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The EU has said it is launching legal action against the UK over its plans to rip up a key Brexit agreement.
Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland have come under fierce attack from Washington, with senior congressmen on both sides of the US political divide warning the “irresponsible” move is a threat to peace in the province.
Bill hands ‘breath-taking’ powers to ministers, warns Hansard Society. / Boris Johnson’s legal justification for tearing up his agreement with the EU on post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland has been branded “hopeless” by the government’s former chief lawyer.
Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has responded to UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s assertion that the legislation to set aside aspects of the Northern Ireland protocol is “not a big deal”.
Simon Coveney says new legislation will break international law and damage relations between UK and EU.
European capitals have lost trust, says Irish minister – as Keir Starmer accuses PM of ’wrecking ball’ approach.
Ivan Rogers says plan by ‘dishonest’ government to override Northern Ireland protocol may cause trade war.
"Rewarding Britain for its threats is simply inconceivable. Brexit means Brexit, it’s a self-inflicted wound.”
Brexit is like “political climate change” and will go on “forever”, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has told the Fine Gael parliamentary party.
Brexit opportunities minister said UK could break agreement if it wanted.
The EU has accused the U.K. of failing to comply with its post-Brexit obligations toward EU nationals in Britain.
Johnson and prominent members of his ruling Conservative Party have publicly called for the scrapping or radical overhaul of the Northern Ireland Protocol.
After months of discussions, the authority overseeing the rights of EU citizens in the UK has launched a legal action against the Home Office over the treatment of 2.5 million people who should be protected under the Brexit deal.
Friends and colleagues say top civil servant in intolerable position after advice ignored.
No matter that they negotiated and signed up to the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) less than a year ago, it is increasingly clear that they did so with little or no intention to honour what they agreed with the EU.
Brussels chief says US president agrees Britain should not ditch post-Brexit protocol.
Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said that the Cabinet’s Brexit subcommittee met on Monday to “essentially dust down and restart contingency preparations” in case a trade war develops with the UK.
Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald said suspending the Northern Ireland Protocol could endanger the entire withdrawal agreement.
It’s probably fair to say that Owen Paterson was not a household name until the events that led to his resignation last week. However, he played a significant role in the Brexit saga, albeit of a particular sort.
“Do you not find it a little embarrassing that you're renegotiating it across such a wide area so soon after it was signed by the government and approved by this Parliament?” - "Not really".
Boris Johnson never understood what his Withdrawal Agreement with the EU really meant, his former chief adviser has said.
Tory minister David Frost proposes plans for an entirely new Northern Ireland Protocol – "trashing" a deal he once triumphed.
Former taoiseach Bertie Ahern has described the tactics of the United Kingdom’s Brexit negotiating team as “deplorable”.
Lord Frost said the deal that he negotiated had "begun to come apart even more quickly than we feared"