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If you go on holiday in 2020, you will still be able to use your EHIC. / What happens in 2021 and beyond will be decided in negotiations that will soon start.
President will put US firms first in UK trade talks, says Kim Darroch
The paper, commissioned by the Scottish Government, identified 137 potential impacts.
A review of evidence about opportunities, challenges and risks to the North East economy and its key sectors with recommendations for action.
If the UK leaves the EU with no deal, you won't be able to rely on your EHIC card for medical treatment in Europe.
Research finds more insecurity for poorer Britons, women and those in poor health.
DAN WHITE explains why so many of Britain's disabled community are fearful of a no-deal Brexit.
I spoke up on the dangers of medicine supply plans for No-Deal Brexit, but was ignored by my MP Sajid Javid. So now I'm running against him.
The RCGP has formally opposed the UK's exit from the EU and backed a 'people's vote' on Brexit negotiations following a meeting of its governing council.
Campaigners say next government must clamp down to avoid risks to human health.
Brexit could have major implications for health and social care in England. Here we look at some of the latest developments that could have an impact.
Professor Dame Sally Davies said shortages of medical supplies will put lives at risk.
England's Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies warned that a no-deal Brexit could lead to "deaths", amid suggestions the Government could adopt leaving the EU without a deal as an official position in an election.
People could die as a result of shortages of vital medical supplies in the event of no-deal Brexit, England's chief medical officer has warned.
Reciprocal scheme in which NHS reimburses cost of treatment will cease under a no-deal Brexit.
Britain imports radioactive isotopes to detect and cure cancer. Border chaos at Dover would make them useless in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
EU citizens living in the UK will be forced to prove their right to free healthcare under the NHS after a no-deal Brexit, according to a report, in a move which campaigners have called "discriminatory and outrageous."
The BMA has repeatedly warned that a 'no deal' Brexit will have damaging consequences for patients, the health workforce and health services across the UK and Europe. From the supply of medicines and patient access to care, to Northern Ireland and the impact on the health workforce: no part of the health service will be left unscathed.
Government pledges £150m for those not covered by reciprocal arrangements if UK crashes out.
PEOPLE living in the north are to be given access to the equivalent of the European Health Insurance Card post-Brexit.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has few friends in the Breton village of Gouarec, where over a quarter of its population is British. Many are anxious about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, which leaves their access to healthcare and pension entitlement in question.
Ministers have been forced to publish details of concerns about public disorder and disruption to medicine and fuel supplies.
Accusations come as PM is set to meet Irish taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Dublin.