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Devolution is in danger. For those who care about Scottish self-government, the warnings are there for all to see. In recent months the UK government has intervened in a number of ways to block, undermine, delay and frustrate devolved decision-making by the Scottish Parliament and Government.
It's seven years since the Brexit vote cast a shadow over Scottish farming and the absence of a new domestic agricultural policy means many of the worst fears are being realised.
Scotland’s Rural Affairs Secretary has called on the UK Government to engage more on future trade deals as the pact with Australia and New Zealand comes into force.
WELL, the cat is out of the bag. Brexit visionary Nigel Farage has finally admitted the truth – that Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster for households and businesses across these islands.
There is uncertainty over whether new facilities will be built at Cairnryan Port to check goods coming from the Republic of Ireland and wider EU via Northern Ireland.
Animal health bodies have welcomed the government’s U-turn on its plans for scrapping swathes of retained EU legislation, which could have wiped out 44 animal welfare laws.
THE SCOTTISH Government has welcomed No 10's decision to ditch its planned Brexit “bonfire" of EU laws.
BREXIT has made the task of rewilding Scotland more difficult, the chief executive of a leading conservation charity has said.
The SNP would “undo Brexit as far as possible” if the party held the balance of power in a hung parliament after the next general election.
The party would seek to restore free movement and single market membership ahead of fully rejoining the EU.
THE frustration felt by Sarah Heward, co-owner of The Real Food Café, after missing out on funding for a bold tourism and hospitality training scheme is understandable.
The SNP has branded the Tory UK Government as 'dangerously out of touch with Scotland's fishing sector' after the Tory Prime Minister refused to accept the damage Brexit has inflicted on the industry.
A HAUNTING tale of Brexit and rising energy bills has left a Dalgety Bay firm in need of a helping hand to secure its future.
MORE than one-third of small businesses in Scotland say the long-term impact of Brexit is a more pressing concern than climate change.
Lord Frost's suggestion that Holyrood be stripped of powers amid the SNP's woes is 'absurd', writes Record View.
Chris Cusack, who manages Bloc in Glasgow, spoke out after German punk band Trigger Cut were blocked from entering the UK by border guards who ordered them to produce documents no one had previously informed them about.
COFFEE roasting is an industry that has been growing rapidly in Scotland over the last decade, but recent years have presented a series of challenges that have left businesses struggling to make ends meet.
Bloc manager Chris Cusack has warned that Scotland is "haemorrhaging touring acts" due to Brexit rules and complications with documents that are leaving them out of pocket.
Shona Campbell, insolvency partner at business advisory and accountancy firm Henderson Loggie, has been appointed as liquidator of Holoxica, the holographic 3D visualisation company. / "Global supply chain issues, changes in trading conditions because of Brexit and the pandemic have created cashflow challenges for the company," the liquidator said.
Businesses in Oban are struggling to find staff, causing a growing concern as the summer season approaches.
A GLASGOW restaurant has said that Brexit is one of the reasons it has been forced to close.
Stephen Flynn questioned the PM’s description of the Windsor Agreement as "special, exciting and attractive". / The SNP's Westminster leader asked why other parts of the UK were denied the same status.
Rishi Sunak claimed the UK offers a “very special status” to Scotland when challenged to replicate Northern Ireland’s “special” EU single market access for other home nations.
SNP MP John Nicolson said Scotland is the only country that hasn’t got what it wanted after the Northern Ireland Protocol was finalised as he slammed "porkies" told by the Tories about Brexit.