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Big trade unions having now agreed a joint policy of an EU referendum in all circumstances and Labour campaigning to stay in the EU.
More than 10,000 Labour members have signed up within hours to a new declaration calling on the party to lead the campaign for the UK to remain in the European Union.
Labour’s leader in the House of Lords, Angela Smith, is spearheading a cross-party bid to force the government to set up a powerful new committee to report by September on the risks of a no-deal Brexit.
New analysis released as more than 70,000 people sign petition urging anti-Brexit parties to work together.
Shadow chancellor wants more openly pro-referendum and pro-remain approach. / John McDonnell has expressed renewed frustration at the slow pace of change on Labour’s Brexit policy, praising Jeremy Corbyn for seeking a consensus view, but warning: “We need to move now.”
Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party would be trounced by the Liberal Democrats in a general election unless it changes its Brexit stance, according to a new poll.
Survey finds almost two-thirds want public to have Final Say and 60 per cent want Labour to campaign for Remain – after party leader pledged to listen.
Former First Minister Carwyn Jones garnered significant press coverage recently with his statement that the chaos in UK politics was driving curiosity about Welsh independence.
Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed that Labour is calling for a public vote on any Brexit deal after months of heated debate within the party.
Backers of second referendum express disappointment as Labour leader reiterates his position.
Labour urgently needs to start campaigning for a People's Vote. And this should happen quickly – before the next prime minister – elected by just 0.25% of the population – tries to inflict an extreme form of Brexit on all of us.
Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson is to urge his party to "strongly" make the case for the UK staying in the EU.
Grassroots consultation will be launched next month – with ‘overwhelming response in favour of a second referendum’ expected.
Now that we will face a new Prime Minister, what happens now with Brexit? And how should Labour react? Join our director Mike Buckley for a Q&A with Birmingham MPs Jess Phillips and Liam Byrne.
Opposition day debate picked for motion backed by SNP, Lib Dems, Greens and a Tory MP.
Labour has tabled a cross-party motion to try to stop a future prime minister pushing through a no-deal Brexit against the wishes of MPs.
Huge constitutional clash looms if Tory rebels join bid to spike guns of a new Tory leader. / Boris Johnson’s vow to deliver a no-deal Brexit is facing a major cross-party ambush after Labour moved to give parliament new control over the process.
'MPs cannot be bystanders while the next Tory PM tries to crash the UK out of the EU,' says Starmer. / Labour will mount a bid to seize control of the Commons agenda to prevent the next Tory prime minister forcing through a no-deal Brexit.
Sir Ed Davey said conversations are ongoing with a number of MPs to defect to his party
Move would punish shadow foreign secretary for backing second Brexit referendum
Who REALLY won the EU elections, the #DeniedMyVote scandal, the ruins of Labour and the Tories… / After the EU parliamentary elections turned into a straight-up showdown between the Remain bloc and the Brexit Party, who’s in charge now – and what’s left of the Tories and Labour?
The team run down what the Tory leadership hopefuls have planned to solve Brexit and tackle The Donald's visit to the Palace. Meanwhile Geri digs deep into another confusing week for Labour.
Labour says "the politics of hope can win regardless of the odds" as Nigel Farage's party suffers defeat.