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More than half of Irish businesses said they experienced increased regulatory burdens because of Brexit in 2020 -- exceeding the 40% that endured global supply disruptions due to Covid-19.
Regulatory burdens have seen over half of businesses hit by Brexit (54%) across the country, new figures show.
THE BRITISH government is thwarting the north's potential to exploit trading difficulties in the Republic created by Brexit, according to Alliance's deputy leader. / Mr Farry said the official statistics illustrated that the "nonsense of Brexit brings wide-ranging consequences", including for large aspects of the supply chain into the Republic.
Increased regulatory burdens due to Brexit have hit 54% of businesses, new figures show.
A meringue manufacturing firm says it no longer exports to the EU due to issues created by Brexit. / A meringue manufacturing firm says it no longer exports to the EU due to issues created by Brexit. Flower and White, which employs 30 staff at its Telford headquarters producing 1m products a day, formerly exported to 12 countries in the EU.
CSO Global Value Chain participation survey details number of firms sourcing inputs from abroad.
Proposals ‘driven by desire to show benefit from Brexit’.
Reflecting on the time since the UK’s exit from the EU, businesses surveyed report ongoing challenges and concerns since the departure, including volume of paperwork (45%) and complexity of regulations (50%).
As small businesses crumble, shelves get emptier and the care-worker shortage intensifies, life outside the EU is having a dire effect on many of us. Why aren’t politicians talking about it?
The Institute of Directors and the West Midlands’ Tory mayor Andy Street have cited the UK’s relationship with Europe as a major impediment to business confidence and performance.
The Institute of Directors' economic confidence index for July, measuring business leaders’ confidence to invest in the UK, has barely improved since June.
A surge in inflation and friction following Brexit has reportedly stagnated UK exports for more than a year.
Customs checks and border queues cited as leading barriers, as only 29% of firms say sales increased in Q2.
Andy Street’s comments come after Tory leadership contenders insisted Brexit has provided opportunities. / Brexit is bad for business, the Conservative mayor for the West Midlands has said.
Former Siemens CEO - “I hoped we would go for a sensible version of Brexit. It’s forcing businesses to comply with two sets of regulations. It’s a double cost. What we’re learning is that our so-called sovereignty is turning out to be rather expensive.”
A British wholesaler who supplies the UK retail market is moving his business to the South of France in order to mitigate Brexit redtape, which he says has cost his business £150,000.
Crippling import costs faced by an Inverness retailer were raised during an exchange at Westminster. / Inverness SNP MP Drew Hendry highlighted the costs faced by Oil and Vinegar importing goods from the EU during the exchange with UK Trade Minister Andrew Griffith.
Daniel Lambert, who supplies M&S, Waitrose and 300 independent retailers, to set up in France after £150,000 hole in revenue.
Manufacturing organisation Make UK said the sector is battling to fill 95,000 vacancies.
Guide makes mockery of Boris Johnson’s 2020 claim that UK and EU would ‘do even more business’.
An Oxford MP has slammed Boris Johnson’s trade deal with Europe as “botched”, stating it has sold many industries “down the river”.
The delay in extra checks on EU imports has been criticised by businesses for creating confusion and leaving UK borders vulnerable to unsafe produce.
Immediately after the referendum, sterling depreciated. This brought forward the impact on household incomes of what would otherwise be a slow burn change for the UK economy.
The technology field will be hurt by the Data Bill and the breakdown of Horizon.
COVID and Brexit have left Guernsey businesses in a minefield, according to the newly-elected president of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, Diane De Garis.