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The Unite union says the queues of lorries outside the town of Dover are a “direct consequence” of the introduction of additional border procedures at the beginning of the year.
Rosslare port saw a 371 per cent yearly increase in European freight volumes since Brexit came into force.
Lorries are continuing to face tailbacks at Dover, which have been 'sparked by new Brexit checks'.
Thousands of people say their rights have been compromised despite government promises.
One haulier said the long queues seen last week were "entirely [because of] Brexit".
Almost unnoticed as Partygate occupies minds and headlines, new Brexit rules are already doing serious damage to British business.
Johnson is at the mercy of his cabinet. The trouble is, as Leavers, none of them will face up to our post-EU crisis either
Huge 15km queues piling up at the Port of Dover have been blamed ‘entirely’ on extra controls brought in after Brexit.
Ministers are making “misleading” claims about the costs and red tape facing performers trying to tour the EU after Brexit, a parliamentary inquiry says.
‘It’s entirely Brexit,’ says haulier who has been caught up in 15km queues.
And almost three-quarters said their company had seen zero benefit from the UK's departure from the EU.
Brexit could reduce the UK’s exports to the EU by -7.73 per cent by 2025, according to new analysis shared with City A.M. this morning.
Brexit has triggered a record number of applications for trade marks in the UK, with 195,000 registered in the past year, up 54 per cent from 127,000 the year before, according to data shared with City A.M. today.
Shoppers said basic fruit and vegetables were missing in supermarkets across the country.
Johnsons of Whixley, which sells over 5 million plants per year, said in a press release yesterday that the “bureaucratic burden” of Brexit had reduced revenue, increased cost and slowed its supply chain.
Some lorries bringing goods from the EU to the UK have been stuck at the border for four days, as logistics bosses blamed disruption on “terrible” new Brexit red tape.
We’re still only seeing the start of the changes Brexit will bring to the seafood industry (and, in truth, the entire food and beverage sector). In the coming years, there will be continual changes as we adjust our operating model and there’s no clear view on when it will settle down.
With Britain’s businesses having to declare imports of all EU goods as of 1 January, experts have told City A.M. UK firms lack the skills and expertise to handle the increase in declarations.
Businesses in Suffolk have faced more "red tape and bureaucracy" during the first year of Brexit, according to two company owners.
Make UK says two-thirds of companies fear customs delays and red tape from new rules will further hamper supply chains.
‘We’re pretty much in the same position as we were before. Maybe we’re a little worse off’
Holidaymakers heading to Europe will now face extra costs and paperwork following UK's exit from the EU.
Industry condemns ‘simplification’ of duty touted by Boris Johnson as key benefit of Brexit.
Touring artists expecting a "rocky road in the summer" as more problems emerge.
Customs duty collected on goods imported from abroad jumps as a result of Brexit.