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The RCGP has formally opposed the UK's exit from the EU and backed a 'people's vote' on Brexit negotiations following a meeting of its governing council.
Labour and Lib Dems dominate the recommendations on People's Vote's 'PV100' list.
Less than a third of people think the vote will resolve UK’s departure from the EU.
The only way to protect your rights is to remain in the EU - that's why we will fight to secure a Final Say referendum on Brexit.
Here he is at the People's Pledge Congress for an EU Referendum on the 22nd October 2011
Julian voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum. Here he is telling his story to a rally organised by Bournemouth for Europe.
The Withdrawal Agreement Bill is set to be the first time in the history of devolution that both Scotland and Wales refuse to give consent.
Protesters demanding another Brexit referendum reacted with jubilation as MPs voted to force a further delay.
Protesters explain why they want a second referendum on EU membership.
They were charity assistants, health professionals, teachers and parents … all demanding a final say in their future.
When it comes to placard making, recent political turmoil has provided an abundance of creative inspiration.
Boris Johnson has been dealt a humiliating double blow as MPs ordered him to delay Brexit while up to a million voters marched on parliament to demand a Final Say referendum.
Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to head into central London on Saturday afternoon to march for a final say vote on Brexit.
MPs have won a key parliamentary vote paving the way for a Commons bid to secure a second referendum on Saturday.
If amendment is selected, MPs will vote on the bid next week.
Public should have final say on any deal PM brings back from EU summit, Lib Dems argue.
Boris Johnson ready to refuse to implement any call for a fresh referendum.
'I mean, it's for the Labour front-bench to determine what we're going to do on the day, but that is my view'
DUP raises doubts on customs union, while Labour says it will whip MPs to support a second referendum.