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A report is warning the UK's medicine supply chain is "broken" with drug shortages becoming the "new normal" in Britain.
A report from the Nuffield Trust has concluded that the UK is facing “constantly elevated medicine shortages,” including some antibiotics and epilepsy drugs, which are being fuelled by Brexit.
‘The medicines supply chain is broken at every level,’ warns Dr Leyla Hannbeck.
Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the UK’s veterinary sector was hit hard. Now, shortages threaten food safety risks and delays at borders – so what can we do to change this bleak narrative?
British pharmacists are struggling to get their hands on certain medicines for cancer, epilepsy, diabetes and menopause as drug supply issues intensify in the country.
Global issues are factor but experts say there are problems peculiar to Britain such as rising costs post-Brexit.
Bloc plans to bulk-buy key drugs for all 27 countries, potentially leaving Britain ‘behind in the queue’. / “Europe is securing access to key drugs and vaccines as a single region, with huge influence and buying power. As a result of Brexit the UK is now isolated from this system, so our drug supplies could be at risk in the future,” said Dr Andrew Hill, an expert on the pharmaceutical trade.
The shortages have left 70 per cent of patients surveyed by charity ADHD UK rationing their supplies.
Venus flytraps are in short supply following a popular Christmas advert, and due to Brexit, garden centres say.
The supply of drugs, including of antibiotics, is being squeezed.
Medicine shortages in the NHS are 'as bad as they've ever been' as a new report blames Brexit for the supply issues. / Antibiotics, hormone replacement therapy drugs, and ADHD medication are all in short supply this winter with NHS chiefs forced to pay gouged prices in order to fulfil demand.
Thanks to higher costs, increased red tape and supply chain damage, we must get used to living in a country with empty shelves.
Patients put at risk as crisis hits supplies of vital antibiotics, HRT and anti-depressants. / Vital antibiotics, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drugs are among those in desperately short supply this winter – with the NHS forced to pay over the odds to get drugs into Britain.
World-renowned economist Adam Posen reveals some tough truths about Britain’s situation.
Firms will have to pass on extra costs of red tape, warns Fresh Produce Consortium.
Cold Chain Federation head calls for Government rethink on Brexit controls, warning of shortages, less consumer choice and higher prices.
UK clothing and food retailer Marks & Spencer on Wednesday reported a 7.8 per cent decline in annual profit, as strong sales growth was offset by inflationary pressures and the impact of Brexit-related costs on the Irish food business.
Could take ‘decades’ to shift away from reliance on overseas staff, say food sector leaders attending Downing Street summit.
It comes after a former environment secretary criticised the treatment of farmers in the UK-Australia trade pact.
Fears of new disruption to fresh produce supply from EU when import controls hit in October.
Ministers have revealed details of the inspections regime which has been repeatedly delayed and is designed to avoid excessive disruption to businesses.
Eat turnips instead of tomatoes, Environment Secretary Thérèse Coffey has told Brits facing the vegetable shortage.
Supermarkets in the UK have been 'hurt horribly by Brexit' as they grapple with the dwindling supply of fruit and vegetables, Sainsbury's former CEO has told LBC.
The rationing of fruit and vegetables by supermarkets "could last for weeks" an expert has warned - but shelves in Europe are "heaving" with fresh produce.
And the call comes as a Gloucestershire bike specialist tells Punchline its export business has been deflated by a lack of post-Brexit trading agreement.