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The leader of the GMB union said the UK ‘needs a new settlement’ with the EU as Brexit was ‘hitting trade’.
The ‘remoaner elite’, the civil service, the BBC, universities, unions, refugees: anything is blamed but Brexit itself.
Former Conservative Party chairman says on BBC Question "this is a word one isn’t supposed to use anymore" in attack on UK's problems.
Brexit was a “historic economic error” which has hurt the UK economy and helped to drive up inflation, Larry Summers, the former US Treasury Secretary has warned.
New research by the London School of Economics (LSE) has revealed that British households have incurred a £7 billion ($8 billion) cost since Brexit due to trade barriers affecting food imports from the EU.
Inflation for what Britons consume would have been nearly a third lower had the UK stayed in the EU, study finds.
Rishi Sunak needs to grasp that ‘smart subsidy’ is what is powering our global rivals.
We were promised sunny uplands and a oven ready deal: instead we've been served extra helpings of cow excrement. As Nigel Farage admits Brexit is a disaster, car manufacturers threaten to walk and Keir Starmer calls for a renegotiation, it's time to accept reality.
MPs are increasingly looking to review point of trade deal in 2025 to push for better terms.
What the former Prime Minister warned BEFORE the referendum.
Speaking to Sky News, a former British ambassador to Japan noted the impact of Brexit, saying many companies are maintaining a presence in the UK, but moving the bulk of their operations to Europe. / Asked about the former ambassador's assertion, Labour's shadow environment secretary Jim McMahon told Kay Burley: "To some degree, it's a natural consequence of leaving the single market."
WELL, the cat is out of the bag. Brexit visionary Nigel Farage has finally admitted the truth – that Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster for households and businesses across these islands.
The former UKIP leader made the surprise comment as he was presented with the mounting evidence that quitting the European Union has damaged the British economy.
It has been almost two and a half years since the United Kingdom signed its post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union (EU), which was expected to have multifaceted impacts on the UK economy.
“You bring Brexiters on, you never challenge them. You let them talk utter rubbish about Brexit. Year after year after year.”
It would take just a few to say that it is a "bit of a mess and we are going to have to work together to solve it" to get Britain back on track. / “I thought Brexit was frankly completely nuts,” he said.
A thorough audit of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement would foster a better relationship in the post-Brexit world we now navigate.
The former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister had some brutally frank comments on why the economy has struggled in recent years.
Almost seven years on from the Brexit referendum, there remains uncertainty over the future UK-EU relationship. Reflecting on the lessons from the last seven years, Neil Kinnock argues there remains a clear case for the UK being an economic, political, social, scientific and cultural part of the Europe of the future.
"Yes it is," one member of the audience shouts back at Rachel Maclean as she says leaving the EU has "nothing to do" with the downturn. / A Conservative minister has faced ridicule after stating Brexit has “nothing to do” with the UK’s economic troubles.
Parliament hears proponents of leaving the EU are “in a state of confusion and denial” as calls grow for public inquiry.
FORMER US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has highlighted the benefits of Northern Ireland’s access to both EU and UK markets.
The former MP for Vauxhall suggested an Irexit would soon be on the cards after the UK left the EU. How wrong she was!