to use their votes to derail Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans in an extraordinary general election intervention.
A former Tory Prime Minister is set to join an election rally aimed at preventing Boris Johnson from winning a Commons majority.
If Remainers unite we can kick Boris Johnson out of Downing Street and stop Brexit from happening.
The 12 December election is on a knife edge and tactical voting could stop Boris Johnson keeping the keys to Number 10.
The threat of a no-deal Brexit remains on the table, Boris Johnson has suggested, as he confirmed preparations for an exit to WTO terms will continue if he wins the election.
Tory joins Chuka Umunna and Sam Gyimah in plea to back Lib Dems to stop Brexit
Anti-Brexit campaigners unveil fresh analysis of most crucial marginals where tactical voting matters most.
A swath of guides have been launched for the December 12 election as some voters plan to cast their ballot on Brexit.