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Cold Chain Federation head calls for Government rethink on Brexit controls, warning of shortages, less consumer choice and higher prices.
UK clothing and food retailer Marks & Spencer on Wednesday reported a 7.8 per cent decline in annual profit, as strong sales growth was offset by inflationary pressures and the impact of Brexit-related costs on the Irish food business.
Could take ‘decades’ to shift away from reliance on overseas staff, say food sector leaders attending Downing Street summit.
It comes after a former environment secretary criticised the treatment of farmers in the UK-Australia trade pact.
Fears of new disruption to fresh produce supply from EU when import controls hit in October.
Ministers have revealed details of the inspections regime which has been repeatedly delayed and is designed to avoid excessive disruption to businesses.
Eat turnips instead of tomatoes, Environment Secretary Thérèse Coffey has told Brits facing the vegetable shortage.
Supermarkets in the UK have been 'hurt horribly by Brexit' as they grapple with the dwindling supply of fruit and vegetables, Sainsbury's former CEO has told LBC.
The rationing of fruit and vegetables by supermarkets "could last for weeks" an expert has warned - but shelves in Europe are "heaving" with fresh produce.
And the call comes as a Gloucestershire bike specialist tells Punchline its export business has been deflated by a lack of post-Brexit trading agreement.
At least £466m was spent constructing and running seven Inland Border Facilities – but Government then ripped up its policy amid fears of food shortages.
In this week's Word on the Ground column, Tony Gent hits out at Brexit and what he sees as 'totally irresponsible' Government policies...
57% say Brexit behind gaps on supermarket shelves, as shortages hit school meals. / Most voters think Brexit is to blame for widespread shortages of fruit and vegetables on supermarket shelves, a poll for The Independent has found.
Supermarket contracts and Brexit have been blamed for the lack of fruit and vegetables impacting British consumers.
Some of the UK's biggest supermarkets are limiting sales of tomatoes and other salad items.
Many industry experts have also pointed at Brexit – claiming the UK’s current position has left it vulnerable as trade links have become less secure than they once were. / Thanks to new post-Brexit administrative checks, the farming industry has also seen seasonal labour shortages, leaving gaps in a workforce...
Iceland's boss says a dearth of fruit and vegetables in stores is due to climate change, but a European country's minister suggests other factors are also at play - saying: "Brexit was not a great deal."
Three big retailers are placing limits on shoppers on some produce lines. What is behind the rationing?
Scots shoppers have been confronted by empty shelves in recent days as the big supermarket chains struggle to obtain fresh produce.
The head of a farming and food campaign group has laid the blame for shortages of fruit and veg on supermarket shelves squarely on Brexit.
Just three years after the country voted to leave the EU, supermarkets are restricting the number of vegetables shoppers can buy.
A tense Brexit debate happened on TalkTV yesterday when a journalist said food shortages weren't impacting war torn Ukraine.
“The reason that we have food shortages in Britain, and that we don’t have food shortages in Spain – or anywhere else in the European Union – is because of Brexit, and also because of this disastrous Conservative government that has no interest in food production, farming or even food supply", she said in a video shared this morning.
The rain in Spain has largely been blamed, but is it the only factor?
The former CEO of Sainsbury's has said UK supermarkets have been "hurt horribly by Brexit" as they struggle with fruit and vegetable supply shortages.