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“On Tuesday they’re going to come into Parliament … and then in the next week they are going to be prorogued, or suspended," NBC News reporter Matt McBradley said.
Anti-Brexit campaigners used judicial review to fight prorogation of parliament – but campaigners warn reform will hurt the most vulnerable.
The Conservatives are to review the 'constitutional plumbing' of the country to stop the courts being used for political ends.
What did we think would happen in the Supreme Court the following day (and how wrong were we)? Who are our Brexit Heroes and why? What has Brexit done to the nature of British identity? And – most importantly – who will get what in the next rounds of Leave Or Remain? It’s all worth listening to and still 90% relevant.
The government has confirmed it plans to prorogue Parliament next Tuesday and hold a Queen's Speech on 14 October.
One welcome feature of this week’s Supreme Court decision on the prorogation issue was that it was openly and unapologetically a “constitutional” judgment.
Boris Johnson's trip to the UN General Assembly is rudely interrupted by an historic Supreme Court ruling. But his blistering Commons' performance betrayed neither shame nor remorse. In the eye of the storm, and making sense of the upheaval, are RTÉ's Europe Editor in Brussels, Tony Connelly, and in Westminster, Sean Whelan.
As Parliament returns in righteous anger ... the Remainiacs team reconvene to find out if everything really has changed. / Should the Labour Party be grateful that the Supreme Court furore took the spotlight off the Brexit stitch-up at its conference? Who spiked Geoffrey Cox’s latte with crazy juice and how did Barry Shearman handle it? ... And why won’t Boris Johnson resign?
Just how damning was the Supreme Court judgment on Johnson’s illegal prorogation? How on earth can the Government brief against the most significant constitutional judgment in – possibly – centuries? Where do we go from here? Should we all go out and get drunk? And who would pick fight with Lady Hale, with her laser eye and her spider brooch?
Die Zeit says the prime minister should resign while El País appeared to praise the judges.
The Prime Minister describes Britain’s institutions as “enemies of the people”, while pursuing a strategy that would leave the people impoverished, divided and ridiculed.
Former cabinet minister Amber Rudd says PM 'can't have it both ways'.
MPs from across the parties gather in the chamber, as one says "parliamentary sovereignty has been upheld".
PM says he will respect ruling but insists new legislative programme still needed.
The United Kingdom’s Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had acted unlawfully when he advised Queen Elizabeth to suspend parliament weeks before Brexit - and that therefore the suspension was void.
UK’s top judges unanimously rule on prime minister's proroguing of parliament ahead of Brexit deadline.
Speaker John Bercow welcomed a ruling by the Supreme Court that Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend parliament was unlawful.
Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful, the Supreme Court has ruled.
Judges rule unanimously that PM’s decision to prorogue parliament can be examined by judges.
R (on the application of Miller) (Appellant) v The Prime Minister (Respondent) / Cherry and others (Respondents) v AdvocateGeneral for Scotland (Appellant) (Scotland)
PM says adverse supreme court ruling would not stop him proroguing parliament again.
Judges to hand down verdict in historic case, with government expected to face calls to recall parliament immediately if suspension is declared void.