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According to Article 20 of the Treaty of Lisbon, EU citizenship is additional and separate to national citizenship. Presently, there are no provisions for removing this citizenship and its associated rights from individuals, regardless of whether their nation leaves the EU.
The views of voters who want to remain in the EU will be excluded if the Lib Dems and SNP are not part of ITV's election debate, a court has heard.
Taxpayers could face paying for large fine after Downing Street fails to put forward nominee.
Boris Johnson given until 22 November to respond to infringement procedure.
Move challenges BBC decision to include only Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn in 6 December programme.
Scotland's highest court has rejected calls to dismiss a case looking into the legality of Boris Johnson's Brexit extension request from the EU.
Scotland's highest court is to consider whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson has fully complied with a law requiring him to ask for a Brexit delay.
Scotland's highest civil court has begun considering a legal bid to stop the UK government from passing its proposed EU withdrawal agreement.
Section 55 of the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Act 2018 states that: "It shall be unlawful for Her Majesty’s Government to enter into arrangements under which Northern Ireland forms part of a separate customs territory to Great Britain."
The Tánaiste has raised concerns about the "citizenship and identity provisions" of the Good Friday Agreement after a Northern Irish woman lost a challenge by the British Home Office on its ruling that she is British by birth.
Sturgeon's preferred 'Plan B' is more likely to be a legal challenge, with a Scottish court asked to rule on the legitimacy of PM's refusal.
Campaigners have argued the PM cannot be trusted to obey the law.
Union members join civil rights body Liberty in legal bid to stop PM breaching Benn act.
MPs opposed to a no-deal exit are worried the PM might try and bypass the Benn Act.
Government documents submitted to Scotland's highest civil court plunge prime minister's pledge to deliver Brexit "do or die" by October 31 into doubt.
Revelation comes after PM told Tory conference the UK was ‘coming out of the EU on 31 October, come what may’.
Court asked to appoint official to deliver extension letter to Brussels if the prime minister refuses.
Judge rules Data Protection Act clause denying them right to obtain records is not unlawful.
The PM could be dragged to the court again for a dramatic, late-night session - to force him to obey the law.
A far-right activist and Brexit supporter has been jailed for inciting racial hatred at a series of marches where he branded immigrants and refugees as rapists.
Boris Johnson would face a fresh legal challenge if he tries to use a legal loophole to bypass a law ordering him to delay Brexit to prevent a no-deal, a former Tory cabinet minister has said.
Boris Johnson's trip to the UN General Assembly is rudely interrupted by an historic Supreme Court ruling. But his blistering Commons' performance betrayed neither shame nor remorse. In the eye of the storm, and making sense of the upheaval, are RTÉ's Europe Editor in Brussels, Tony Connelly, and in Westminster, Sean Whelan.
Just how damning was the Supreme Court judgment on Johnson’s illegal prorogation? How on earth can the Government brief against the most significant constitutional judgment in – possibly – centuries? Where do we go from here? Should we all go out and get drunk? And who would pick fight with Lady Hale, with her laser eye and her spider brooch?