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The Brexit effect is easy to see in UK universities. A continuing failure to agree UK association with the Horizon Europe research programme has put eligibility to conduct EU-funded research in the UK in a precarious position, undermining international collaborations and prompting some academics to relocate to the mainland.
At least 16 recipients of prestigious ERC grants making plans to reject UK offer and move their labs abroad.
While the picture’s hardly pretty and certainly not what advocates of Brexit envisioned, none of it surprises economists. As a former Bank of England official observed: “You run a trade war against yourself, bad things happen.”
The European Central Bank said global lenders who set up units in the euro area after Brexit are still too dependent on operations outside the region, a conclusion that may lead some banks to move more staff into the bloc.
Goldman Sachs bolstered its EU operations by 350 staff last year, as major investment banks face increasing pressure to shift staff to the continent in the wake of Brexit.
The ECB has been probing where banks’ resources are based — particularly around trading and risk-management — for more than a year in what it has called a desk-mapping exercise.
Robert Jenrick said he was disappointed with the decision, but Goodlife Foods said there was "no viable alternative".
‘We lost about 10% of our revenue, which was clients leaving the UK for Europe’
“The Netherlands is a great place to set up a business. They are ready to help and they sit next to so many key markets," one business owner said.
The music merchandise specialist says the move will help alleviate the significant trade issues created by Brexit.
ITV News Anglia has been catching up with small businesses across the region to find out more about what the end of the UK's membership of the European Union has meant for their fortunes.
Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin are most successful in luring roles from UK, say consultants
A new survey shows that since the Brexit referendum, Dublin remains the most popular destination for staff relocations and new European hubs or offices.
More than 7,000 finance jobs have moved from London to the European Union as a result of Brexit, down 400 from the total anticipated in December, consultants EY said on Tuesday.
Fishing tackle and equipment retailer Angling Direct announced on Wednesday that its new European distribution centre was now fully operational, and shipping to customers across the European Union.
Banks may continue to drift away from London if the European Central Bank intensifies its scrutiny of their presence in the bloc, the Bank of England’s deputy governor said.
Thermal Management Solutions will shift production from Reading to the Continent a year after being recapitalised by new investors, Sky News learns.
Scientific collaboration has become a casualty of Switzerland’s and the United Kingdom’s tussles with the European Union.
As you may have noticed Jacob Rees Mogg Esquire – as no doubt he would style himself – has invited the public to submit suggestions on the theme of ‘Opportunities of Brexit’. I could not resist replying. Could I possibly suggest that you, after reading this, do the same?
The Dutch foreign investment agency NFIA was involved last year in helping 423 foreign companies either set up in business in the Netherlands or expand their current operations, the agency said on Thursday.
Hundreds of jobs will be lost in Newcastle as Nestlé’s profitable sweets and chocolate factory is set to close and production move to the EU.
Loss of 475 jobs expected near Newcastle as production of familiar brands moves abroad.
While the UK has now left the EU, Cronofy is about to re-join. The UK government's plans to weaken data privacy laws is the final straw.
The Irish balance sheets of a range of global banks that run international operations from Dublin has ballooned to more than half a billion euros.
Ireland moves up global, EU rankings as banks relocate post Brexit.