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HMRC document shows firms in Great Britain will be obliged to complete three types of electronic paperwork.
DUP MP questions Boris Johnson’s plans after producing letter about preparations.
DUP MP Sammy Wilson has been urged to apologise for the consequences of his pro-Brexit position after he claimed the Port of Larne has been told to prepare to become a border control point.
British minister says North’s businesses won’t need exit summary declarations when they send goods to rest of the UK.
MPs claim failure to implement a robust customs regime in Northern Ireland will lead to international criminals, including drug traffickers, making plans to target a soft border.
On 7 October last year, there was a defining phone call between Boris Johnson and Angel Merkel.
Brexit is a disaster for the United Kingdom. Given the risk that it will now lose Scotland and Northern Ireland to secession, the country seems to have accepted the idea of Great Britain turning back into “Little England.” Britain is that rare lion that chooses to become as small as a mouse.
Brexit is a “game-changer” that could trigger a referendum on Irish unification within three years, the leader of the nationalist Sinn Finn party said Saturday.
Cabinet office minister says EU’s ‘maximalist’ approach to implementing the withdrawal agreement would endanger deal.
Deal could lower welfare of the population and shrink GDP.
The political implications of a no deal outcome threaten to be every bit as significant as its economic fallout, Anand Menon and Jonathan Portes write.
The U.K. government backed down on plans to impose full-border checks after Brexit in an attempt to avoid piling an additional burden on businesses already struggling with the impact of coronavirus.
'The NI Assembly’s vote is a clear indication that Boris Johnson must rethink and do the right thing for those across the UK'
Lords committee warns uncertainty over trading rules may add to economic damage of crisis.
The Government said that all checks would be carried out by British officials with no role for the EU's authorities.
Michael Gove has insisted that there will be no ‘new customs infrastructure in Northern Ireland after Brexit before claiming there would be ‘some expansion of existing infrastructure’, sparking accusations of “double speak” from one Lib Dem MP.
The news comes despite PM Boris Johnson pledging last year "there won't be checks" created as a result of his tweaked deal.
The government has confirmed there will be new checks on some goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK as part of the Brexit deal.
Boris Johnson falsely claimed during the election that his Brexit deal didn't include new controls.
Minister says checks on animals and food products will be necessary to maintain island of Ireland’s ‘disease-free status’
Assembly hears of plans for customs posts at NI ports, setting the cat among the pigeons.
EU-UK deal means border posts to be created at Northern Ireland ports, says SF Minister.
Inquiry into Whitehall’s Brexit role says prime ministers failed to protect officials.
The EU's chief negotiator says the UK has yet to lay out its approach to implementing the Northern Ireland part of the Brexit deal.