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Having been grossly misled in the referendum, Britons’ anger is mounting as the reality of our plight becomes clear.
This reshuffle will make little difference: the country is going nowhere as the PM leads us further down an economic dead end.
FOR anyone persuaded by Rishi Sunak’s recent claim that the UK has made “huge strides” with Brexit, there was an important reality check last week.
The former chancellor said the Conservatives, Labour and national broadcasters "won’t talk about it", but the split with the EU is to blame.
Brian Reade marks the third anniversary of leaving the EU by lamenting the huge cost the country has suffered as a result.
My latest update estimates Brexit reduced Britain's GDP by 5.5 per cent by the second quarter of 2022. My model avoids the cherry-picking of data, and performs better than its critics’ methods.
An Ipsos poll suggests that most people think Brexit is going worse than expected.
Labour said the warning underlines the need for a ‘more productive’ relationship with Brussels following Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.
Bank of England Chief Economist Huw Pill suggested that the UK is yet to see any positive economic benefits from exiting the European Union.
The hits to Britain's economy from Brexit are probably appearing faster than expected, Bank of England Deputy Governor Ben Broadbent said on Thursday.
Brexiteers promised to “take back control.” But the decision has instead delivered recession, gloom, and despair.
Three years on, we are covered in the scars of what it has done to this country.
THE UK will be the only major economy to plunge into recession the year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned – with the finger pointed at the “economic self-harm of Brexit” on the three year anniversary of Britain leaving the EU.
The UK is on course to be the world's worst-performing major economy this year, according to updated predictions from the International Monetary Fund - which puts at least part of the blame on higher taxes and interest rates.
Paul Johnson responds to IMF warning that UK will be weakest major G7 economy this year.
Probably not the anniversary present the government was hoping to offer the public.
Three years after the UK formally exited the European Union, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released new economic forecasts for 2023 which project that the UK will be the only advanced economy to contract this year.
Brexit is costing the UK economy £100 billion a year ($124 billion), with the effects spanning everything from business investment to the ability of companies to hire workers.
The forecast leaves the UK economy languishing behind sanctions-hit Russia.
The consequences of ending the free movement of people between Britain and the EU are becoming painfully clear.
The shadow foreign secretary said the current UK-EU trade deal is damaging the British economy.
The problems have been "amplified" by Brexit, the former Bank of England governor said.
The UK Trade and Business Commission is gathering evidence to understand the main challenges facing businesses, organisations and economic sectors to establish which policies and trading arrangements will help overcome the economic and trading barriers facing the UK today.
Brexit barriers are having a significant impact on North East small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), hitting their exports as they struggle with regulations and red tape, a new report this week reveals. The region’s universities are another sector badly hit...
Labour shortages have made inflation more persistent, Joost Derks said, putting Britain's economy in a slippery slope.