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70,000 city jobs in at-risk sectors.
The beleaguered U.K. economy — currently experiencing what could be its deepest recession in three centuries — may need to brace for another, longer-term shock after the pandemic.
Lords committee warns uncertainty over trading rules may add to economic damage of crisis.
Had we stayed in the EU, the UK’s tottering economy would’ve stood a chance in the post-lockdown world. Along with the virus, the aftershocks of poor leadership will keep us reeling for generations.
Trade commissioner suggests Britain is planning to blame Covid-19 for Brexit 'fallout'.
The UK faces the “chilling prospect” of a no deal Brexit and a double blow to the economy because of the Government’s refusal to extend the transition period, Ian Blackford has warned.
As the June extension deadline looms, the prime minister’s priority will be to minimise damage to his personal brand and legacy.
United opposition would ‘send a powerful message to our European friends,’ says MP Ian Blackford — as ministers insist there’s no reason to change timetable.
The economy cannot afford the 'double hit' of Covid-19's impact and a no-deal Brexit, Michael Russell warned. / The Scottish Government has urged the Prime Minister to extend the Brexit transition period by the maximum two years amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Worries over the impact of Brexit and coronavirus mean more than 70 per cent of the UK’s small and medium-sized businesses do not expect the country’s economy to grow during the rest of 2020, according to new survey data.
BREXIT-related factors are still being flagged by UK companies as a cause of lost business from overseas, a senior economist has declared.
The challenges posed by the COVID-19 virus will make the effective implementation of any new legislation impossible in the short term, says FTA, the business group representing the logistics sector.
"THIS was the week when the EU stubbornly refused to collapse, yet again. Two much-publicised EU crises did not turn out as the hardline Brexiteers fervently hoped."
BREXIT secretary Michael Russell says failing to halt the exit from the EU during the coronavirus pandemic will leave the UK facing an “economic Stone Age” while the rest of Europe recovers.
The European Commission said on Monday it had approved a 50 billion pound British “umbrella” scheme to support companies affected by coronavirus outbreak.
Hopes that political stability might lead to recovery dashed by Covid-19 crisis.
Ivan Rogers says some in Downing Street appear to be ‘misjudging’ negotiations.
Brexit has in fact cost every person in the UK £1,200 so far, spending watchdog says – as economy flat-lines.
Education and business leaders point to lost income for country and opportunities for students
The government has estimated a post-Brexit trade deal with the United States would boost the UK economy by 0.16% over the next 15 years.
Government refuses to commit to publishing any forecast of the costs to jobs and families.
A 19th Century trade agenda will decimate the most productive parts of the 21st Century economy.
Non-tariff measures (NTMs) could cause major fractures in post-exit trade relations between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU), knocking up to US$32 billion, or 14 per cent, off of UK exports to the EU, according to a new UNCTAD study.