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The Opposition leader tried to win over firms after Boris Johnson's "rambling" Peppa Pig speech to the CBI conference was panned.
Government should lift ‘veil of secrecy’ as big decisions are made about protocol, says shadow NI secretary.
The shadow minister’s position went far further than Keir Starmer, who has spoken only about improving Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.
"Let's be clear, shortages right across the country, shortages of fruit pickers, shortages of builders, shortages in terms of lorry drivers: all of that is down to Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab and the promises they made to the British people," David Lammy said.
Labour’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves spoke to Channel 4 News ahead of her conference speech. She said she has “no plans whatsoever” to increase income tax adding that Brexit has “played a part” in the shortage of HGV drivers causing fuel shortages and queues at petrol stations across the country.
Labour should promise to fix the "mess" caused by Brexit at the next general election, a former minister has said. / Hilary Benn said people "can see what is happening in front of their eyes" and it was time argue for "a new relationship with the EU".
Brussels will be asked to revive visa-waiver offer – to pile pressure on government to end its refusal to act.
Labour said the revelations "blow apart" the "myth" that UK-EU trade disruption is a temporary problem.
Labour activists call on leader to intervene as deadline to apply for settled status looms.
On trade, finance, migration, food standards and more, the UK suffers fresh ignominy on a daily basis.
“This is the first big Remain constituency by-election in England, and I think the dismal ‘embrace Brexit’ mantra may be at least partially to blame," Rejoin EU's leader has said.
Labour says import quotas are so high they are meaningless and raises concerns about animal welfare
Labour has warned Liz Truss against signing a post-Brexit trade deal with Australia before there is sufficient parliamentary scrutiny.
Mike Buckley is joined by Hilary Benn MP, Natalie Bennett (Green Party member of the House of Lords) and Richard Wilson (Leeds for Europe and Grassroots for Europe) to talk about how we can rebuild our relationship with Europe following Brexit.
Boris Johnson has been warned his prospective free trade deal with Australia could “decimate” the British farming industry, as opposition parties unite against a zero-tariff agreement.
Another Europe Is Possible says Labour must continue to hold Boris Johnson to account on Britain's withdrawal from bloc.
Manufacturers based in Boris Johnson’s new freeports will not be able to enjoy the full benefits if they are exporting to a series of countries with which the UK has signed post-Brexit trade deals.
Special zones are Boris Johnson’s flagship economic recovery policy.
So far, in the first two months of Brexit, the following industries have indicated that they have been harmed: Aerospace; Airlines; Architecture; Art and Antiques; Beer; Bees; Cattle and horse breeding; Charities; Cheese; Chemicals; Cars; Classic Cars; Construction; Cosmetics and Perfume; e-Commerce; Fabrics; Fashion; Ferry services; Film and TV production; Financial Services; ...
Amid political quagmire, Starmer must kill false narrative about EU intransigence.
Emily Thornberry says lack of economic impact assessment ‘makes no sense whatsoever’.
The British Labour party has accused Boris Johnson’s government of putting political stability in Northern Ireland at risk with its unilateral postponement of plans agreed with the European Union for post-Brexit checks on goods.
It seems that Labour is finally getting its act together on holding the government’s feet to the fire over Brexit, after what has appeared like a few months of sidestepping the issue.
"He can’t wriggle out of this one, the net is closing in on him," Luke Pollard said.
Pat McFadden tells HuffPost UK that “perpetual” bad feeling with the EU might be a “perfect outcome” for hard Brexiteers.