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The £2.4bn fall driven by decline in exports of perishable goods due to red tape and costs.
Andrew wasn’t buying that though, and asked Rees-Mogg: “has red tape increased, decreased or stayed the same as a result of Brexit?”
Transfers of animals for conservation schemes involving Ireland, Britain and EU plunged from 1,400 in 2019 to just 48 last year.
Duncan Brock, group director at the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, said Brexit remained a 'thorn in the side' of manufacturers, as supply chain managers continued to report that 'ports and paperwork were their undoing' in June. / 'Some firms also noted that ongoing Brexit-related difficulties and weaker growth had impacted new order intakes from the EU,' the report added.
New figures released today have revealed just how disastrous Brexit has been for the UK economy as trade data shows exports to the EU fell by almost 14 per cent.
Growth in the UK’s manufacturing sector slowed further last month to a two-year-low as concerns over the global economy and raw material shortages impacted new orders.
Goods and services exported to bloc affected by return of customs border, EU commissioner says.
European Commission vice-president says Brussels wants to get ‘Brexit done’ – while London refuses to talk about Northern Ireland.
Polls show average annual gap between those who believe it was ‘wrong’ to vote to Leave compared to ‘right’ has risen to double digits for the first time. / A growing number of Britons say the UK was wrong to Brexit, according to a Standard analysis of more than 200 polls.
"The next time some Brexit grandee dials it in from Provence to assure the Today Programme that all is well, report them to the Excise, for not doing the paperwork for their phone, that'll reverse Brexit."
Delays caused by added bureaucracy following Brexit and other international situations such as the war in Ukraine are leading to shortage of medicines, with pharmacies scrambling to offer replacements so as not to keep their clients without the items they need.
The technology field will be hurt by the Data Bill and the breakdown of Horizon.
The economic fallout from leaving the EU is becoming all too apparent.
EU Commission rejects UK’s new legislation and launches legal action against Britain.
Goods lorries entering Northern Ireland (NI) from Great Britain would have to complete a three-page certificate under EU plans to simplify post-Brexit trading arrangements.
Business groups warn of potential harm to north-south trade under British bill.
Ministers are portraying themselves as victims of a deal they created for Northern Ireland. A classic blame-shifting strategy.
Brexit caused “a perfect storm” of extra paperwork, labour shortages and financial difficulties for the fishing industry, a damning new report has found.
As with another self-inflicted economic injury in the 1920s, Britain is struggling under a burden that could be reversed.
Voters in Tiverton and Honiton go to the polls next week in what could prove to be one of Johnson's biggest upsets yet.
Brexit was welcomed by many in the UK fishing industry, but overwhelmingly it is now a cause for anger and disappointment. So says a report from the House of Commons All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fisheries, which sets out the results of a survey of the sector.
Literature lovers in Spain are among those feeling the post-Brexit pinch, forced to pay more for books they love due to customs charges.
Seafood firm bosses warn "ridiculous" Brexit paperwork is making trade "fraught" after a £50,000 load faced destruction due to a "clerical" error.
UK farming is facing an uncertain future, with the end of EU subsidies due to Brexit, followed by the impact of covid and lockdown.