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Read the experience of one drummer who lost his job of 12 years due to the Brexit touring fiasco, after NME attended a hearing at the House Of Lords.
A former lorry driver and soldier from Derbyshire is one of the protesters leading the fight for the UK to rejoin the European Union (EU) after losing his job due to Brexit.
As the cost of Brexit is counted in wrecked livelihoods, ordinary people are starting to call it out. Loudly. Peter Corr is a lorry driver in Derbyshire.
As small businesses crumble, shelves get emptier and the care-worker shortage intensifies, life outside the EU is having a dire effect on many of us. Why aren’t politicians talking about it?
Six years after the referendum we can disentangle the evidence and judge the effects on health and care, says Richard Vize.
After years of cancellations thanks to COVID, this summer sees the return of music festivals to the UK - but after leaving the EU, those involved with British events are facing challenges and calling for support.
This week we laid off most of the rest of our staff. TL/DR: It's down to Brexit. Not Covid. Not the war in Ukraine. We've got the figures. We know our business. Brexit did this.
UNELECTED UK Government minister Malcolm Offord has insisted the Tories have not conned the public over Brexit.
Institute of Government says there is more work for the Civil Service to do now that the UK has left the EU
London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered ministers to slash one in five public service jobs to free up billions for tax cuts.
Robert Jenrick said he was disappointed with the decision, but Goodlife Foods said there was "no viable alternative".
Sky's Ian King explains why the company, which cut over 1,000 jobs in response to the pandemic, is again having to slash costs through job losses.
800 crew members have been replaced by “cheap agency workers from eastern Europe” overnight.
The UK’s medicines and devices regulator will stop work that “does not add value” and lose over 100 full time equivalent staff posts as part of its post-Brexit cost cutting drive, a leaked consultation document seen by The BMJ shows. / But experts warned that plans to streamline regulation to speed up the development and approval of new drugs for patients’ benefit carried potential safety risks.
‘What the government once called teething problems have now become a chronic condition’
The pre-Brexit business models for much of Britian’s creative industries are no longer workable, to the extent that many individuals and performers will be forced to quit.
One in three jobs have been lost at a food importing business in Hull despite a pre-pack administration which has saved 32 jobs.
A group of MPs - including Sheffield’s Paul Blomfield - and business leaders have come up with 64 proposals to fix the ‘broken’ Brexit deal.
Alarm raised over business ‘barriers’ which ‘cost jobs and money in the UK’ – as public unhappiness confirmed. / “no appetite for widespread deregulation or divergence from EU rules” – UK Trade and Business Commission
Swindon's Honda factory will close its doors for the final time today - after 36 years in operation.
Trade unions and regulatory experts warn that budget and staff cuts may lead to drug approval delays or the UK regulator simply rubber-stamping EMA decisions.
The UK’s MHRA may have to lay off about 300 of its 1,200 employees, thanks to a decline in income due to reduced medical product submissions following Brexit, spurring anger among unions across the island.
Top level bankers face the axe as Brexit forces reorganisation on sector.
This caller told Eddie Mair he believed Leave voters will soon regret Brexit and realise "they were conned."