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Vital lifesaving equipment has more than doubled in price in recent years, a senior firefighter has warned. / The rises have been blamed on Brexit, the cost-of-living crisis and the conflict in Ukraine.
Two thirds of voters including a large number of Leavers say leaving the EU is contributing to rising supermarket prices and high inflation.
Cold Chain Federation head calls for Government rethink on Brexit controls, warning of shortages, less consumer choice and higher prices.
Post-Brexit import checks due to be introduced this autumn are predicted to cause "a shock in the system" with the price of meat and dairy seeing another spike on top of recent inflation.
Barriers to exports and imports in the form of paperwork have caused delays and higher costs - and it could be about to get worse.
British households have paid £7bn since Brexit to cover the extra cost of trade barriers on food imports from the EU, according to researchers at the London School of Economics (LSE).
New research by the London School of Economics (LSE) has revealed that British households have incurred a £7 billion ($8 billion) cost since Brexit due to trade barriers affecting food imports from the EU.
Inflation for what Britons consume would have been nearly a third lower had the UK stayed in the EU, study finds.
Inflation for what Britons consume would have been nearly a third lower had the UK stayed in the EU, study finds.
Economists say border costs added £7 billion to grocery bills. / Study comes as ONS data shows food prices driving inflation.
LSE researchers estimate that extra barriers on EU food imports have pushed up bills by £250 on average.
Leaving the EU has added a cost burden to the already record prices households pay for their electricity.
British rice milling industry faces wipe-out from part of a trade deal being discussed with India. First proposed by Boris Johnson, it is also predicted to raise consumer food prices and break UK limits on pesticides.
Could take ‘decades’ to shift away from reliance on overseas staff, say food sector leaders attending Downing Street summit.
The inefficiencies of Brexit cost UK consumers hundreds of millions of pounds, just as food and energy prices surged.
British consumers spent as much as £1.1 billion ($1.4 billion) more on electricity and goods last year after losing access to European Union internal energy markets.
Fears of new disruption to fresh produce supply from EU when import controls hit in October.
The UK’s final post-Brexit border checks will cost food importers hundreds of millions of pounds under the government’s own internal estimates, adding to upward pressure on inflation.
Britain’s food inflation is already at a 45-year high and businesses worry new red tape will make matters worse. / A new system of border checks on goods arriving from Europe is expected to force rocketing U.K. food prices even higher as businesses grapple with hundreds of millions of pounds in extra fees.
New plans for post-Brexit border checks on goods coming into the UK will deter many EU suppliers and push up food prices, a trade body has said.
Ministers have revealed details of the inspections regime which has been repeatedly delayed and is designed to avoid excessive disruption to businesses.
The Brexit benefits keep piling up! Leading financial experts are now placing the blame for rising food prices on you-know-what...
New analysis released today (Wednesday 15 March, 2023) by the University of Sussex’s UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO), reveals that UK businesses are struggling with increased costs, labour and skill issues and supply shortages and issues following the UK’s departure from the European Union.
Venues, florists, caterers and cake makers said clients are having to manage their expectations.