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'I believe the trade experts', says ex-treasury minister David Gauke - pointing to consensus rejecting claims of rapid new deal.
Former Tory justice secretary David Gauke says MPs were promised a vote to avoid a second no-deal Brexit 'trapdoor'.
Cabinet minister appears to pitch to Brexit Party voters, after No.10 rule out extension to transition period at end of 2020.
'Reckless' move puts UK at continued risk of no-deal crash-out at the end of 2020, former minister warns.
A no-deal Brexit will stay on the table if the Conservatives win the general election, Michael Gove says, admitting the UK could still crash out of the EU without a trade deal.
The latest £8m payout adds to the bill for a "sorry saga" which "encapsulates the Brexit mess perfectly".
Motorists brand works in preparation for potential no-deal queues ‘chaos’ and ‘complete waste of time’.
A plan to manage traffic congestion on a Kent motorway has come into force as part of plans for a no-deal Brexit.
Kwasi Kwarteng’s comments branded 'a revelation' that make it essential MPs block a pre-Christmas election. / Tony Blair is urging MPs to pass a fresh law to prevent a no-deal Brexit, after a government minister admitted the option will “always” be on the table.
Reduction aims to alleviate congestion at Portsmouth as government contingency planning assumes 70% of lorries will not be ‘border-ready’.
Operation Brock to cause major disruption around M20 despite likelihood of extension from EU.
The aim of this briefing is to describe what happens under WTO rules if there is ‘no deal’.
Wild spending on Brexit preparations makes good political theatre, but it won’t protect us from the impact of no deal. / The civil servant works in a Whitehall department and is part of Operation Yellowhammer.
Last night the Prime Minister published 115 pages of turgid text he wants MPs to agree in three days. We’ve waded through as much of it as we can – and identified some horrors. But we won’t have caught them all.
Boris Johnson's Brexit Bill has major consequences for the UK and our future prosperity. MPs would be failing in their duty if they did not scrutinise it line-by-line.
Operation Yellowhammer begins as government pressures MPs to back Boris Johnson’s deal.
John Baron accused of 'letting the cat out of the bag' - 24 hours before crunch vote.
SCOTLAND'S two chief medical officers has issued a new warning of shortages to the supply of medicines in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit.
The sector issues a final plea for a no-deal Brexit to be avoided at all costs, saying the prospect is already hitting jobs.
PSNI assistant chief constable George Clarke says no deal could be a "clarion call" for violent dissident republicans.
Concerns rise of conflict between trawlers from different countries once rules change.
A new survey has found that Brexit worries are increasingly impacting business decisions in Ireland, with half of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ireland cancelling or postponing investment plans as a result.
UK citizens fear ‘consequences’ of British government’s announcements after Brexit.