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Red tape and a labour shortage leave retailers and millions of lockdown gardeners with scant pickings.
The EU Goods Sub-Committee has published its report, Beyond Brexit: trade in goods, examining what the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) means for trade in goods.
New barriers to the UK's trade with the European Union are set to cost British meat businesses an extra £120m a year and result in some traders losing 50% of their exports to the continent, a leading industry body has warned.
The shortages have been brought on by a combination of Covid-19 and Brexit, with some laboratories predicting that they may not be resolved until late June.
Bridge Cheese founder Michael Harte shares his experiences of importing and exporting goods under the new EU trade agreement and looks at how the industry is having to adapt to the changing rules and regulations.
One of Northern Ireland's biggest catering suppliers is buying less from British firms and more from the EU due to Brexit and the Irish Sea border.
Wales' automotive industry faces more challenges over future Brexit trade changes, according to experts.
Businesses cite higher costs, customs delays and paperwork as among the problems they face.
Businesses are holding out hope for calmer times to come as Brexit has continued to cause disruption in supply chains.
Businesses had warned of Northern Ireland-style disruption to trade if yet more red tape was imposed.
Big majority in EU parliament vote for corporate due diligence along entire supply chains, including for UK businesses.
Two weeks into Brexit, problems are mounting and recriminations are flying in all directions. The reality of Brexit is proving every bit as toxic as the four-and-a-half-year slog that got us to this point.
Major UK supermarkets have warned that they are experiencing shortages of cat and dog food amid a surge in people acquiring pets during the pandemic.
Since the new year, the impact of Brexit has had a clear effect on every stage of the logistics process... According to new research, 50% of UK business decision makers felt that Brexit uncertainty had negatively impacted their supply chain in the last five years, with this only set to increase as the full effect of Brexit becomes clear.
Ministers considering ‘lighter touch’ regime to avoid disruption to supplies from bloc.
Disruption at Dover blamed for hit to UK supply chains.
Difficulties with logistics, trade with Northern Ireland, and the time and cost to fill out customs and due diligence paperwork are adding pressure to an already tight timber supply chain, a survey by the TTF has found.
Stock shortages and ‘random’ delays getting food from the EU will only get worse as new rules are phased in throughout this year, supply chain and logistics experts have warned.
British companies say new customs forms required following Brexit are the biggest hurdle to trading with the rest of the world, official data show.
Brexit-related issues are causing disruption for SME manufacturers in Yorkshire and the Humber, according to a new report.
Brexit issues are causing small to medium-sized (SME) manufacturers in the West Midlands significant disruption as they look to recover from the economic effects of Covid-19.
Brexit issues are causing small to medium-sized (SME) manufacturers in the West Midlands “significant disruption” as they look to recover from the economic effects of Covid-19.
Separating out shared supply chains and integrated business models requires the most delicate surgery.
An industry leader told MPs that the movement of parts is a ‘major challenge’.