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Brexit Party leader says his climbdown is best way of preventing a second referendum.
An angry Dominic Grieve has branded the accusation 'a lie' - and blamed Dominic Cummings.
David Gauke also warned No 10 should not use tactics and language echoing those of Donald Trump.
Discussions under way on plan to bring forward deadline for extension from current date of 19 October.
Westminster returned from it’s summer break and with it the “Rebel Alliance” sought to stop no-deal Brexit from being possible for the new PM Boris Johnson.
The expulsion of 21 Conservative MPs for rebelling against the government over Brexit "sends the wrong message to Remainers", a party veteran has warned.
The Prime Minister was defeated in another crucial Brexit vote, with MPs trying to tie his hands to prevent him forcing through a no deal.
MPs have backed a bill to block a no-deal Brexit, which could trigger Boris Johnson to seek a general election.
The Johnson-Cummings plan is in bits on the floor of Parliament and Bojo’s jolly mask has well and truly slipped. As the petulant boy king threatens a General Election he can’t deliver, the Remainiacs team gather with special guest and journo Jonathan Lis of think tank British Influence to work out what happened and what it all really means.
The moment of truth is finally here. Johnson-Cummings have decided it’s necessary to destroy parliamentary sovereignty in order to “save” it. But the Remain Alliance finally has its act together — and the numbers to stop No Deal.
The former Cabinet minister stood for Tory leadership two months ago - but he's one of 21 MPs brutally purged by Boris Johnson over Brexit
Conservative MPs risk careers to join "rebel alliance" and inflict defeat on Boris Johnson. PM confirms he will call for a general election.
Boris Johnson could be forced to delay Brexit to January 31 2020.