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70,000 city jobs in at-risk sectors.
The major Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, has published a long piece entitled “The Sixth Nordic country”. It’s about Scotland. Finnish readers learned that “gradually England and Scotland have been drifting apart, almost like tectonic plates,” and asked the question whether, after independence, Scotland’s new friends “could… be found from Finland and other Nordic countries?”
Vote Leave whistleblower claims Brexiteers in UK government ‘hate’ Welsh and Scots.
THE UK’s leading election expert has predicted Brexit could provide the crucial moment for renewing the drive for indyref2 in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.
The political reality is that the United Kingdom is on a shoogly peg - and Brexit may be catalyst which breaks up the country.
THE UK Government has rejected calls from the SNP's Michael Russell to extend the Brexit transition period during the coronavirus crisis.
The economy cannot afford the 'double hit' of Covid-19's impact and a no-deal Brexit, Michael Russell warned. / The Scottish Government has urged the Prime Minister to extend the Brexit transition period by the maximum two years amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The Scottish government has called on Boris Johnson to extend the Brexit transition period by two years, as stalled trade talks restart.
SCOTLAND has been outside the EU for a while and it still feels strange. / The disconnect from the rest of Europe will never be normal nor welcome.
"THIS was the week when the EU stubbornly refused to collapse, yet again. Two much-publicised EU crises did not turn out as the hardline Brexiteers fervently hoped."
BREXIT secretary Michael Russell says failing to halt the exit from the EU during the coronavirus pandemic will leave the UK facing an “economic Stone Age” while the rest of Europe recovers.
TWO-THIRDS of Scots want Brexit to be delayed, according to a new poll. With coronavirus engulfing the political machinery of the UK and the EU, Boris Johnson is coming under increasing pressure to extend the transition period beyond December this year.
UK fishermen started the year in buoyant mood believing EU quotas would soon be scrapped. But coronavirus has dampened spirits. With Europe — their biggest market — in lockdown, the industry faces oblivion.
Mike Russell wrote to Michael Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, requesting a halt to the withdrawal process during the coronavirus pandemic.
Social security secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville has urged the UK Government to be “sensible” and put tackling coronavirus before forthcoming Brexit talks.
As some towns double down on their European links while others fight to remove them, Holly Eva Ryan reflects on what twinning really means.
BORIS Johnson's proposals for a bridge or tunnel connecting Northern Ireland and Scotland have faced criticism from the Fraser of Allander Institute think tank.
ONE of Scotland’s staunchest Brexiteers has blasted Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit immigration plans, warning they will be “catastrophic” for fishing industry.
Nicola Sturgeon calls for immigration powers to be devolved as industry bodies condemn proposals.
DANISH broadcasters have said “vi elsker dig” – we love you – to Scotland in a special Valentine’s Day message.
AN independent Scotland would be first in line to rejoin the European Union, according to an expert from the London School of Economics.
NICOLA Sturgeon has told leaders in Brussels that she will use the powers of Holyrood to ensure Scotland keeps a close relationship with the EU.
The First Minister will press Boris Johnson for a legal vote - but may take a different path if refused.