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Brexit might be done and dusted, but its specter will loom over Britain for a long time yet.
For anyone who thought Brexit was done in 2020, the early signs are that it will, once virus woes settle, become Boris Johnson’s biggest headache. Again.
Less than a month after leaving the EU, trade is flowing so badly that small firms are moving operations abroad to survive.
Exporters advised by Department for International Trade officials to form EU-based companies to circumvent border issues.
'Inevitably it is perishable goods which are the most obviously impacted by transport delays, but the problems go much wider.'
UK retailers could abandon goods EU customers want to return, with some even thinking of burning them because it is cheaper than bringing them home.
Four months ago, Alasdair Hughson issued a stark warning about the impact of Brexit on Scotland’s seafood industry.
Shoppers hit with extra charges of more than 20% are sending goods back but UK retailers find it’s not worth the hassle
Vote Leave promised to “cut red tape” for the fishing industries. Now, one Oyster farmer tells @mikegalsworthy he can no longer export to Spain because of extra bureaucracy caused by Brexit.
Michael Gove told numbers trained falls far short of 50,000 promised last year
A leading skateboard distributor has set up another business in the Netherlands to avoid paying tax twice on exports after Brexit.
Thousands of kilograms of shellfish were held at Holland's border for five days due to a Brexit paperwork issue, a company said.
Up to 200 trucks turned back a day for having wrong paperwork, MPs told.
The volume of lorries passing between Britain and its major European trading partners has fallen dramatically this month.
Ten players and administrators on the fallout in government restrictions to EU touring.
Incident cited as one example of the ‘disastrous’ impact of new rules on goods crossing Irish Sea
UK meat exporters have warned the government that post-Brexit changes at the border have caused disruption to meat shipments crossing the channel.
Disruption to trade is not ‘teething problem’, parliamentary committee hears.
One of Wales' largest lamb exporters says the extra cost and paperwork of selling meat into the EU means it is making "virtually nothing".
Hauliers in Northern Ireland have raised concerns about the competence of newly-trained customs agents offering advice to businesses.
Tony Hale has five containers of pork sitting at Rotterdam port that is now "rotten".