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Business leaders have called for greater support for Scotland’s stricken high streets as a famous clothing retail brand trading for 189 years is to close.
Nearly two-thirds of people in the Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey parliamentary constituency believe Brexit was a mistake.
Donald Trump was a staunch supporter of Brexit. But his Scottish golf resorts is where he draws the line. / The former president’s U.K.-based golfing havens have lost more than $5 million in the last financial year.
An Ipsos poll suggests that most people think Brexit is going worse than expected.
The number of students from European Union countries in Aberdeen fell by 40 per cent after the UK left the bloc three years ago.
The company which owns former US president Donald Trump’s Ayrshire golf course posted a more than £15 million loss in 2021, its accounts show. / The former president’s son Eric Trump signed off the accounts for the Turnberry course as a director of the company, saying in a report that Brexit had impacted on supply chains and staffing.
Brexiteers promised to “take back control.” But the decision has instead delivered recession, gloom, and despair.
A Fife man named the UK’s best champagne retailer says the impact and commercial challenges of Brexit is leaving the company feeling flat.
A vote for Scottish independence would automatically be a vote to rejoin the European Union, Scotland’s constitution secretary has said.
TIME for Scotland and local Yes groups have organised rallies across Scotland for those who want to express how they feel on the third anniversary of Brexit.
Arts missing out on tens of millions from expanded EU fund, say campaigners.
ACTIVISTS in Edinburgh have kicked off the third anniversary Brexit events with action outside the UK Government Hub.
MASSIVE airport queues on the continent after the EU brings in new visas for British citizens this year may contribute to a wider sense that "Brexit is not working" a report this week will warn.
ANAS Sarwar has admitted that Brexit has been a "disaster" for the UK economy - but said he won't back another referendum on rejoining the EU.
"If you will do this damn silly thing, don't do it in this damn silly way. This bill will come back to haunt this gov't, in the same way so many other mistakes, harrumphed to the rafters in this House, have."
A STRIKING torch-lit procession will lead protesters to a rally at the Scottish Parliament to mark the third anniversary of Scotland’s forced removal from the EU.
Ministers are facing a clash with opposition and Conservative MPs over their plans to scrap EU-era laws copied over to UK law after Brexit.
THEY say a week is a long time in politics – and this week has certainly felt it! Intent on further undermining the devolution settlement and Scottish democracy, the UK Government is pushing ahead with its flawed Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill later today.
MULTIPLE groups are planning co-ordinated action in the lead up and on the third year Brexit anniversary. / Time for Scotland and Yes for EU both have action planned to follow the theme of light.
The Scottish secretary claimed that 'most Scots' realised their 'home was in the UK, not the EU'. / The SNP’s Dr Philippa Whitford cited a new poll which suggested almost 70% of voters wanted to rejoin the EU.
THERE is “no desire in Scotland to have membership of the EU”, Scotland Secretary Alister Jack has claimed despite significant evidence to the contrary. / "So does it come as a surprise to the secretary of state that a poll last year showed 69% of Scottish voters want to rejoin the EU?”
A majority of the UK public now believe Brexit is causing more problems than it solved, according to a new survey.
THE chair of a major campaign to get Scotland back in the EU has pledged to work to make sure the “complete disaster” of Brexit will not be “brushed under the carpet” at the next General Election.