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Wales and Scotland say they are missing out on hundreds of millions in funding from not being part of the EU.
Helmuth Porschen ponders the fate of UKCA and wonders why the government can’t persuade the rest of the world to adopt British standards.
Supporters of the European Convention on Human Rights must seize the moment and confront right-wing propaganda demanding the UK leaves it now - or risk a Brexit-style disaster, argues Kevin Maguire.
After transport firm Morgan McLernon confirmed proposals to shut its Lurgan site, a political row has arisen between the DUP and anti-Brexit parties Sinn Fein and the Alliance Party.
The boss of Morgan McLernon, a subsidiary of Culina Group and which has specialised in chilled and frozen food distribution for more than 40 years, has pinned much of the blame on the Brexit fall-out.
He said the move "hugely reduces" the risk of post-Brexit divergence on product standards between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.
The Windsor Framework improves the original Northern Ireland Protocol but does not resolve all its problems, a House of Lords inquiry has concluded.
The prime minister’s Windsor Framework, agreed with Brussels this year, will create ‘more burdensome’ bureaucracy for many firms than the status quo, peers said.
Henderson Foodservice sought supplies from Mauritius as it was cheaper than Great Britain under post-Brexit rules, boss says.
Northern Ireland could lose half of its veterinary medicines in a new Brexit row threatening to prolong the political stalemate in the region, it has emerged.
Stormont’s political impasse is hindering Northern Ireland’s ability to benefit from its post-Brexit economic advantage, Micheal Martin has warned.
It’s not even about “we told you so”, it’s the Brexiters telling it themselves.
Northern Ireland has been hardest hit, with exports to the EU falling by a third between 2018 and 2021, analysis of official figures shows.
The award winning director behind the powerful BBC docu-series Once Upon A Time In Northern Ireland has expressed optimism that peace will survive in the face of challenges. / “It seems particularly short-sighted and frankly stupid to wreck an incredibly complex peace process over something which is an internal battle in the Tory party,” he said.
The UK’s only nation to border the EU was left to prepare for Brexit with no ministers, says Denis McMahon. / Preparing for a no-deal Brexit forced the Northern Ireland government to “cannibalise” departments, a senior civil servant has said.
A DUP Mournes councillor has blamed Brexit for causing a Northern Ireland workforce shortage. / Newry, Mourne and Down District Council agreed a motion this week to seek extended UK working visas for EU citizens from six months to two years.
79% of people in Northern Ireland want the Republic of Ireland to remain in the EU, according to an opinion poll.
Research shows about 88% of people in the Republic are in favour of retaining EU membership.
A new book argues that Ireland must be united in order for the UK to realise full national sovereignty. One of the authors tells Political Correspondent John Manley why unionists based in Britain should start agitating for a border poll.
The Northern Ireland mushroom industry will disappear unless migration rules are relaxed, an industry body has warned.
Local farms and businesses are finding it very difficult to find staff thanks to the restrictions imposed by Brexit.
Brexit had a bigger effect on pandemic contingency planning arrangements in Northern Ireland than elsewhere in the UK, the Covid inquiry has heard.
The Mushroom Growers Association said farms in the north have been left in “a desperate situation which is not of their making”.
FARMING is an issue close to my heart and is an area which deserves far more attention than it gets.