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An airline has told how Brexit red-tape is bringing “unwelcome cost” and exacerbating aircraft overhaul and maintenance supply chain pressures.
A Scottish dairy has criticised Brexit labelling plans as a "huge cost for a family firm". / The managing director of Scotland’s largest independent dairy has urged the UK Government to rethink its "not for EU" labelling scheme which is set to be introduced in October and will rack up bills out of nowhere for businesses throughout the country.
The First Minister will address the London School of Economics. / Scotland’s First Minister will use a speech in London on Tuesday to attack Labour and the Tories over Brexit.
Scotland has been damaged by Brexit, but both the Tories and Labour are in denial, Humza Yousaf is set to say.
SCOTLAND has lost out on £1.6 billion in funding for public services as a direct result of Brexit, the First Minister will say.
While the challenges of post-Brexit trade continue to impact businesses what will shape the culinary landscape of the North Highlands – and can the spirit of love endure?
There is a stark disconnect between promises of prosperity and the grim post-Brexit reality for the UK fishing industry, according to fishing boat owner Mark Addison. "There's been issues with queues, passports, paperwork, groupage in lorries.... which is a big problem with fresh produce like fish." says Mr Addison, speaking from Peterhead in Scotland, Europe's largest whitefish market.
Scotland’s salmon sector has expressed frustration over the "painfully slow" implementation of measures to smooth trade flow and open new markets since Brexit.
Salmon Scotland, the trade body that represents the industry, has expressed its frustration over ongoing red tape which has now cost an estimated £12million extra since Brexit.
Aberdeen-headquartered TRAC International has said Brexit and inflation have led to heavy group losses led by its radio division.
Exports to the EU from Scotland slumped by up to 25% two years after Brexit as trade with the rest of the UK rose, it has been revealed. / Scottish Government estimates show that the value of Scotland's exports has slumped by nearly £2bn since the UK exited the EU from £16.950bn in 2019, to £14.970 in 2021 - a 12% drop in two years.
Cash and carry heavyweight United Wholesale Grocers has highlighted the impact of factors such as Brexit and surging inflation on the UK economy after seeing profits fall by around 30 per cent.
The shortages have left 70 per cent of patients surveyed by charity ADHD UK rationing their supplies.
An international petition has been launched aiming to secure Scotland's European future. / The new project is calling for Scotland to be part of the conversation around EU enlargement ahead of the European elections next May.
THE co-founder of an arts project bringing a star symbolising the UK’s "lost place in the EU" to Scotland says Brexit is “falling apart very quickly”.
MSPs said the deal should be a ‘first step’ to addressing the impacts of Brexit on devolution. / A Scottish Parliament committee has called for a new memorandum of understanding between the UK Government and devolved administrations following Brexit.
A long-established Orkney seafood co-operative laid low by a number of factors including Brexit and supply issues has been rescued in a deal that saves 55 jobs.
Black Hearted Press (BHP), which which was set up in 2011, became one of the countries leading publisher of comic books and graphic novels. It has now announced its sad closure.
A RENOWNED Scottish publishing house is winding down business due to the financial impact of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.
Our goal is membership of the European Union. We campaign to promote the European Union and Scotland’s fullest possible participation now and for the future.
Action to turbo-drive pro-Europe campaign gets enthusiastic reception from big audience in Glasgow.
Alf Young, the distinguished Scottish business and economics journalist, writer and broadcaster, is to chair a workshop on 21 October looking at the challenges Scotland’s hospitality and culture sectors face in the wake of Brexit.
THE concept of Britishness has becoming increasingly fragile after Brexit and the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the prospect of the UK remaining united is “pretty poor”, according to an academic.
Brexit supporters thought that the EU was obsessed with this country, part of our sense of exceptionalism. Not so, as Kate Moore discovers. / Travelling across Europe provides the opportunity to quiz Germans, Swedes, French, Spanish and UK nationals living or travelling abroad about their attitude to the UK and its departure from the EU.
Wales and Scotland say they are missing out on hundreds of millions in funding from not being part of the EU.