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AN independent Scotland should set a target of four years to get the country back into the European Union, according to a major report being published today.
The Blueprint is based on the potential scenario that after independence Scotland becomes a parliamentary republic with a written constitution.
CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to step up their fight to protect the NHS after a legal bid to prevent it being “on the table” in post-Brexit trade deals was voted down by Tory MPs.
THE Tories’ chaotic Brexit project has already cost Scotland £3.94 billion, according to a new report from experts at Warwick University.
HELENSBURGH, Scotland (Reuters) - James Henderson has spent most of his life fiercely opposed to Scottish independence. Now, reluctantly he is backing it.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the “strength of the union” on Thursday, using a visit to Scotland to dismiss the possibility of a new independence referendum for a nation that is increasingly at odds with his government.
A majority of Scots would vote to rejoin the EU in a future referendum, a new poll has revealed.
A CAMPAIGN for a close relationship between Scotland and the EU after Brexit has been launched by a former SNP MP and the party’s former head of communications.
Proposals due to be published on Thursday by the UK Government will see powers in at least 70 policy areas previously controlled by the EU flow instead to Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast
Proposals denounced as 'power grab' by Scottish National Party.
Senior figures in Scotland and Wales warn Brexit is bringing a ‘statutory fist crashing down’.
The British government is planning to withhold power to control state aid from Scotland and Wales when the Brexit transition ends, the Financial Times reported.
The next instalment from Phantom Powers Journey to Yes series features philosophy professor Anthony Grayling who campaigned for the No argument on 2014.
ONLY a quarter of Scottish farmers are optimistic about the impact Brexit will have on the industry, a survey has found.
A NEW Scottish campaign is being launched to gather support for rejoining the EU. A poll commissioned by the new group, which has yet to be named, found 63% of Scots support backing an extension to Brexit beyond the December 31 deadline.
I WAS struck last week how little notice was paid to the fourth anniversary of the Brexit referendum which took place last Tuesday.
Policy on devolved issues should return to the Scottish Parliament on the day the UK leaves its Brexit transition period with the EU, according to a committee of MSPs.
Brexit is a disaster for the United Kingdom. Given the risk that it will now lose Scotland and Northern Ireland to secession, the country seems to have accepted the idea of Great Britain turning back into “Little England.” Britain is that rare lion that chooses to become as small as a mouse.
SCOTLAND and Wales are to boycott a ministerial video conference with the UK after a Brexit extension was refused before a letter from the Scottish Government had even reached No 10.
Former Tory MEP Struan Stevenson insisted it 'makes sense' to have longer for the transition talks.
Nicola Sturgeon says exiting the Brexit transition period at the end of the year would be "extraordinarily reckless".
Constitutional relations secretary Michael Russell warned of a 'catastrophic' recession due to Covid-19.