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The political choice of Brexit has cost UK businesses as much as the unforeseeable Covid pandemic.
Brexit has cost UK businesses as much as Covid, according to research by delivery firm ParcelHero. / Over £250 billion has been lost to Covid-19 and an equal amount has now been lost as a result of Brexit, with the figure continuing to rise.
The British Chamber of Commerce has called on the government to make exporting easier for SMEs, such as reducing red tape.
For companies depending on fast, small deliveries, the costs of new Brexit trade rules are mounting.
And almost three-quarters said their company had seen zero benefit from the UK's departure from the EU.
Nearly one in three fear their company will close before the end of this year, primarily as the long-term effects of Brexit start to bite, according to alarming data shared with City A.M. this morning.
Brexit could reduce the UK’s exports to the EU by -7.73 per cent by 2025, according to new analysis shared with City A.M. this morning.
Brexit has triggered a record number of applications for trade marks in the UK, with 195,000 registered in the past year, up 54 per cent from 127,000 the year before, according to data shared with City A.M. today.
Johnsons of Whixley, which sells over 5 million plants per year, said in a press release yesterday that the “bureaucratic burden” of Brexit had reduced revenue, increased cost and slowed its supply chain.
HALF of manufacturers fear Brexit customs costs will harm their businesses this year, according to a leading industry body.
We’re still only seeing the start of the changes Brexit will bring to the seafood industry (and, in truth, the entire food and beverage sector). In the coming years, there will be continual changes as we adjust our operating model and there’s no clear view on when it will settle down.
Company leaders said Brexit is one of their biggest concerns – with key issues being a lack of access to EU migrants.
One year after the UK completed its exit of the EU, two-thirds of British manufacturers have said that Brexit has hampered their business ‘moderately or significantly’.
With Britain’s businesses having to declare imports of all EU goods as of 1 January, experts have told City A.M. UK firms lack the skills and expertise to handle the increase in declarations.
Businesses in Suffolk have faced more "red tape and bureaucracy" during the first year of Brexit, according to two company owners.
Make UK says two-thirds of companies fear customs delays and red tape from new rules will further hamper supply chains.
According to experts, the best long-term environmental and economic measure Tory ministers could adopt is a close relationship with the EU market.
UK businesses are paying 10 per cent more than their EU counterparts to trade their emissions following Brexit.
Government refusal to link carbon market to EU’s has led to higher cost for British businesses.
"And for those people blaming who are blaming the EU, it's not the EU's fault. We voted for this."
Kidswear independents across the UK have expressed concerns that “nightmare” post-Brexit import VAT is still being incorrectly charged on some children’s clothing and footwear that should have been zero rated, causing “hell on earth” for many businesses.
Inflation is rising, worker shortages are grinding us down and consumers are hurting, but No.10 is introducing measures which will make the situation worse
New data from a survey carried out by the British Chambers of Commerce has thrown sharp focus on the impact the UK-EU trade deal (TCA) is having on UK firms one year on from its implementation.
Many Scottish food and drink suppliers plan to decrease or stop exports to the EU amid the regulatory fallout from Brexit, an industry survey suggests.
U.K. traders are falling foul of a new IT system policing goods crossing the English Channel, as companies grapple with a fresh wave of post-Brexit red tape.