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Garages are being forced to pass on increased parts prices to customers, with Brexit and Covid a double-edged sword against a backdrop of cost-of-living rises.
From queues in Dover to rising food prices, Brexit has been blamed for a number of things impacting families. But it has given us Rishi Sunak's 'Brexit pub guarantee' - here we look at the good, the bad and the ugly consequences.
Post-Brexit checks on fresh farm produce coming to the UK from the EU have been delayed again, the BBC understands. / New import controls on EU food products had been due to begin in October. There is concern that the extra checks on imported goods will push up prices and fuel inflation.
Scotland's licensed trade sector has condemned sweeping alcohol tax changes brought in today under the Conservatives "Brexit Pub Guarantee" as "naive and fanciful".
New changes to alcohol duty in the UK take effect today, with some drinks set to see their biggest price increase in almost 50 years.
Former European trade commissioner Peter Mandelson said trying to circumnavigate Brussels was always going to backfire.
One of the owners of a family-run dairy farm in Blackburn is calling for action as challenges caused by housing, Brexit and the cost of living crisis continue to crop up.
UK fresh produce traders will not be able to absorb the estimated £10m extra cost of checking goods entering from EU, warns the Fresh Produce Consortium.
Proposed restrictions on post-Brexit trade will pile costs onto consumers, representatives of the UK’s fresh produce industry warned.
Firms will have to pass on extra costs of red tape, warns Fresh Produce Consortium.
Prices rose by 25 per cent from December 2019 to March 2023, compared to a 17 per cent projection had Britain stayed in the EU single market.
Brexit is fuelling Britain's cost of living crisis, according to the former Deputy Governor at the Bank of England Sir Charlie Bean. / Interviewed by BBC Radio 4 on Thursday, the economist said inflation appeared to be "worse" in Britain compared to other European countries.
Seven years since the referendum, how have the “promises” made by the most prominent Brexiteers panned out? Here’s a rundown of the 10 most spectacular untruths.
Post-Brexit border charges due to be introduced next January could impact UK consumers higher food prices and supply chain disruption, warns UK food and logistics industry bodies.
A new post-Brexit system of border checks for goods coming into the UK from the EU will trigger further food price rises, industry leaders have warned.
THE cost of new kit for Gloucestershire’s firefighters is spiralling due to Brexit and high energy costs with some life saving equipment now costing more than double than before.
Vital lifesaving equipment has more than doubled in price in recent years, a senior firefighter has warned. / The rises have been blamed on Brexit, the cost-of-living crisis and the conflict in Ukraine.
Two thirds of voters including a large number of Leavers say leaving the EU is contributing to rising supermarket prices and high inflation.
Cold Chain Federation head calls for Government rethink on Brexit controls, warning of shortages, less consumer choice and higher prices.
Post-Brexit import checks due to be introduced this autumn are predicted to cause "a shock in the system" with the price of meat and dairy seeing another spike on top of recent inflation.
Barriers to exports and imports in the form of paperwork have caused delays and higher costs - and it could be about to get worse.
British households have paid £7bn since Brexit to cover the extra cost of trade barriers on food imports from the EU, according to researchers at the London School of Economics (LSE).
New research by the London School of Economics (LSE) has revealed that British households have incurred a £7 billion ($8 billion) cost since Brexit due to trade barriers affecting food imports from the EU.
Inflation for what Britons consume would have been nearly a third lower had the UK stayed in the EU, study finds.