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Liberal Democrat and Labour MEPs have taken up committee jobs in ‘huge vote of confidence’.
"We agree that our common priority should be to work together in parliament to prevent no-deal Brexit."
Former Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston has joined the Liberal Democrats, the party has announced.
Much-anticipated move by former Tory MP follows her split with Change UK in June.
The prime minister's "do or die" Brexit plan just became even harder.
Liberal Democrats wrest seats from Tories and Labour, while Labour win back seat in Hartlepool borough.
New Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson: "I will do whatever it takes to stop Brexit."
Heidi Allen to lead new 'Unite to Remain' organisation designed to help pro-EU parties work together to win seats.
Lib Dems’ hopes rise in Brecon and Radnorshire as Greens and Plaid Cymru stand aside.
Sir Vince Cable says political logic of banding together is 'irresistible'
New analysis released as more than 70,000 people sign petition urging anti-Brexit parties to work together.
Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party would be trounced by the Liberal Democrats in a general election unless it changes its Brexit stance, according to a new poll.
The Liberal Democrats could score victory at general election if Labour maintains it’s position of an ‘alternative Brexit’, according to a new poll.
The Lib Dem leadership hopeful surprisingly suggested Labour leadership for what comes after no-deal Brexit.
Plaid Cymru have suggested a coalition with other parties might be in the offing after Brecon and Radnorshire Conservative MP Chris Davies was ousted by his constituents.
Chuka Umunna, who left Labour in February to found the Independent Group, has switched party once again and joined the Liberal Democrats.
Opposition day debate picked for motion backed by SNP, Lib Dems, Greens and a Tory MP.
'MPs cannot be bystanders while the next Tory PM tries to crash the UK out of the EU,' says Starmer. / Labour will mount a bid to seize control of the Commons agenda to prevent the next Tory prime minister forcing through a no-deal Brexit.
Sir Ed Davey said conversations are ongoing with a number of MPs to defect to his party
The Liberal Democrats have become the most popular party in the country, a poll suggests.
Sir Ed Davey has vowed to mount a cross-party bid to block a no-deal Brexit amid fears a new Tory leader could pursue a disorderly exit from the EU.
Youth representatives from the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party and Plaid Cymru urge MPs to back Final Say vote
Another senior Conservative peer has been suspended from the party whip for pledging to vote Liberal Democrat in the European elections, after the punishment was imposed on the former deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine.
The best way to stop Brexit is to support those parties which are unequivocal about staying in the European Union.