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Hospitality industry blames Brexit for lack of available workers.
Under current PM, government is not Conservative but English Nationalist, says Chris Patten.
THOUSANDS of construction workers are needed in Scotland, according to new figures from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).
Business owners have blamed Brexit for a staffing crisis on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile as the tourist season is set to get under way.
As we recover from the pandemic, the impact of Brexit – which we voted resoundingly against in Scotland – is becoming clearer by the day.
The cracks across Britain that appeared at the start of Brexit have begun to widen over the past few days. Scottish leaders are renewing a push for independence, the fragile agreement over Northern Ireland is falling apart, and Britain is reeling under price rises pushed up further by Brexit.
An MPs’ report on the impact of Brexit on fishing has reignited a fierce debate over whether the UK’s departure from the EU was good or bad for the sector.
Trade body Salmon Scotland has reiterated its fears that the UK Government’s decision to unilaterally alter part of the post-Brexit deal it agreed with the European Union could hit trade to the Continent, Scottish salmon’s most important export market.
BREXIT has caused the UK economy to spin in a "downward spiral", a north-east MSP has said.
A SCOTTISH business has ceased all international trade after its owner said the impact of Brexit led to long waiting times, missed parcels and exorbitant costs.
The SNP have slammed the Tories' Brexit “obsession” as the economic impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU has been revealed by a new study.
A new government scheme was meant to replace EU structural funds lost after Britain left. But critics say it delivers less money and will do little to bolster the Tories’ levelling up agenda.
NICOLA Sturgeon has said Brexit is making recruitment of oncologists and radiologists "more challenging" as she was pressed on NHS waiting times by Douglas Ros at FMQs.
Potato industry says it will take years to fill gap in Irish potato seed market following ban on UK seed.
"EVEN before Brexit was official we were suffering the consequences of it. It was just like one great big negative PR for the UK.”
A music festival due to make its debut in Perthshire this summer has been postponed for a further year.
A SCOTTISH publisher has taken aim at Brexit after seeing his business hit with spiralling costs and dwindling sales.
A couple of points are worth observing already. Nearly six years on from the Leave vote, the supposed opportunities of Brexit remain entirely conspicuous by their absence. And ramping up the rhetoric by claiming “immense opportunity” does not change this reality.
Coogan signed a letter urging Scotland to reject independence in 2014 - but his position has changed.
One of Scotland’s leading shellfish exporters has said the seafood industry is still suffering woes caused by Brexit more than a year after the UK’s final withdrawal from the EU.
UK ministers have been accused of failing to support Scottish universities as they battle to maintain their competitive position in the post-Brexit era.
SCOTLAND is losing millions in funding as a result of Brexit, a Scottish Government minister has said.
A SEAFOOD firm based on the Isle of Mull has blamed Brexit as it announced it is closing down for good.
The Ethical Shellfish Company (TESC), based on the Isle of Mull, claimed they had been left with no choice after a period of poor trading.
Scotland’s farm-raised salmon is renowned across the globe and here at home for being one of the most nutritious and sustainable products we can eat.