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EU citizens in the UK are "expected to beg, bend their knee and show remorse for not knowing" about post-Brexit visa changes, Euronews was told.
Many European residents felt compelled to seek citizenship, but the Britons that Brexit made are not like the rest.
A French woman has spoken about how she lost her job in Shropshire and was left “heartbroken” about life in the UK because of a mix-up over the immigration process for EU citizens launched after Brexit.
Brexit supporters thought that the EU was obsessed with this country, part of our sense of exceptionalism. Not so, as Kate Moore discovers. / Travelling across Europe provides the opportunity to quiz Germans, Swedes, French, Spanish and UK nationals living or travelling abroad about their attitude to the UK and its departure from the EU.
Brexit crushed me. I still feel it acutely, and I don’t think I will ever recover. Its aim was to put an end to free movement of people. Not just people, though, foreign people – namely EU nationals.
‘Most of my family voted to Remain. They think I was naïve, to put it politely,’ says 49-year-old Barny Gaveney. / ‘Thinking about what we had then and what we have now is soul-destroying’
On the 23rd June 2016, Gibraltarians were having their say on whether or not to remain part of the European Union. / As the count the next day revealed - to little surprise - the answer was overwhelmingly in favour of Remain. / We headed down to Main Street - and seven years on, the people we spoke to were no keener on Brexit.
The anger and division of British politics took a toll on Behr's health.
Linda Green’s new novel arose from the racial abuse and hatred she observed after the EU referendum. It’s a Romeo and Juliet for our times.
Over the past few years, our company has been giving our customers a box of champagne as a Christmas gift.
Simone James, who moved to Britain 20 years ago, said she was 'following instructions' and moving back to the European Union
So how is it going? In economic terms, the past year has helped differentiate the impact of Covid from the impact of Brexit. / Doing so has exposed a hefty price being paid by many firms, as well as public service employment, for dislocation of Britain from its nearest neighbour's trading bloc.
Thousands of British expats are unable to obtain driving licences – and some say the isolation and difficulty of not being able to drive has harmed their health.
Prior to the 2016 referendum on leaving, polling consistently showed that people in Britain had previously given little thought to the European Union. But a survey of British people living in Europe and UK-resident EU citizens conducted by our team at the universities of Birmingham and Lancaster suggests Brexit has triggered a profound shift.
Four international scientists explain how a grant debacle stemming from Brexit has affected their research and career plans. / UK science suffered a significant setback in June, when the European Research Council (ERC) confirmed that 143 UK-based researchers would forfeit their prestigious ERC grants unless they relocated to a country in the European Union.
Brexit and the end of free movement between the UK and the EU has had notable consequences for family life, particularly for mixed British-European families whether they are living in the UK or Europe.
If the UK government had “got Brexit done” properly, sensibly and professionally, this wouldn’t be happening.
Families with one partner from the United Kingdom and another one from the European countries have revealed they haven’t yet adjusted to new changes coming as a result of Brexit, which marked the UK officially leaving the EU back in 2020.
EU citizens in the UK after Brexit reports on the responses of 364 EU/EEA citizens who currently live in or have recently lived in the UK to the survey ‘Migration and Citizenship after Brexit’, which asked people about their experiences of migration and settlement after Brexit.
British citizens in the EU after Brexit reports on the responses of 1328 British citizens who currently live in an EU/EEA member state to the survey ‘Migration and Citizenship after Brexit’.
Everyday I come across people who are struggling to apply for settled status, or are denied their right to work, rent and access benefits.
Report released on sixth anniversary of referendum finds ‘significant and mostly negative’ feelings about EU withdrawal. / “I cried. I had to go to work. I felt betrayed, unheard, uncared-for, left to wonder about my life in the UK and what had been the point.”
Brexit, 6 years on: Where before there was a sense of freedom, now there’s limitation. It’s ironic, really, given Vote Leave’s campaign messaging.
UK nationals are struggling to adjust to new rules that follow Brexit – the act that marked the UK’s official exit from the European Union.