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And why none of them actually stack up.
Preparedness and vaccine rollout outside of EU under scrutiny as inquiry kicks off.
Experts insist successes of Brussels’ €95bn programme could never be replicated by a UK-only substitute.
Mark Dayan assesses the impact of Brexit on the health service, looking at the effect on funding, the workforce and medicine supplies.
Brian Reade marks the third anniversary of leaving the EU by lamenting the huge cost the country has suffered as a result.
Stella Creasy compared governments claims of great Brexit benefits to “a toddler's imaginary friend. Ministers keep talking about them, but only they can see them”.
Three years on, we are covered in the scars of what it has done to this country.
Boris Johnson has faced the wrath of social media for posting a video banging on about Brexit.
On the third anniversary of Brexit, Boris Johnson has attempted to paint the withdrawal from the EU as a major boost for the UK – but immediately faced pushback over a questionable claim.
"If you will do this damn silly thing, don't do it in this damn silly way. This bill will come back to haunt this gov't, in the same way so many other mistakes, harrumphed to the rafters in this House, have."
Michael Gove has failed to name a single change from Brexit that has “made business easier”, as criticism of the economic harm from the trade deal grows.
An anti-Brexit passenger confronted sun-seeking Michael Gove over his “lies” at a Greek airport after she suffered a 30-hour delay.
As Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to depart Downing Street, tossed from office by his own party, his legacy — the opening lines of his eventual obituary — will call him the man who “got Brexit done.” / So how is that going? What can be said about the post-Brexit Britain that Johnson is leaving behind?
The recent closure of the Charles Peguy centre is sad but hardly surprising.
James Grace addresses Boris Johnson’s falsehoods about the impact of the EU on the speed of our jabs.
A new EU directive is allowing member states to remove the charge for ‘supply and installation of solar panels’.
Continuing the letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg, reminding him – he seems to need reminding – of the many new opportunities created by Brexit.
To mark the first anniversary of the trade deal between the UK and the EU, Downing Street issued a press release about how prime minister Boris Johnson plans to "maximise the benefits of Brexit".
As crises mount, the polls show voters turning at last. But the national newspapers that backed Leave – even the two now edited by Remainers – continue to pretend there is nothing wrong.
The government and its supporters are beginning to claim 'benefits' of being outside the European Union some of which were always available to EU member states or, in other cases, are not benefits at all.
A new video by Peter Stefanovic rubbished Johnson's claim that the vaccine rollout's success was down to Brexit.
Not for the first time, the prime minister delivered a major speech that was economical with the truth.
But over the course of the year, a crisis, fuelled by the decision to leave the European Union, has been steadily, stealthily, stretching its tentacles around many of the services and products we expect and rely on.
The London bureau chief for Germany’s public broadcaster reflects on Britain’s government.
Thierry Breton, who is also single market commissioner, believes downsides of leaving bloc are exposed by pandemic