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The men behind Trussonomics and Brexit, the two great man-made catastrophes of recent years, are to be honoured for their ‘great work’.
Business leaders from major companies across Northern Ireland have written to the Prime Minister to voice their support for the Windsor Framework.
Iain Duncan Smith is accused of "repeating tired, old nonsense" following an attack on the Confederation of British Industry. / Theresa May has witnessed another attack by a Tory Brexiteer on business after former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith linked the UK's biggest business lobby group to Nazi appeasement.
In reality, Brexit has hobbled the UK economy, which remains the only member of the G7 — the group of advanced economies that also includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States — with an economy smaller than it was before the pandemic.
The CBI has recently called for a new trade deal with the European Union and Rishi Sunak saw himself forced to rule out the Swiss option. These are just examples of how little the UK understands how the European Union and the single market work. Nicholas Sowels lists many of the erroneous assumptions Britain has made ... ignoring that the four freedoms of movement ... are not just abstractions.
"This great transformation of our economy promised six years ago and you’re saying it’s the end of the common agricultural policy".
Michael Gove has failed to name a single change from Brexit that has “made business easier”, as criticism of the economic harm from the trade deal grows.
Britain’s economy is forecast to shrink by 0.4% in 2023, more than any other in the Group of Seven richest nations, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Britain is the only G-7 member whose economy has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels.
‘One of the biggest blows to our productivity – and a self-inflicted one – was leaving Europe’s single market,’ says Michael Day.
We need the word “rejoin“ to have the same weight and significance as the word “Brexit“.
Even after years of division and vitriol, it seems like Britain still needs to talk about Brexit. / More than six years after voting to leave the European Union, the UK is facing a prolonged recession and a deep cost-of-living crisis. Last week’s Autumn Statement heralded years of higher taxes and cuts to public spending.
Sky's Paul Kelso, at the CBI's annual conference, says there is a clear message that Brexit isn't working for business and the government is failing to deliver policies that will help growth recover.
Brexit has failed to deliver any notable economic benefits, more than six years after the vote to leave the EU, David Davis has admitted.
"Around half of the fiscal hole, and the political instability that comes with that, is down to Brexit," John Springford of the Centre for European Reform.
High-profile Brexit backer Lord Simon Wolfson has renewed calls for the Government to let in more foreign workers to alleviate labour shortages that have plagued Scottish firms and the wider UK business community.
Northern Ireland's Assembly will meet on Monday after a successful petition to recall members back to Stormont.
The Northern Ireland Protocol can give the region an economic advantage but will require further moves by both sides, the head of the UK's biggest business association has said.
UK businesses that trade with Europe are continuing to have a tough time because of post-Brexit bureaucracy, according to an investigation carried out by the Financial Times.
The Prime Minister’s reckless disregard for truth is starting to destroy trust among his own party and could soon be his downfall.
The Opposition leader tried to win over firms after Boris Johnson's "rambling" Peppa Pig speech to the CBI conference was panned.
Brussels was “preparing for the worst” over Brexit on Wednesday after the UK signalled the EU’s offer to scrap up to 80 per cent of checks on goods entering Northern Ireland was not enough to resolve the bitter dispute over the Irish border.
The outgoing head of the North East’s largest business organisation has accused the Government of being ‘addicted to Brexit’ and unwilling to tackle any of the problems it has brought.
Next boss, thinktanks and unions criticise Boris Johnson, saying ‘shortages cannot be blustered away’
“The irony is the North East of England swung the vote to leave the EU. They will be the most effected. I believe Nissan cars will soon be non-competitive to EU customers due to import duty. This will effect jobs in the NE not just at Nissan but at all their subcontractors/suppliers.”
The Food and Drink Federation said Lord Frost's latest delay "penalises those who follow government advice".