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Failure to reach a Brexit deal with Europe will lead to much worse food shortages than the coronavirus panic buying crisis: this was the stark warning made to MPs today by Andrew Opie, director of food at the British Retail Consortium.
A no-deal Brexit could jeopardise the UK’s access to medicine just as a second wave of coronavirus could hit.
Britain 'fortunate' it had not crashed out of bloc when coronavirus struck, Commission says – even as Boris Johnson vows to do just that if necessary.
A Mirror probe reveals fears medicine shortages will put thousands of lives at risk if Britain crashes out of the EU.
Britain did not take part in €1.5bn order for kit to protect against Covid-19 despite shortages in NHS.
Retail lobby group says higher tariffs and extensive checks would harm consumers.
Retailers reveal ‘mountain of paperwork’ they face – and tell prime minister to strike agreement with EU to minimise damage.
British consumers face higher prices and reduced availability of goods if the government fails to agree pragmatic solutions with the European Union on regulatory checks at ports in any post-Brexit deal, the retail industry’s lobby group warned on Monday.
Post-Brexit transition border checks could cause fresh food supply problems, an industry body has warned.
'This is going to hit us in January....customers are really going to see the problems on supermarket shelves'
SCOTLAND'S two chief medical officers has issued a new warning of shortages to the supply of medicines in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit.
Those on the frontline are caught between political uncertainty and a scared and sometimes angry public.
Professor Dame Sally Davies said shortages of medical supplies will put lives at risk.
People could die as a result of shortages of vital medical supplies in the event of no-deal Brexit, England's chief medical officer has warned.
THE UK’S TOILET paper supplies might not withstand long-term border delays or panic buying in the event of a no-deal Brexit, a manufacturer has suggested.
As the uncertainty around the UK's withdrawal from the EU continues, Talha Burki reports on the potential implications for supplies of drugs.
Leaving the EU without a deal could have a devastating effect on the NHS, a union warned.
“Our shelves are empty ... and at this point we are absolutely desperate for donations."
The [Yellowhammer] documents themselves outline that there are risks to the supply of medicines - but do not set out the detail of how those risks have been mitigated, and what doctors and patients should do to plan for the possibility.
The Yellowhammer report suggests medical supplies could be disrupted by a no-deal but a fragile system means it’s more complicated than that.
Scores of local councils have said a no-deal Brexit could result in food, medicine and fuel shortages in their constituencies – with many stating that crashing out without an agreement could lead to civil unrest and damage to social care.
Boris Johnson is facing renewed pressure to recall Parliament after the Prime Minister was forced to reveal that a no-deal Brexit could trigger medical shortages, food price rises and major cross-channel trade delays.
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said the Government's documents on no deal 'reveal an absolute catastrophe for our country'
Operation Yellowhammer documents were released by Michael Gove after an order from Parliament.
Supermarket chain says it may have to fly in fruit as it books extra warehouse space to stockpile goods