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Deal or no deal, British companies will have to confront a wall of bureaucracy that threatens chaos at the border if they want to sell into the world’s biggest trading bloc when life after Brexit begins on January 1.
Japan said UK-EU deal was still crucial for Japanese business, especially its carmakers.
Britain has been told to prepare for a no-deal Brexit when the transition period ends on 1 January 2021, after trade deal talks reached an impasse.
Four ferry firms have landed government contracts worth a total of £77.6m to provide post-Brexit freight capacity.
UK firms may struggle to get vital parts from the EU as new laws will force businesses across the channel to set up a presence in the UK.
Without free trade with the EU, British health services are set to face grave challenges throughout the second wave of coronavirus and beyond.
Even if Brexit deal is reached, decision means vehicles without enough British components will attract tariffs.
London, UK: Supply chains face a ‘winter of chaos’ from a no-deal Brexit and a second Covid-19 spike, says supply chain management company Scala Consulting.
New supply chains, brand new system, and ... oh dear, it's still not ready yet.
The UK is "sleepwalking into a disaster" over its border plans for the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December, road hauliers have warned.
HONDA bosses are warning of ‘unprecedented’ disruption to its supply chain if Britain leaves the customs union after Brexit.
The British government has urged medicine suppliers to prepare for the country’s exit from the EU single market and customs union on Dec. 31 by building up six weeks’ worth of stocks in case of disruption to imports.
The government has urged pharmaceutical firms to have six weeks' worth of drugs stockpiled, in readiness for the end of the Brexit transition period.
But pharmaceutical industry has warned that sufficient buffer stocks may not be possible by December.
Warning of cross-Channel permits for only 2,088 businesses from January without a trade deal – a huge fall from 8,348.
Fruit importers have begun redirecting European trade routes away from Dover-Calais to minimise disruption from the end of the transition period.
Brexiters are often accused of living in the past. That is manifest in the now recurring Brexiter response to concerns about Brexit: ‘but we did perfectly well before’.
Brexit will never be over.
Nobody ever said that a no-deal Brexit would badly affect our ability to deal with the global outbreak of a viral illness. Well, apart from the British Medical Association in 2018. And the Faculty of Public Health, in 2016 before the referendum was held.
Britain could be pressured into bad deal to replace EU's agreement with East Asian country.
The United Kingdom will delay the introduction of border checks on imports from the European Union by as much as six months in a bid to avoid piling on the pain for British business and choking off vital food supplies.
The political implications of a no deal outcome threaten to be every bit as significant as its economic fallout, Anand Menon and Jonathan Portes write.