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Martin Wolf: Britain’s demands for its negotiations with the EU are unrealistic.
De facto deputy PM says nearly all EU imports will be subject to checks from next year.
In London for LSE symposium, politicians express confusion at Britain’s post-Brexit stance
Phil Hogan notes the EU does not have a deal with Australia.
Downing Street issues series of dos and don’ts on language department staff must use.
Prime minister on course to strike only 'barest of bare bone deals' by end of 2020, think tank concludes - and failing to be upfront about 'trade-offs'.
Scottish foods that are sold in Europe could be hit by a 50%-plus price hike following Brexit, it has been claimed.
If the UK leaves the EU with no deal, you won't be able to rely on your EHIC card for medical treatment in Europe.
M20 barriers removed as Operation Brock system is taken apart before 31 January.
Britain's moves to leave the European Union may complicate life for our exporters but will not damage New Zealand’s economy, Prof Robert Patman says.
"The first week of Johnson’s new administration has seen both speculation about, and the beginning of some answers to, how he intends to undertake Brexit. The outrageousness of that situation shouldn’t pass without comment."
Angry MPs say the move threatens jobs, the environment and the NHS in a cliff-edge crash-out on WTO terms.
'Get Brexit done is the biggest delusion of all' - Michael Heseltine launches scathing attack on Boris Johnson.
Prime minister declines to say whether the UK could reach the end of it transition out of the EU in December 2020 with no trade deal.
If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the government will not be able to support all affected industries. Against a backdrop of steeply deteriorating public finances, the government will be forced into impossible choices about which businesses and industries to save. Without clear principles, the fight over subsidies will be swamped by politics.
The threat of a no-deal Brexit remains on the table, Boris Johnson has suggested, as he confirmed preparations for an exit to WTO terms will continue if he wins the election.
Institute for Fiscal Studies says it is 'plausible' to expect a £50 billion boost to UK economy if Brexit is cancelled.
In Gary Gibbon’s latest Politics: Where Next podcast, he talks to Sir Ivan Rogers - formerly our man at the EU. He was the British diplomatic service’s top EU expert - let go effectively by Theresa May just as the Brexit negotiations were getting under way.
The biggest crisis of Brexit to date actually still lies ahead of us in late 2020.
Sir Ivan Rogers condemns 'diplomatic amateurism' that will lead to hugely damaging trade deal – or a crash-out Brexit in a year. / Boris Johnson is deceiving voters by claiming he will “get Brexit done” quickly and hiding the “biggest crisis” yet to come, a former ambassador to the EU is warning.
UK could leave without a deal in December 2020, Boris Johnson confirms.
Ex-EU ambassador says PM’s ‘strategy errors’ will make good trade deal harder to achieve.
Rishi Sunak's comment confirms fears that the UK could crash out of the EU without an agreement in December 2020 under Boris Johnson's plans.
DAN WHITE explains why so many of Britain's disabled community are fearful of a no-deal Brexit.
I spoke up on the dangers of medicine supply plans for No-Deal Brexit, but was ignored by my MP Sajid Javid. So now I'm running against him.