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Due to Brexit, the centre will have to move from Reading in the UK.
JPMorgan, the biggest U.S. bank, is moving around €200 billion euros ($230 billion) from the U.K. to Germany as a result of Britain’s exit from the EU. Here’s why.
Ministers have signed off on an application to get the EU’s medium-range weather forecasting station relocated to Ireland.
Bank sees little chance of financial services deal with EU.
The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator rejected the U.K.’s latest proposals for financial firms to do business with the 27-nation bloc after Brexit, accusing Britain of trying to keep as many of the benefits of the single market as it can.
After a February meeting between U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and 19 Japanese business chiefs, Tokyo’s ambassador to Britain warned what might happen if Brexit took an unfavorable turn for foreign investors.
Amid uncertainty over a "no-deal" Brexit, a report shows banking and finance firms are moving more assets and staff from Britain to the EU than previously thought. Dublin and Frankfurt are among the top destinations.
The British Chambers of Commerce has warned that the preparations by its members so far only represented the “tip of the iceberg”.
Businesses are stockpiling goods or looking elsewhere amid the threat of a no-deal Brexit.
One in seven UK businesses is considering moving its HQ overseas into another European country in the wake of Brexit, according to a new survey.
The Brexit Job Loss Index is an attempt to keep track of the number of jobs lost in the UK due to Brexit.
Luxury carmaker Bentley (VOWG_p.DE) said free trade with Europe not the United States was its priority as Britain negotiates its new relationship with the European Union...
Household cleaning products firm McBride has confirmed its Barrow factory will shut down in the summer at a cost of 106 jobs.
The Netherlands has lured 140 Brexit-wary companies since the 2016 referendum to quit the EU, it was claimed on Wednesday.
The Dutch government has lured 140 companies to the Netherlands since the Brexit referendum in 2016.
The Netherlands saw the biggest wave of Brexit-spurred moves to the country last year. More companies are likely to follow.
The prime minister blackballed business groups from his keynote speech on the future of EU trade talks yesterday, accusing them of failing to prepare their members for the “reality” of post-Brexit Britain.
Small business leaders have accused Boris Johnson of failing to protect them from the damage Brexit will inflict – with one third ready to quit the UK to escape it.
British PM is now more likely to push for 'harder' divorce from EU.