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Labour urgently needs to start campaigning for a People's Vote. And this should happen quickly – before the next prime minister – elected by just 0.25% of the population – tries to inflict an extreme form of Brexit on all of us.
Grassroots consultation will be launched next month – with ‘overwhelming response in favour of a second referendum’ expected.
If any of the candidates genuinely cared about listening to and engaging with younger voices, they would commit to a vote on the final Brexit deal.
The only way to unlock the political impasse is to let the people be heard. / In March I had the honour of addressing a million-strong march of people demanding a Final Say on Brexit. Since then the country has been granted an extension to solve the current crisis.
12 October ‘march of our lives’ will be climax of The Independent and People's Vote campaign for a fresh referendum, with rallies across Britain this summer
A growing number of Conservative MPs, including some leadership hopefuls, recognise that a second referendum is the only way out of the Brexit conundrum, but are too nervous to put their heads above the parapet, Sam Gyimah, one of the candidates for the top Tory job, has said.
Move would punish shadow foreign secretary for backing second Brexit referendum
The 122 signatories warned that Brexit will threaten peace and friendship in Europe. / On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, more than 120 military veterans have signed a letter warning that peace and friendship in Europe is threatened by Brexit.
Jeremy Corbyn’s party is losing three times as many supporters to rivals who back Remain as to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. / Labour will be unable to win a majority in a general election unless it changes its stance on a second referendum, new analysis of polling suggests.
'I think it should be now - we need to take the bull by the horns', says Jenny Chapman - piling fresh pressure on Labour leader. / Labour’s Brexit spokeswoman has told Jeremy Corbyn he must come off the fence and commit to a fresh referendum “now”.
Ex-universities minister calls for ‘final say on Brexit deal’ as 13 in the frame to replace May.
Party could recommend a "Labour deal", says frontbencher. / Labour may not campaign for Remain in a second Brexit referendum, Shami Chakrabarti has said.
Youth representatives from the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party and Plaid Cymru urge MPs to back Final Say vote
To break parliamentary deadlock, deal has to be put to public vote, Labour leader says
Deputy leader says far more Remain supporters than Leavers have abandoned the party. / Watson’s intervention comes after the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, appeared to suggest a shift in Labour’s position towards stronger support for a second public vote.
Customs union vote also included in ‘10-point offer’ in last attempt to break impasse.
Jeremy Corbyn will plunge his own position into jeopardy if he “betrays” Labour supporters by refusing to push for a further Brexit referendum, a shadow minister has said, in an outspoken interview.
Theresa May has offered to give MPs the opportunity to vote on a second referendum and a no-deal Brexit in a series of “indicative votes” in the first week of June, according to a document leaked from cross-party talks.
Keir Starmer has expressed doubts that any cross-party Brexit deal lacking a confirmatory referendum could pass parliament, warning up to 150 Labour MPs would reject an agreement that did not include one.
How did a sweeping local elections vote for Remain parties become an instruction to “just get Brexit done”? / ALEX SOBEL, the pro-People’s Vote Labour MP for Leeds North West, joins us to unpick the spin around a vote that saw both Labour and the Tories receive a bloody nose – and then try to explain it away.
Is Prime Minister Theresa May mulling a second referendum on Brexit? Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable certainly seems to think so.
Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has told the Guardian that Brexit “makes no sense at all” and that he believes British people should have the chance to vote again on their future either in or outside the European Union.
Conservative MPs on both sides of the Brexit divide are telling Theresa May that a fresh referendum is becoming “inevitable”, as talks with Labour to break the impasse looked set to fail.
Corbyn faces opposition from at least 60 MPs to a customs pact with May without a second vote.
While Brexit deliberation, equivocation and disinformation has come back to bite the two big parties, Wales is ready throw open the doors of our future and take our seat at the table.