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The moving vans have already started arriving at Downing Street, as Britain’s Conservative Party prepares to evict Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
A resurfaced Parliament clip from 2019 shows the moment Theresa May confirms to Zac Goldsmith that Brexit won't cause environmental standards in the UK to slip.
MPs backed Boris Johnson's plan to tear apart his own deal with the EU - which comes after he claimed he had 'got Brexit done'.
‘No justification’ for bid to ditch NI protocol, Ireland and Germany warn Johnson.
A former Downing Street chief of staff and architect of the Good Friday Agreement has accused the British government of destroying its trust with the Irish government over the Northern Ireland Protocol.
Select committee raises the question of Sinn Féin refusing to enter power sharing if the Northern Ireland protocol is ditched.
Confidence in the Brexit project is rapidly diminishing among Brits. / Only 16 per cent of Brits think Brexit is going well, new YouGov research has found.
Government plans to override parts of the Brexit deal relating to Northern Ireland have passed their first hurdle in Parliament.
Speaking in the Commons, Theresa May told MPs that the government's proposals to modify the Northern Ireland protocol would 'diminish' the UK's standing in the world and she 'cannot support it'. The bill proposed by the government, she said, is not 'legal in international law'.
Theresa May has blasted Boris Johnson’s plan to override parts of Northern Ireland’s Brexit deal, as she warned the move was “not legal” and will “diminish” the UK’s global standing.
‘We are better than this – or at least, we used to be’, says David Davis.
Boris Johnson must rebuild relationships with neighbours to ‘make Brexit work,’ says shadow foreign secretary.
MPs issue scathing report on £120m celebration dreamed up by Theresa May.
As the Russian leader tries to diminish Europe, he finds ideologues such as Boris Johnson are doing the job for him.
“Well this is fascinating resurfaced video. Putin was insistent that May completed on Brexit. He seems to really care about it. He, of all people, citing the “democracy” imperative to remove public power to reevaluate it, is bemusing.”
There is an air of desperation in attacks from those on the right and their supporters in the press. They fear if Johnson falls, the Brexit deception will crumble too.
BREXIT triggered a “culture of lying and corruption” which will not go away even if Boris Johnson is no longer Prime Minister, according to a former UK Government civil servant.
Ex-PM joins fellow former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith in raising concerns over the potential break-up of the United Kingdom.
Boris Johnson chronically confuses culture and economics of affair called Brexit.
PM opens debate in parliament, with vote after 4pm expected to be tight. / The government is also under pressure from a group of philanthropists, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who said over the weekend that they would provide £93.5m emergency funding to cover some of the UK aid cuts.
British lawmakers are voting on whether to overturn a big cut to the U.K.'s foreign aid budget.
“We negotiated a trade deal and instead of eliminating barriers, they created them," Michel Barnier said.
Government is creating ‘rather different’ impression abroad, former PM says.
Economic advantages of NI’s new trading arrangement overlooked by rejectionist rhetoric.
But no matter how startled we were at the time, it turned out to be far worse than we feared. That’s not just because of the disruption, constitutional calamity, or countless personal tragedies it would entail. It was because of what it did to our politics.