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British firms are yet to see any upside from Brexit, according to one of the UK’s top executives, who urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to improve the trade agreement with the European Union to boost growth.
The need to find alternatives to Russian gas has led to a thawing of relations. / IRISH diplomacy could see the UK rejoin an energy alliance with EU members states by the end of this year.
Since the UK left the world’s largest free trade market, the EU, the industry has had to face the challenges of long queues at cross channel ports and increased paper work. Not being in the EU also means that Scottish Salmon’s main competitor, Norway, has a huge advantage as it is in the EEA – giving it borderless access to the EU market.
"This industry in Hull, they've sold it down the road, there is nothing for them now." / The owners of Hull's last deep sea trawler have warned the vessel may be sold or moved abroad after a new fishing deal with Norway which they say makes their business unviable.
The owners of the UK's biggest trawler have described a new government deal to win back fishing rights following Brexit as "too little, too late".
Cornish peer Lord Tyler has highlighted the issue after it was revealed that the UK was unable to keep the humble pasty protected in a new trade agreement with Norway.
While Brexit continues to deliver more empty shelves for consumers, more carnage to our food and fishing sectors and more chaos to the people of Northern Ireland, the eternal sunshine of our international trade secretary’s spotless mind continues to deliver more doses of what seems like good news for faithful Leavers.
In terms of their overall trade volumes, this deal is more significant for Norway and Iceland than it is for the UK. / But politically, it's really important for the post-Brexit British government to show that new trade deals are being done quickly. Even if - as the Norwegian side points out - it is less open than the previous relationship inside the same single market.
Even the keenest Brexiteer must feel that the process has been tortuously long. / That has been, in large part, because successive British governments have refused to accept the trade-off between untrammelled sovereignty and friction-free access to the EU’s single market, a refusal that shapes today’s increasingly testy relationship.
The culture secretary announced that "an ambitious approach" to negotiations has resulted in artists now being able to tour Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
A wide-ranging free trade pact between the UK and Norway will have to be pushed back as Norway’s coalition government failed to reach an agreement today.
The sale of a Hull-registered trawler, with the loss of 25 local jobs, to Greenland, has been described as “a foretaste of what might happen to other distant-waters vessels” if the government does not change course.
A deal to allow UK trawlers to fish in Norwegian waters will not happen until at least next year, an MP has claimed.
A comprehensive free trade deal between the UK and Norway is at risk of collapsing as the Christian Democrat party fears such a pact would hit farmers in Scandinavia’s richest country too hard.
The Hull-based Kirkella, would catch 10 per cent of fish sold in UK chip shops before it fell victim of failed post-Brexit negotiations with the Norway.
The European Union has agreed to allow the United States, Canada and Norway to join one of its military initiatives aimed at speeding up the deployment of troops and equipment around Europe.
Fishing crews have been "disastrously let down" by the government's failure to reach a deal with Norway, UK Fisheries chief executive has said.
Our government claimed that the Christmas Eve deal on fisheries “puts us back in control of our waters”; we have won our fish back; a bright future for the fishing industry. Remember, the fishery leaders themselves were not so impressed. The new share-out between the EU27 and the UK appeared to them to involve small gains and some losses.
Talks on quotas collapsed on Friday, endangering jobs and threatening to push up price of fish and chips.
The sea of opportunity that Brexit was supposed to deliver has certainly dried up for Yorkshire’s fishermen. News that the UK and Norway have failed to reach a fishing deal for this year means boats like the Hull-based Kirkella remain tied up, possibly for good.
Exclusion from Norwegian seas could be ‘nail in coffin’ for distant-water fleet.
“Quite simply, this is a disgrace and a national embarrassment.”
UK Fisheries boss describes Norwegian trip as a sticking plaster as new agreement awaited for North Atlantic waters
BRITISH fishermen reliant on waters off the coasts of Norway, Greenland and the Faroe Islands are hanging by a thread because no deals have yet been agreed on a future arrangement with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member.
European commission indicates Britons will face ban on nonessential travel at end of Brexit transition.