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Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice and Tory MP Bob Seely reportedly broke lockdown rules to attend a barbecue at an event organised by one of the editorial team at the Spectator.
Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe is facing intense public backlash after she called for people to use public transport to get to work, even if social distancing rules could not be enforced.
Survey finds support from both Conservative and Brexit Party voters for extension of transition period
A Brexiteer politician has called for pubs and restaurants to re-open because he claims a ‘majority don’t care about the coronavirus’.
Signed but defunct placards on sale despite Farage saying he would mothball the party.
Ann Widdecombe has claimed that the Brexit Party cannot be held responsible if Brexit goes wrong.
June Mummery said EU rules would still apply to Britain but that it would have no say.
Brexit party MEPs lobbied for a ‘last days of empire’ style ceremony but senior MEPs opt for ‘dignified’ low-key event.
European parliament says mixed messages have caused ‘unhelpful uncertainty’.
The Brexit Party leader could be entitled to more than £150,000 as his job ends and a pension.
The Brexit Party has expelled a local councillor and dismissed a part-time official after they were filmed making racist comments.
Activist in key target seat of Hartlepool said Muslims are 'outbreeding us' and 'live like animals' - boasting he tried to bury a pig’s head under a mosque.
Undercover filming inside the Brexit Party reveals racism and bigotry from two officials fighting for key Hartlepool seat.
He disclosed that he planned to change the Brexit Party’s name to the Reform Party if Britain leaves the European Union next month.
HOPE not hate can reveal that three Brexit Party candidates in Doncaster are active members of the private Facebook group “Doncaster Brexit Party Supporters Group”, in which racist and conspiracy theorist posts, including claims of an Islamic “invasion” and racist abuse aimed at Labour MP Diane Abbott, are prevalent.
In the first instalment of a new series, we look at some of the far right support for the Brexit Party, and ask: what it is about Farage’s ventures that seem to attract so many racists?
'I think Mr Rowland stands corrected,' said chair after Richard Rowland humiliated in chamber.
The showdown took place at the European Parliament in Strasbourg today.
Nigel Farage’s Brexit party is being investigated for allegedly failing to answer requests for data it holds on some voters, according to Sky News.
Scotland Yard looks into claims of potential bribery as former lord chancellor demands investigation of 'exceptionally serious allegations'.
The parliamentary hopeful admits to having only ‘passed through’ the constituency before standing to be its MP
Brexit party leader claims other candidates were offered seats in Lords in move that ‘borders on corruption’.