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German chancellor tells EU leaders UK should be offered extension if it is requested.
Finnish prime minister who chairs EU council says ‘no practical or legal’ way to get a deal before meeting.
Commons will sit two days after EU summit as concerns build over PM’s stance on Benn act.
PM fails to impress her counterparts but EU leaders ultimately agree UK can have an unconditional extension until 12 April. / Theresa May was left waiting while European leaders decided the future of Brexit behind closed doors.
“It was 90 minutes of nothing,” one EU source said. “She didn’t even give clarity if she is organising a vote. Asked three times what she would do if she lost the vote, she couldn’t say. It was fucking awful. Dreadful. Evasive even by her standards.”
Industry group and union body join forces to demand Theresa May changes approach. / Britain’s foremost trade union body and industry lobby group have joined forces to demand Theresa May urgently changes her approach to Brexit, warning the country now faces a national emergency.
The prime minister is due to attend an EU summit in Brussels today.
Guy Verhofstadt says PM's request would "create an enormous problem".