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Boris Johnson will be remembered as a “pound shop Nigel Farage” if he votes against Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal, Steve Baker has said.
The Democratic Unionist Party will vote against the Government in this week’s first parliamentary vote on the new Windsor Framework Brexit deal, party leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson revealed on Monday.
DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said party officers had today voted unanimously to oppose the Windsor Framework when MPs get a vote in the Commons on Wednesday - and right-wing Tories could also rebel.
Both Blair and Marc spoke at an event held by East Belfast Mission to highlight the risks to groups which help disadvantaged, vulnerable and disabled people if European Social Funding is not replaced soon.
A trade body representing UK baby food suppliers has said it will continue to manufacture to EU standards on arsenic residues.
Migration to NI may be orientating away from European countries to Asia and Africa, analysis suggests.
New EU rules on food safety have highlighted how the Windsor Framework will change the operation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.
The most vulnerable people in society will suffer if community services lose funding at the end of March, organisations have warned. / Money from the European Social Fund (ESF) is due to stop on 31 March as a result of Brexit.
Business leaders from major companies across Northern Ireland have written to the Prime Minister to voice their support for the Windsor Framework.
The Taoiseach was responding to comments earlier in the week from NI Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris. / Irish premier Leo Varadkar has said the UK would be required to engage with the European Union to resolve any issues about proposed new EU laws being introduced in Northern Ireland.
A senior DUP MP has said he would advise party colleagues to oppose the new Brexit deal on Northern Ireland trade if further movement is not secured.
The Executive spent at least £3.5million on events as part of the controversial “festival of Brexit”, it has been revealed.
The leader of Northern Ireland’s nationalist Social Democratic and Labour Party on Brexit, power-sharing and updating the Good Friday Agreement.
Mark Drakeford has warned the Brexit deal agreed by the UK Government with the EU on Northern Ireland earlier this week could have a negative impact on Welsh Ports.
In a searingly honest mea culpa, the political columnist has recognised his folly. He hopes others will now do the same
With Catholics now outnumbering Protestants in Northern Ireland, advocates for unification are starting to believe their dream could become a reality. But is it inevitable – and would a referendum reignite old enmities?
After an initial shock to businesses, manufacturing jobs are growing four times faster here than the UK average.
Stephen Flynn questioned the PM’s description of the Windsor Agreement as "special, exciting and attractive". / The SNP's Westminster leader asked why other parts of the UK were denied the same status.
The former prime minister is expected to break cover only when it becomes clear whether or not he would be backed by a critical mass of allies.
SNP leadership candidates faced off in the first of 13 hustings events to take place in the campaign on Wednesday in Cumbernauld.
Companies in Great Britain that want access to the EU single market should invest in Northern Ireland, senior Tory MP Andrea Leadsom has said. / Northern Ireland firms will continue to be part of the single market under Rishi Sunak's Brexit deal with the EU.
First came the backstop, then the protocol, now we can expect to hear a lot more about the "Stormont brake" as it is added to the Brexit lexicon.
A government minister has warned the Democratic Unionist Party that Rishi Sunak's Brexit deal is a good as it is going to get.
But, it’s worth remembering that all of the Conservatives who are now praising the Windsor Framework (Sunak’s tweaked version of the Northern Ireland Protocol) once extended the same excitement to Johnson’s original deal in 2019...