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People would rather stop Brexit altogether than accept Boris Johnson's plan for Brexit, a new poll reveals.
With the legality of prorogation being tested in the crucible of the Supreme Court, we welcome Good Law Project director and Remain legal vanguard JOLYON MAUGHAM QC to the studio to discuss exactly what’s at stake. / What does the Lib Dems going broke for revoke mean for future dealings between the Remain parties?
Johnson says he has a deal that might fly but he won't show it to anyone yet, because it's too soon isn't it? [turns head, stares at camera]. / Is the EU losing patience? Xavier Bettel looks as if he has. ... Plus we have a half-hearted go at a making verbal Jon Worth flowchart on the fly - what are the scenarios from here on out? And - we can dream - what happens the morning after revocation?
Plaid Cymru should campaign to cancel Brexit if a general election is called, the party's leader Adam Price has said.
Delegates at annual conference agree to revoke article 50 if party wins election.
Deputy leader says general election victory is much more likely than it has been in the past.
The European parliament’s Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt has hailed the new Liberal Democrat policy to revoke Article 50 as the “natural stance” for any party committed to stopping Brexit.
LBC caller who once voted for UKIP told Shelagh Fogarty he now "deeply regrets" the decision and votes for Liberal Democrats.
The party backs a second referendum but Ms Swinson said if she was PM she would be prepared to stop Brexit straight away.
Local parties demand their leader ‘support revoking Article 50 if necessary’ – paving way for another titanic conference battle to change policy
Another anti-Brexit party has been launched in time for the EU elections and they claim to be more truly pro-EU than any other party.
Only an alliance can change the current two-party system, give voice to the voiceless and start to bring our country together. It’s time to embrace a genuine example of new politics and fix our democracy. / We, The Undersigned, ask all the pro-European parties listed above to agree an electoral alliance for the next General Election. The alliance would have two agreed objectives ...
Scotland’s First Minister believes that there is all to play for in the Brexit “horror show” as blinkered Britain careers towards a no-deal Brexit while the possibility of no Brexit at all gathers momentum.
He said there wasn't time for a second referendum before the Brexit deadline. / The UK must now revoke Article 50 to fight the threat of a no-deal Brexit, Chuka Umunna has said.
Manufacturers are calling on Theresa May to revoke article 50 if she can’t strike a Brexit agreement next week, in the latest sign that the looming possibility of Britain leaving the EU without a deal is hammering confidence in the sector.
The head of the British overseas territory adds to calls for the UK to rescind its stated intention to leave the EU.
As MPs prepare for second round of indicative votes, here’s a guide to each motion.
Milestone hit a day and a half after Britain was originally meant to have left EU
The March. The Revoke petition. The Government that can’t govern and the amendment that put MPs in charge of Britain’s destiny at last. Was this the week that Brexiters lost control of Brexit?
MSPs have backed a call to cancel Brexit in the event that another referendum cannot take place, in a largely symbolic vote.
Votes set to take place at Westminster after Holyrood backs revoking Article 50.
It is the most supported petition on the Government's official petitions website
he government has responded to the hugely popular Revoke Article 50 petition by shooting it down even as it approaches six million signatures.
'Anything from here, as far as they [Brexiteers] are concerned, gets softer in terms of Brexit,' says former health minister. / An ex-minister has suggested revoking Article 50 or a second referendum are "on the table", after Theresa May suffered another humiliating Brexit defeat.