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Makers and suppliers of life-saving drugs and medical devices say they have still not been told by British authorities how their goods will be handled if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal at the end of October.
THE UK Government has been told it must take urgent action to address the “very real, practical” problems facing the Scottish fishing industry in the event of a No-Deal Brexit.
Top EU leaders have given Boris Johnson an ultimatum to come up with a new Brexit plan by the end of September, or face up to a no-deal.
‘Irresponsible’ to lead country into potential ‘chaos’ that could mean supply problems with food and medicines, says Mike Flewitt
Ministers accused of 'fiddling the figures' to disguise chaos from HGVs being prevented from reaching the border in the first place.
'Flaw' in legislation passed by MPs means opponents of no-deal will need to take 'counter measures' to ensure UK does not crash out of EU next month, barrister says.
There's been a lot of talk about a "clean break", allowing the country to sort things out once and for all and move on. The Brexit Party says leaving the EU with no deal would produce a clean break - and a significant number of Conservatives agree. Sadly, it's not that simple.
“Our shelves are empty ... and at this point we are absolutely desperate for donations."
Universities UK says 80% of members very concerned, with some considering stockpiling.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has few friends in the Breton village of Gouarec, where over a quarter of its population is British. Many are anxious about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, which leaves their access to healthcare and pension entitlement in question.
A few pages of the UK's government assessment, "Operation Yellowhammer" offers a rare glimpse at what a no-deal Brexit looks like.
BORDER Force officers from other jurisdictions may be drafted into Northern Ireland in the event of a no deal Brexit.
No-deal exit would trigger complex negotiations, argues former top DexEU civil servant.
A comprehensive guide to the massive impact likely if the UK crashes out of the EU.
The Yellowhammer report suggests medical supplies could be disrupted by a no-deal but a fragile system means it’s more complicated than that.
Ferry company will ship lorries from Millbay to France in dry-run to check measures are in place to avoid Brexit chaos.
Experts are worried British food standards will be lowered to accommodate a trade deal with the US.
'Get Ready For Brexit' ads "misleading" and "nothing more than a Conservative Party case", MPs claim in letter to top civil servant.
Get Ready for Brexit ads a waste of money as 31 October no-deal EU exit now unlikely, say critics.
The UK government has been accused of "doctoring" its Operation Yellowhammer documents to downplay the risk of a no-deal Brexit.
BMW has previously warned that a no-deal Brexit could stop production of the Mini at its Cowley plant, where 4,500 jobs would be at risk.
The Mini factory near Oxford will close from October 31 in the event of a no-deal Brexit, with the thousands of workers at the plant going unpaid.
Electricity price rises are predicted as well as major HGV hold-ups.
Boris Johnson is facing renewed pressure to recall Parliament after the Prime Minister was forced to reveal that a no-deal Brexit could trigger medical shortages, food price rises and major cross-channel trade delays.
A secret Whitehall dossier has outlined the disruption the UK could face in the event of a no-deal Brexit.