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The EU has gone to the limits of what it can do to resolve the problems of post-Brexit trade in Northern Ireland, the bloc’s ambassador to the UK has said.
The EU will later set out a range of proposals, including removing up to half of custom checks, in a bid to resolve the political stand-off over trade in Northern Ireland.
He says he has lost about £20,000 worth of sales since the start of the year.
IN September 2019, the UK Government made public its list of “reasonable worst case assumptions” in the wake of a no-deal Brexit.
The full impact of Brexit on both businesses and consumers will not be felt until next year with shortages set to worsen in sectors ranging from food to building materials, a leading customs expert has claimed, writes David Parsley.
An industry warning has been issued that the UK faces further potential supermarket shelf shortages – including confectionery, snacks and bakery aisles, amid Brexit-related supply chain complications, reports Neill Barston.
Joe Marshall says the government’s latest decision to delay full border checks on EU imports is only storing up problems – and creating news ones.
A leading customs expert who predicted the truck driver shortage and issues causes by the sea border in the Irish Sea believe delayed bureaucratic customs laws will lead to meats, fruit and vegetables from the EU being too costly to import.
SCOTTISH ministers have halted the construction of a customs checkpoint started as a consequence of Brexit because they say Westminster has so far declined to pay for it.
UK businesses and consumers have paid 42% more in customs duties on goods since Brexit came into force on January 1 2021, it has been claimed.
Customs duties rose to record £2.2bn in first six months since trade deal came into effect on 1 January.
One port operator has had to demolish building work for new checks, while other crucial customs sites do not even have planning permission yet.
Non-binding opinion says UK allowed criminal gangs to flood Europe with cheap Chinese-made clothes.
DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said his party will seek to block checks at Northern Ireland's ports under the Brexit deal - and if his demands aren't met, the unionists will walk away from Stormont.
Documentary checks will start in three weeks. / In January, physical inspections will follow. / Before Brexit, no import checks were necessary with the UK being part of the EU’s frictionless cross-border trading model.
Britain is on course to lose its status as one of Germany's top ten trading partners this year for the first time since 1950, as Brexit-related trade barriers drive firms in Europe's largest economy to look for business elsewhere.
UK food manufacturers are being forced to hire trade experts to deal with Northern Ireland (NI) border problems due to Brexit, according to a recruitment consultancy.
New checks coming into effect from 1st October look to make food shortages worsen and increase prices.
The London bureau chief for Germany’s public broadcaster reflects on Britain’s government.
Seafood firms have seen export costs “treble” in the six months following Brexit, leading MPs to warn that the industry now faces an “existential threat”.
A Scottish fisherman says it's "cheaper and quicker" to export his shellfish to Asia than it is to France under post-Brexit rules. / Because the UK is out of the single market, British fish exports to Europe are now subject to new customs and veterinary checks.
Trade with Great Britain has been severely disrupted since the Brexit agreement came into force. Fish traders and clothing sellers are struggling to cope with new customs and health regulations. Companies often bear the burden of the extra costs.
Heinz's announcement that it was to start making ketchup in the UK again was widely hailed, but the UK's post-Brexit food and drink manufacturing sector still faces stern challenges.