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Greg Clark is one of a clutch of senior ministers expected to return to the backbenches if Boris Johnson takes power.
David Sterling’s comments come as report says 40,000 jobs are at risk in region.
Tariffs to slash trade with Republic and severely damage farmers and food businesses, says government report.
Some 308,000 UK-based jobs could be under threat if an agreement is not reached before Britain leaves the trade bloc.
That’s according to a new study by an economic research centre, which found Germany would be the worst hit EU country when it comes to jobs in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement in place.
De La Rue said on Tuesday 171 jobs were at risk at its Gateshead plant, more than a year after the banknote and passport printer lost a 400 million pound contract to make UK passports in the traditional blue colour.
As the possibility of a no-deal Brexit scenario increases, and the government publishes its “no-deal preparedness” notices, it is worth taking stock of the sheer variety of problems that would arise with a no-deal Brexit – and the devastating consequences that would arise from such a legal limbo. Here’s what we know so far.
Industry draws link between politicians’ talk of crashing out of EU and firms losing clients. / A no-deal Brexit will be “commercial suicide” with tens of thousands of jobs already lost in the UK because of the political uncertainty, manufacturing representatives have said.
Andrea Leadsom has admitted there will be 'winners and losers' in the event of a no-deal Brexit, and said voters knew they were putting at risk their jobs.
British Retail Consortium says sales are down 2.7%, blaming uncertainty over Brexit. / Britain’s retailers are warning of a fresh wave of job losses and store closures after its health check of consumer spending showed the biggest drop in almost a quarter of a century last month.
The announcement that British Steel is to enter insolvency is the latest example of how uncertainty over Brexit is threatening livelihoods across the country. This does not just affect the 5,000 workers at Scunthorpe, but also a support staff of 20,000 across the whole supply chain. / Sadly, many other firms face the same danger ...
Company put into official receivership after talks with government over £30m rescue package break down. / British Steel has collapsed, putting more than 4,000 jobs directly at risk and threatening a further 20,000 in the company’s supply chain.
British Steel is on the verge of administration within 48 hours unless a £30m rescue deal can be agreed with the government. If additional funding cannot be secured 4,000 British Steel jobs would be put at risk along with a further 20,000 in its supply chain.
Fantasy world meets reality of a UK industry deeply embedded in EU economy. / Bombardier has put its Belfast plant up for sale, in the process putting a question mark against the 3,600 jobs in the North’s largest private-sector employer.
The Economic and Social Research Institute says the economic impact of Brexit on Ireland will be considerable in either a deal or no-deal scenario, with a cost to output this year of between €1.8bn and €7.5bn.
Businesses won’t be able to hire British staff on seasonal contracts if UK crashes out of EU.
The impact of Brexit on the outbound travel sector could put 25,000 jobs at risk and see a hike in holiday prices of almost a third, a new report warns today.
Firms including BMW and Toyota warn of potential UK job losses and plant closures.
Vice chancellor Max Lu said universities faced "unprecedented pressures", including Brexit and a possible reduction in tuition fees.
UK manufacturers are cutting jobs at the fastest pace for six years with confidence in the sector hit by Brexit uncertainty, according to a closely-watched survey.
British factories slashed jobs in February and braced for Brexit by stockpiling goods at the fastest pace seen in any Group of Seven country since records started in the early 1990s, a survey showed on Friday.
Dozens of companies have cut jobs, beefed up their European operations or issued warnings on the impact of the UK's departure from the EU.