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They talked about the benefits of community farming for wellbeing and biodiversity, as well as the risks posed by pesticides and lower environmental standards.
The manager of one of Bath's best-known markets has complained that 'Brexit red tape' is making it too tough to import goods from Europe.
A “double whammy” of Covid-19 and Brexit, which has led to a national shortage of logistics and security staff, has meant plans for this year’s Bath Christmas Market have been “reshaped”. / “We are so sad to announce that the Bath Christmas Market we know and love will not be going ahead this year.”
'It was a difficult decision to take, we have had to cancel hundreds of bookings for every Tuesday with every one fully booked'
Independent small businesses across the South West say their recovery from the pandemic is being hit by the impact of Brexit tariffs.
Businesses have been hit hard by Brexit, according to research by an affiliation on Chambers of Commerce in the region.
Let's Stop Brexit!