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Nearly 200,000 hospitality workers have left the UK since the pandemic, despite post-Brexit visa schemes introduced by the Government, according to Caterer.com.
Britain’s top hotels are suffering from bartender shortages, with many leaving the industry or moving to new projects.
Hospitality industry blames Brexit for lack of available workers.
Northern Ireland’s highest-honoured chef has described the impact of Brexit on the UK’s European hospitality workforce as ‘huge’. / "But Brexit has been huge. The whole industry is missing the European workforce."
Tourism and hospitality activity in the Ribble Valley and work to stabilise the constantly-changing visitor economy following Brexit and the pandemic is being discussed by borough councillors this week.
UKHospitality estimates that shortages are suppressing economic activity in hospitality alone by £22bn - with the pandemic hangover and Brexit adding to an existing problem of finding skilled - and even unskilled - staff.
A RECORD 78 per cent of UK firms attempting to recruit faced difficulties in finding staff in the first quarter, a survey by British Chambers of Commerce shows.
SCOTLAND is suffering a shortage of up to 48,000 hospitality workers as a result of the impact of Covid and new immigration rules following Brexit, according to an industry body.
AS the Highland tourist season comes to an end, some hotels are closing early due to lack of staff. If the effects of Brexit are not mitigated by seasonal visas, next summer could be even worse, say workers.
Coronavirus has masked the true impact of Brexit on the UK hospitality industry. Expect more hotels to bemoan the situation as they attempt to recover from the pandemic.
A hotel had to close temporarily and lose potential income when there were not enough staff and all over Perth and Kinross there is a big demand for people to take up vacant positions.
Lord Wolfson is a highly successful businessman, a prominent supporter of Brexit and a Conservative peer. He is, in short, the sort of man who should be in perfect alignment with a government led by Boris Johnson. He isn’t.
Hotel and restaurant staff are travelling hundreds of miles to pick up produce as Britain’s lorry driver shortage leaves supplies stranded in warehouses, industry leaders say.
Lilliput Services in Belfast is one of the unsung companies without which the UK's hotel industry could not exist.
The end of the holiday season heralds the return to centre stage of a number of burning Brexit-related issues this autumn.
Recruitment gap hitting hotels and restaurants as well as transport, CBI says.
More than 100 homes could replace a sprawling rural hostel after owners blamed Brexit for a dramatic fall-off in Eastern European workers coming to the Fens.
Agent Kerry James Planning said: “In this case, unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, including Brexit and Covid-19, the business, operating as a hotel is no longer viable.
“Brexit has caused us enormous problems with recruitment,” the TV presenter bemoaned after facing a lack of EU staff for her own hotel.
This is all highly ironic as Polizzi was a prominent Leave supporter during the 2016 EU referendum. “I’m like the turkey who voted for Christmas,” she concedes now.
A number of hospitality businesses in Eastbourne have said they are struggling to recruit new employees following a ‘perfect storm’ of lockdown and Brexit.
The UK hospitality industry’s labour shortage is set to get ‘significantly worse’ after the cut-off for EU settled status on 30 June, a London law firm has warned.
Manchester’s hotel bosses are embarking on a recruitment drive to fill the labour gaps created by Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic.
A HOSPITALITY crisis has beset the Isle of Wight, leaving busy pubs, hotels and restaurants desperately looking for staff.