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The British Chambers of Commerce has warned that the preparations by its members so far only represented the “tip of the iceberg”.
Businesses are stockpiling goods or looking elsewhere amid the threat of a no-deal Brexit.
The Dutch government has lured 140 companies to the Netherlands since the Brexit referendum in 2016.
Vinyl and CDs are manufactured on mainland Europe leaving the UK supply chain vulnerable to a no-deal Brexit.
Dozens of companies have cut jobs, beefed up their European operations or issued warnings on the impact of the UK's departure from the EU.
Sony will move its European headquarters from the UK to the Netherlands to avoid disruptions caused by Brexit. The company said the move would help it avoid customs issues tied to Britain's exit from the EU.
Sony and Panasonic are among household names to be lured away with promise of access to EU markets.
P&O opts for Cypriot flag, Sony confirms HQ move and Pets at Home stockpiles cat food.