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'In 2016, Dominic Raab was "jarred" and "bemused" by the idea that leaving the customs union could increase the burden of bureaucracy, despite @SimonFraser00's clear explanations.'
Northern Ireland minister say government cannot be expected to provide businesses with all information 'from day one'.
Old "Project Fear" scare stories from the 2016 Remain campaign about masses of customs paperwork and increased costs for traders, as well as restrictions on immigration for vital sectors, are becoming reality.
The next big money-making opportunity of Brexit has emerged: selling customs services.
This week, the practical realities of what Brexit is going to mean came into central focus for perhaps the first time, with a new government information campaign.
Another Brexit advertising campaign. They've replaced sporting events as signs of the changing seasons. Instead of Wimbledon or the Olympics, we get Michael Gove talking gibberish on television and further millions poured into preparedness exercises for an outcome with no tangible benefits.
DfT has bought site that will be used for customs clearance and holding pen for lorries, Rachel Maclean confirms.
Around 10 to 12 inland posts, five of which will be in Kent, are expected to be required to process goods coming in and out of Great Britain.
New border checks in Kent and elsewhere reverse 47 years of removal of trade barriers.
A vast Brexit customs clearance centre catering for thousands of lorries on the outskirts of Ashford will result in huge disruption, fears the town's MP.
Businesses face 400 million extra customs declarations a year at a cost up as much as £20 billion under government plans.
A post-Brexit customs centre for up to 10,000 lorries has been earmarked for a 27-acre site in Kent, in a plan the local MP says came "out of the blue".
Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has defended his plans for new post-Brexit border infrastructure after Labour said the government was unprepared.
39th Report of Session 2017-19 - published 21 May 2019 - HL Paper 355
Even if the European Union and the United Kingdom conclude a highly ambitious partnership covering all areas agreed in the Political Declaration by the end of 2020, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU acquis, the internal market and the Customs Union, at the end of the transition period will inevitably create barriers to trade and cross-border exchanges that do not exist today.
For some weeks the British government has been planning a “shock and awe” campaign to warn British businesses that they have less than six months to prepare for Brexit; but the EU has beaten them to it.
The government has ordered a 27-acre site be transformed into a customs clearance centre
Britain’s plans for its border controls after Brexit will depend on a new and untested IT system being ready in time, according to a 206-page government blueprint that sets out the extra burden businesses will face from the year-end.
'This is all so pointless. We are creating a vast customs bureaucracy, with costs passed on to the consumer'
Tory MP Damian Green just tried to claim that building a Brexit customs centre in his constituency is "unfair" to local residents, even though they voted to leave the EU.
Council given only hours’ notice of emergency purchase of 1.2m sq ft ‘Mojo’ site.
Businesses will discover details of customs regime after Brexit on Monday.
HMRC document shows firms in Great Britain will be obliged to complete three types of electronic paperwork.