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A video by the UK Foreign Office criticising the Northern Ireland Protocol has been condemned as “Trumpian propaganda” in the Irish parliament.
Friday marked 50 years since Ireland signed the treaty in Brussels that took the fledging state into the European Economic Community.
Philippe Sands QC says there is parallel between alleged intimidation of MPs and ‘threatening behaviour’ overseas.
The Department of Health has said that it hopes to rectify the issue by the end of the year.
MEDICAL STUDENTS IN universities in Northern Ireland and Great Britain cannot apply for internships in Irish hospitals due to Brexit – an anomaly that the Department of Health is hoping to fix by the end of the year.
Food processors in NI have been heavily dependent on the flow of workers from the EU, which has ended as a result of the UK's post-Brexit migration rules.
Up to 20% of Queens University's research funding is at risk due to a row between the EU and UK.
SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Matthew O’Toole has said the DUP’s “foolhardy pursuit of a hard Brexit” is impacting young people’s futures.
Exports to Britain rose by €2.27bn in the first 11 months last year while all-Ireland trade continued to expand, suggesting the economy north and south has benefited from Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol deal.
Imports into Ireland from Northern Ireland surged 64% in the first eleven months of 2021, continuing the trend seen since the U.K. formally left the EU.
Goods imports from Britain have fallen by more than a fifth since Brexit while cross-Border trade between the Republic and Northern Ireland continues to flourish.
Top concern is labour shortages as 28% of manufacturers say trade with EU has increased.
Increases in university fees of almost 60 per cent are be considered by the Department for the Economy.
Ireland’s deputy prime minister Leo Varadkar said the Irish will "absolutely be making their views known" on the matter.
Northern Ireland’s deputy First Minister said ‘for Edwin Poots to take any unilateral action would be unlawful’.
As Johnson and Gove back off their pledge to scrap VAT for fuel, EU structural funds are not being fully replaced.
Joao Vale de Almeida, the bloc’s ambassador to the UK, said it is unhelpful to ‘keep agitating the issue’ of triggering Article 16.
A road trip through the ancient past and shaky future of the (dis)United Kingdom. / The grim reality for Britain as it faces up to 2022 is that no other major power on Earth stands quite as close to its own dissolution.
Sinn Féin say they will veto a Stormont Executive move to make border checks unlawful as part of the NI Protocol.
Former Secretary of State Peter Hain has backed claims the Prime Minister is guilty of endangering the peace process in pursuit of Brexit.
“What worries me is the casual political vandalism. They really don’t seem to care," Tony Blair's former chief negotiator on Northern Ireland has said.
Britain has been outside the EU’s legal regime for a year and has faced a number of impacts.
THE UK GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE to Brexit and its failure to iron out key agreements after nearly a year outside the Single Market and Customs Union, are fuelling constant uncertainty over many aspects of health and social care in the UK, says a new report from the Nuffield Trust.
European Commission vice president Maros Sefcovic said a compromise can still be found.