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Remain parties are working together for a by-election, taking place days after the new prime minister comes to power.
The EU is preparing to threaten Iceland and Greenland with sanctions unless the countries reverse their decisions to increase their mackerel quota.
Liberal Democrat and Labour MEPs have taken up committee jobs in ‘huge vote of confidence’.
If we are to have any influence over issues such as the climate crisis, we must reach out to Brussels – not turn our backs.
A Brexit party MEP has been heavily criticised after he called for foreign fishing vessels to be “given the same treatment as the Belgrano”, the Argentinian cruiser sunk by the Royal Navy with the loss of hundreds of lives.
Lib Dems’ hopes rise in Brecon and Radnorshire as Greens and Plaid Cymru stand aside.
Sir Vince Cable says political logic of banding together is 'irresistible'
Plaid Cymru have suggested a coalition with other parties might be in the offing after Brecon and Radnorshire Conservative MP Chris Davies was ousted by his constituents.