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Business chiefs and economists say huge disruption lies ahead if Downing Street triggers Article 16.
Such a move by the UK is likely to spark retaliation from the EU, with talk of a suspension of the EU-UK trade deal that could result in a trade war.
The move would plunge the UK into a no-deal Brexit.
A former British diplomat, who was Boris Johnson's Brexit counsellor in Washington, has spoken of her dismay and anger at his administration’s attitude to the Irish border question when he became Prime Minister in July 2019.
A FORMER British diplomat said one government minister dismissed the risk of a no-deal Brexit on Irish firms as only affecting "a few farmers with turnips in the back of their trucks".
Dominic Raab "chickened out" of no-deal Brexit after his threats to pull out of talks were met with support from the EU, Michel Barnier states in his new book.
Aviva's senior economist, Stewart Robertson, discusses how the impact of Brexit on the economic landscape and what the future might look like now we have left the European Union.
Lords committee chair highlights concern EU parliament may delay trade deal ratification.
One of the consequences of leaving it so late – 24 December 2020 – to agree The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) was that ratification could not be completed before the Agreement entered into force on 1 January 2021.
As COVID-19 and the new variant add further complications to a possible no-deal Brexit for the NHS, the NHS Confederation asks the Prime Minister to seek a one-month extension to the Brexit transition period.
No 10 told failure to agree deal will push health service ‘over the edge’ in January.
Preparations being made at ‘every port and access point from Europe’, senior officer say.
Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson must agree "oven ready" deal with Brussels that he promised in 2019.
Britain risks weeks without trade transition plans from 1 January after missing EU parliament Sunday deadline.
Cumbrian sheep farmers are warning a no-deal Brexit would be "absolutely crippling" for the sector.
Brexit risk dashes Sunderland plant's hopes of producing new model for export.
Speaking to Andrew Marr, Taoiseach (Irish PM) Micheál Martin said it's important to get a good Brexit deal, and that it is still possible, even though the deadline is close.
Deal or no-deal, the cost of food is going to rise for businesses and very possibly consumers. Our business correspondent @pkelso explains why ingredients we take for granted today may become a little harder to come by if there is no #Brexit deal.
Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh wasn't having any of it.