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Brexit Party leader says his climbdown is best way of preventing a second referendum.
The Labour leader suggested he would not seek to introduce a new immigration regime for EU citizens.
The Conservatives have been accused of releasing a misleading campaign video after doctoring footage to falsely suggest that a senior Labour figure had been unable to answer a question about Brexit.
Labour's frontbench has had mixed messages on how they would approach Brexit.
Boris Johnson has ruled out granting permission for a re-run of 2014's referendum.
The NHS is at critical risk as Boris Johnson wields the national treasure as bait in trade talks with the US, Labour claims.
Labour and Tories prefer one-on-one format, which would mean no place for Jo Swinson’s party.
The Labour Party has hit out at leaked plans to diverge from EU workers' rights laws after Brexit.
Boris Johnson's call for an election before Christmas looks set to flop as opposition parties signal they will not back him.
The Labour MPs broke a three-line whip to oppose the motion.
Prime minister under pressure as Commons coalition attempts to force closer relationship with EU after Brexit.
'I mean, it's for the Labour front-bench to determine what we're going to do on the day, but that is my view'
DUP raises doubts on customs union, while Labour says it will whip MPs to support a second referendum.
Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has quit the party over its stance on Brexit, the BBC has learned.
Labour would “immediately legislate” to hold a second referendum if the party wins the next election, leader Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed.
Jeremy Corbyn insisted there is nothing new in the plans sent to Brussels this week.
As Parliament returns in righteous anger ... the Remainiacs team reconvene to find out if everything really has changed. / Should the Labour Party be grateful that the Supreme Court furore took the spotlight off the Brexit stitch-up at its conference? Who spiked Geoffrey Cox’s latte with crazy juice and how did Barry Shearman handle it? ... And why won’t Boris Johnson resign?
Fury among delegates as card vote denied amid chaotic scenes at party conference.
At Labour Conference in Brighton from the 21st-25th September members can vote to strengthen Labour's policy for a People's Vote, and campaign to remain in the EU. Our app is a great way for any Labour delegate to find out more, come together and back the call to give the public a vote on the final Brexit Deal.
Deputy Labour leader says alternative is for Labour to campaign at election ‘unambiguously’ to stay in EU.
The MEP delegations of Labour, Greens, Liberal Democrats, Alliance, Plaid Cymru, and the SNP will formally cooperate.
MPs from the main opposition parties and rebel Tories have been frantically trying to wargame scenarios to work out how best to stop no deal Brexit.