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The Chancellor has warned there will be no alignment with EU regulations after Brexit - despite a pledge being made in the North East by Boris Johnson that standards would be protected.
Brussels rules out 'mutual recognition' of regulations between EU and UK ahead of talks.
If anyone wants a quick summary of the new deal, I explained to Al Jazeera today why it’s bad for jobs, bad for prosperity, bad for supply chains, bad for rights and protections, bad for border disruption, and bad for the DUP. It’s a really bad deal.
Vinyl and CDs are manufactured on mainland Europe leaving the UK supply chain vulnerable to a no-deal Brexit.
Carmakers fear disorderly exit would cripple the just-in-time supply chain, investment and lead to tariff barriers
‘Irresponsible’ to lead country into potential ‘chaos’ that could mean supply problems with food and medicines, says Mike Flewitt
FOI request from Green MP Caroline Lucas denied on grounds it would threaten EU negotiations
Low consumer confidence also affects sales at Morrisons, and Co-op says crashing out of EU threatens its supply chain.
The head of the car group that owns Vauxhall has compared a no-deal Brexit to a head-on train crash.
The report shows that no deal will not “get Brexit done” rather, it will usher in a period of prolonged uncertainty for citizens, workers and businesses, which is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, our new report, No deal Brexit: issues, impacts, implications, reveals.
The minister from the department for exiting the European Union has written a Twitter thread about Brexit readiness that has spectacularly backfired.
Airbus SE, one of the most outspoken companies about the risk of a no-deal Brexit, is telling European countries to prepare for a worst-case scenario so they aren’t caught flat-footed when the next deadline on Oct. 31 approaches.
Signs that European customers are “abandoning” UK firms are starting to show after British manufacturing recorded the steepest downturn in almost three years.
Without a deal, the country’s departure from the European Union will be a disaster.
Police fear the fallout from a "no-deal" Brexit could lead to "wide-scale disruption and dangers for the general public" and have warned they may not have the resources to cope.
Items to disappear from supermarket shelves and prices to increase if UK crashes out of EU, group including Lidl, the Co-op, Pret a Manger and KFC say.
A no-deal Brexit threatens to have a major impact on the European economy. Companies have long since begun making concrete preparations for an eventuality that is looking increasingly likely.
Dmitry Grozoubinski is our guest this week to talk about what the hell a "WTO terms deal" is(n't), and we weigh up the risks and chances of a disorderly Brexit. Plus easily the sexiest Lie of the Week ever.
Ralf Speth is concerned delays in the supply chain could halt production and repeats warnings a hard Brexit could cost £1.2bn.
Carmakers are ramping up their preparations for a no-deal Brexit, with a host of major manufacturers moving regulatory approval for their vehicles from the UK to other parts of Europe.
Pharmacists say minor delays at ports could have knock-on effects in lean supply chain.
Manufacturers would feel effects 'within hours' of country crashing out of EU, says SMMT boss as MPs prepare for crucial vote on Theresa May's proposals