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If an agreement is not found, Northern Ireland faces potentially losing access to an estimated 51% of veterinary medicines, including vaccines for zoonotic diseases such as salmonella and leptospirosis, as well as insulin for dogs and cats and flu and tetanus vaccines for horses.
Brexit could have major implications for health and social care in England. Here we look at some of the latest developments that could have an impact.
SCOTLAND'S two chief medical officers has issued a new warning of shortages to the supply of medicines in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit.
Doctors are warning that a no-deal Brexit is likely to delay the supply of flu vaccines, at the same moment that "a particularly virulent" strain of the illness is on its way to our shores.
In the run up to Brexit, we’ve written to the Prime Minister, along with 16 other health organisations, calling for healthcare to be at the heart of EU exit negotiations.
Flu vaccine could be airlifted into the UK after Brexit if routes such as the Channel Tunnel and ferries are disrupted, the boss of a leading drugs company has said.