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70,000 city jobs in at-risk sectors.
The beleaguered U.K. economy — currently experiencing what could be its deepest recession in three centuries — may need to brace for another, longer-term shock after the pandemic.
Britain’s fishing industry has long been an emotional hot button for Brexiters and a seaborne sticking point for our trade negotiators. What exactly is going on in Britain’s coastal waters? And what would a No Deal Brexit mean for fishermen who’ve been promised so much – and used as symbols – over the past five years?
Britain’s financial services sector should be ready for a no-deal Brexit when a transition period with Brussels expires in December, a senior European Union official said on Wednesday.
Local emergency services face being ‘burnt out’ by no-deal Brexit planning, a leaked government report has found.
Government Failing to Take Adequate Steps to Ensure Right to Food
Leaked report warns local disaster planning already exhausted by coronavirus crisis
Government announces which tariffs will change after UK leaves single market.
Inquiry into Whitehall’s Brexit role says prime ministers failed to protect officials.
The combination of a No Deal Brexit and Covid-19 will have a devastating impact on our NHS and our economy. Chip in to stop a No Deal Brexit.
The UK faces the “chilling prospect” of a no deal Brexit and a double blow to the economy because of the Government’s refusal to extend the transition period, Ian Blackford has warned.
Cabinet office minister drops 'no compromise' stance, saying: 'If that is the price that we have to pay, then there we go'
United opposition would ‘send a powerful message to our European friends,’ says MP Ian Blackford — as ministers insist there’s no reason to change timetable.
Theresa May’s former deputy says public and business realise coronavirus should be the priority.
Government now rejecting EU oversight of implementing Northern Ireland agreement.
UK has made little progress on new infrastructure needed for checks Boris Johnson signed up to.
Nobel scientists warn Britain will lose ‘superpower’ status if access barred to €100bn EU fund
EU negotiator expresses frustrations at UK refusal to discuss key issues of transition. / Michel Barnier has suggested the UK is running down the clock in talks over the future trade and security relationship with the EU.
Prime minister expected to press EU leaders to dedicate attention to faltering negotiations.