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One of Boris Johnson’s business ministers has insisted the prime minister was correct in arguing that businesses in Northern Ireland will not have to fill in forms to export goods to the rest of the UK after Brexit, despite this being an apparent part of the departure deal.
PM repeats discredited claim "there will be no checks" between NI and GB.
The circle that is still impossible to square. Either there is a border in the Irish Sea, or the UK remains in the Customs Union. Fin.
The home secretary has been unable to clarify what checks will take place on goods moving between Northern Ireland and Great Britain after Brexit.
Northern Ireland committee members criticise Julian Smith over plans to require paperwork to move goods.
The Prime Minister has been directly contradicting senior ministers who admit there will be the need for checks on goods passing into GB.
Prime minister directly contradicts the Brexit secretary and NI secretary over post-Brexit checks.
The government's own impact assessment of the Brexit deal confirms firms will have to pay fees, fill out forms and face border inspections when sending goods within the UK.
Firms in Northern Ireland will have to submit declaration forms for goods heading to the rest of the UK, under the government's Brexit deal.
Boris Johnson's Brexit Bill has major consequences for the UK and our future prosperity. MPs would be failing in their duty if they did not scrutinise it line-by-line.
Brexit Secretary admits businesses will need to fill out export declaration forms.
MPs will soon table amendments to the Brexit legislation and Labour said it wants to include plans for a customs union arrangement.
The backstop is dead, long live a new solution for the island of Ireland. Tony Connelly, Sean Whelan and Colm Ó Mongáin will bring you through how the deal was done, and depending on when you're listening to this, what are the chances of, to quote Boris Johnson, Getting Brexit Done and getting it through the House of Commons.
Scotland's highest civil court has begun considering a legal bid to stop the UK government from passing its proposed EU withdrawal agreement.
Customs expert warns that open border between tariff regimes was an invitation to smuggle.
After days of intensive negotiations, the Prime Minister said he had reached a 'great' new deal with EU leaders.
Section 55 of the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Act 2018 states that: "It shall be unlawful for Her Majesty’s Government to enter into arrangements under which Northern Ireland forms part of a separate customs territory to Great Britain."
Michel Barnier tells EU ministers that British proposals so far aren't good enough.
Contingency plans are being worked out for several sectors of the British industry as the deadline to leave the European Union looms.
EU gives go-ahead to weekend meetings after PM appears to backtrack on customs stance.
Michel Barnier says 'we're not really in a position where we're able to find an agreement'.
Leaving EU without a deal will result in 'significant new and ongoing administrative burden' of firms filling out 215 million customs forms a year, assessment finds.
Hopes for a last minute deal between Britain and the EU are fading and both sides are now preparing for the consequences of an unregulated Brexit, including higher customs duties, long delays and greater uncertainties.
Leaked papers obtained by the Guardian show extent of fundamental objections Brussels has raised.