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Dr Philippa Whitford, MP and eminent breast cancer surgeon, shares her concerns for the future of our NHS following Brexit. Recorded in front of a live audience at Arran High School Theatre on Friday 13th September 2019.
Demands for prime minister to reveal if dangers listed in ‘no-deal readiness report’ last autumn are still real – and whether they have grown because of pandemic.
A man with diabetes has said he wants the UK to leave the European Union, even at the potential cost of insulin not arriving in the UK.
People have put a black dot on their Twitter handle to highlight how they say the government is putting their lives ‘at risk’ with Brexit.
A leaked cross-government study warning of the impact of a no-deal Brexit outlines a "worst-case scenario", cabinet minister Michael Gove has said.
The government’s ‘serious shortage protocols’ are a real danger to the British public’s health – and may be illegal.
The sector fears shortages: of medicine, of staff, and of answers.
Doctors call for more transparency amid fears of shortages, especially of insulin.