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Britain should push to rejoin the single market because Brexit is the “biggest piece of self-inflicted harm ever done to a country,” says Sadiq Khan.
Boris Johnson ‘shredding trust’ with three breaches of international law, former top diplomat warns.
Senior Conservatives and Labour believe the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill breaks international law and trashes the UK's reputation abroad - but Brexiteers threw their weight behind it.
“The reason the UK will have the lowest growth in the G7 next year is Brexit. We’re not going to reverse the decline until we begin to remove the barriers – economic, social, scientific – that we chose to erect with the rest of our continent. That’s not rocket science. Just say it.”
ix years after the EU referendum, the United Kingdom is being forced to confront an inconvenient truth: Brexit is a process, not an event. It is emphatically not done. Only now are the consequences of the “oven-ready deal” of which Boris Johnson boasted becoming clear.
The economic fallout from leaving the EU is becoming all too apparent.
Labour have reprimanded a frontbench MP after she told a private meeting she hoped the UK could return to the EU single market if the party formed a government.
The leader of the Labour Party has said his party will not support proposed UK legislation to change parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol - the post-Brexit deal for Northern Ireland.
“We will vote against that legislation because it doesn’t have the support of any of the political parties here in Northern Ireland,” he said.
The Labour leader declares he will counter Boris Johnson's Brexit 'chaos and division' by negotiating the best deal for the British people.
Thanks to Brexit, sterling is becoming a risky bet for some investors.
The Labour leader has been warned he risks tying his party to the continuing damage of a Brexit process that isn't working.
Labour accuses government of ‘litany of lies and falsehoods’ as calls for corrections are ignored.
Boris Johnson must rebuild relationships with neighbours to ‘make Brexit work,’ says shadow foreign secretary.
The Liberal Democrats are to set out a roadmap for Britain to rejoin the European Union single market – reversing the most damaging parts of Brexit. / The proposed policy would ultimately reinstate free movement and trade.
After Rishi Sunak’s spring statement, the party can no longer rely on the economy to bolster support, so old battle lines are being redrawn.
Michael Gold makes the case for membership of the European Economic Area, Simon Price outlines our slow economic decline after leaving the EU, and Dr David Mathieson urges Labour to rethink its policy.
The Opposition leader tried to win over firms after Boris Johnson's "rambling" Peppa Pig speech to the CBI conference was panned.
Government should lift ‘veil of secrecy’ as big decisions are made about protocol, says shadow NI secretary.
The shadow minister’s position went far further than Keir Starmer, who has spoken only about improving Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.
"Let's be clear, shortages right across the country, shortages of fruit pickers, shortages of builders, shortages in terms of lorry drivers: all of that is down to Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab and the promises they made to the British people," David Lammy said.
Labour’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves spoke to Channel 4 News ahead of her conference speech. She said she has “no plans whatsoever” to increase income tax adding that Brexit has “played a part” in the shortage of HGV drivers causing fuel shortages and queues at petrol stations across the country.
Labour should promise to fix the "mess" caused by Brexit at the next general election, a former minister has said. / Hilary Benn said people "can see what is happening in front of their eyes" and it was time argue for "a new relationship with the EU".
Brussels will be asked to revive visa-waiver offer – to pile pressure on government to end its refusal to act.
Labour said the revelations "blow apart" the "myth" that UK-EU trade disruption is a temporary problem.