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Food shortages in Northern Ireland and Scottish fisheries on the brink have been overlooked due to the ongoing pandemic
Empty shelves are being seen in supermarkets across the north.
Deliveries from France and Germany are at around 50 per cent of pre-Brexit levels as hauliers avoid red tape and queues.
DUP MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has urged the UK Government to intervene to resolve the issues that have hindered the flow of food products.
Boris Johnson has been warned he is on a fresh collision course with Joe Biden, after threatening to break another Brexit agreement.
Retailers and suppliers battling through ‘impenetrable’ red tape that has resulted in empty shelves in Northern Ireland
The UK's major supermarkets have warned the government that an "urgent intervention" is needed to prevent further disruption to NI food supplies.
The U.K.’s biggest supermarket chains are warning that food supplies in Northern Ireland face disruption because of new checks imposed by Britain’s departure from the European Union.
Fresh fruit and vegetable items listed as out of stock on some grocers’ websites as government warns border issues will get worse before they get better.
The Stormont minister whose officials are responsible for the new Irish Sea border has said some food will be unavailable if changes are not made.
New Brexit arrangements have caused disruption to fresh produce reaching supermarket shelves in Northern Ireland, some of the leading shops have confirmed.
Port congestion and skeleton staffing cause shortage of freight containers while consumer demand rebounds.
Days after the Secretary of State declared “there is no Irish Sea border”, scores – and possibly hundreds – of products are disappearing from supermarket shelves in Northern Ireland because of that new border, the News Letter can reveal.
Preparations being made at ‘every port and access point from Europe’, senior officer say.
Medical cannabis prescriptions can help reduce seizures in youngsters.
With or without a deal with the EU, both businesses and consumers face price hikes and supply shortages from the New Year.
'There will be some bumps along the road if we don't get the free trade deal – that's the inevitable consequence of change’
No deal would trigger shortages and tariffs on some fresh items, says chairman.
Disruption to medical supplies at the UK border in the wake of Brexit will be ‘unavoidable’ warn experts.