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Pro-British loyalist militants in Northern Ireland said on Friday there had been a "spectacular collective failure" to understand their anger over Brexit and other issues as there was some respite in street clashes following a week of riots.
This week’s violence is an ominous sign that leaving the EU took a wrecking ball to the Good Friday agreement.
Youths from the loyalist community in Northern Ireland continue violent protests against the UK government's Brexit policy, which they fear will lead to unity with the Irish Republic.
The renewed tension in Northern Ireland could have far-reaching implications for the future of the United Kingdom - and post-Brexit relations with the EU.
Authorities in Northern Ireland sought to restore calm Thursday after Protestant and Catholic youths in Belfast hurled bricks, fireworks and gasoline bombs at police and each other. It was the worst mayhem in a week of street violence in the region, where Britain’s exit from the European Union has unsettled an uneasy political balance.
Sector faces ‘logistical minefield’ of customs declarations and VAT codes as stores and markets prepare to reopen.
The relocation of the Port of Larne worker and his family is believed to be the first following a death threat from terrorists since 2011
Post-Brexit exports from the UK to EU countries now take 112 per cent longer on average, according to new research.
One month after Britain made a New Year split from the European Union’s economic embrace, businesses that once traded freely are getting used to frustrating checks, delays and red tape.
A “credible threat” from loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland may have had an influence on the Government’s decision to unilaterally extended the Brexit “grace period”, security sources and leading politicians have claimed.
The EU Goods Sub-Committee has published its report, Beyond Brexit: trade in goods, examining what the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) means for trade in goods.
EU said agreement on common rules ‘on the table’ - but UK would probably have to drop prized right to diverge
The EU Goods Sub-Committee publishes its report on what the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) means for trade in goods.
Producers in Great Britain could once sell meat to EU customers as easily as they could at home. Since Brexit, exporters face a process of up to 26 steps, with every shipment logged in multiple databases and certified by reams of red tape. Here are all the hoops exporters must jump through
New barriers to the UK's trade with the European Union are set to cost British meat businesses an extra £120m a year and result in some traders losing 50% of their exports to the continent, a leading industry body has warned.
Kidswear independents across the UK are receiving unexpected bills for import VAT and customs declarations, as post-Brexit trading rules bite.
The specialist maker of mounts, connectivity and audio products has built up its UK stock to more than 100,000 items, foreseeing customs clearance delays which stretched as long as six weeks.
New customs rules also a factor in 41% drop in value of goods moving from UK to the EU.
European vice-president Maroš Šefčovič says claim about Brussels trying to erect barrier down Irish Sea undermines UK’s reputation
Figures from the Irish statistics service reveal the scale of challenges as traders grappled with new customs requirements, covid-19 restrictions and pre-Brexit stockpiling.
Trade has plummeted and red tape has blocked our borders. Is that what ‘protecting our sovereignty’ meant?
The European Union’s envoy to the UK Joao Vale de Almeida has said this Tuesday that the Northern Ireland protocol negotiated between Britain and the EU in December is the solution to paving a way to allow for the free movement of goods between the two jurisdictions, and not the problem.
ITV News Europe Editor James Mates visited Greece, where traders and businesses tell him that cost and paperwork is making them turn to other countries to do business.
MINISTERS must do 'all they can’ to hack away the bureaucratic red tape plaguing post-Brexit trade talks with the EU, a Hampshire business boss has warned.