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One welcome feature of this week’s Supreme Court decision on the prorogation issue was that it was openly and unapologetically a “constitutional” judgment.
The “distinguished”* legal expert DAVID ALLEN GREEN joins us to explain the consequences of the Scottish Court of Sessions’ bombshell ruling in a little extra Remainiacs for one week only.
Legal expert David Allen Green explained to James O'Brien why the government lost their court case on prorogation - and the reason why it happened is very revealing.
Things are moving far too fast to wait ’til next Friday. Ros Taylor, Alex Andreou and guest David Allen Green gather in the studio to look at the legality of prorogation, the chances of beating it in the courts or elsewhere… and the poor performance of Her Majesty The Queen. Or was it?
If Remainer Conservatives and Lib Dems can’t swallow their notion of Jeremy Corbyn, Interim Prime Minister, who CAN they agree on? Exactly how would we get to our Government of National Unity anyway? How long would it last? Why there is no Season Finale Reset Button for Article 50. What would the Remain Dominic Cummings do?
With Brexit literally hours away, we convene Leaver-turned-Article-50-Revoker ROLAND SMITH and law and policy expert DAVID ALLEN GREEN to stare into the abyss. / May blames Parliament... / Why John Bercow’s Eskine Mayhem isn’t a constitutional crisis... / David discusses the Meaningful Vote in terms of Thanos’s Infinity Stones. The fooling of Arron Banks. Chained to a radiator with Seumas Milne.
The day after the May Deal finally fell to a record defeat (with an even worse vote than her projected result if she hadn’t bottled it in December) Ian Dunt, Naomi Smith and Dorian Lynskey convene to ask what the hell is going on and how will it all end.