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MPs have raised fears about the “safe operation of the Channel Tunnel” from January, accusing the government of failing to make preparations.
Exporters to the EU face 7,000-truck-long queues in Kent and two-day delays to trade after the Brexit transition period ends, the government has warned.
HONDA bosses are warning of ‘unprecedented’ disruption to its supply chain if Britain leaves the customs union after Brexit.
39th Report of Session 2017-19 - published 21 May 2019 - HL Paper 355
Brexit will never be over.
Post-Brexit transition border checks could cause fresh food supply problems, an industry body has warned.
Flu vaccine could be airlifted into the UK after Brexit if routes such as the Channel Tunnel and ferries are disrupted, the boss of a leading drugs company has said.
Cabinet said to be unhappy at plans to divert officers to Kent while knife crime soars
Brussels says offer is 'strictly time-limited'
Deal or no deal, here are the issues that need fixing by March 29.
Emergency plans to fly in medical supplies have been laid to ensure hospitals remain stocked amid six months of expected chaos at Britain’s channel ports after a no-deal Brexit. Critical supplies could also be diverted away from channel routes and some drugs may even be rationed to ensure stocks do not run out.